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  1. i spoke to littlewoods they have refused to take money from me even though i offered it to them which is it do they want it or not no i have to deal with them prats but yes i think i shall request a cca
  2. they can legally deal with it as i do owe littlewoods quite a bit of money but im just not happy with these charges ive just had to ring them 5 times just to setup a payment plan and i had these ignorant woman must of been time of the month who accused me of lying swearing and shouting what do they expect if they treat me like it!!! absolute gits the lot of them the number funny enough on a "NDR" letter got me through to littlewoods and the prat i spoke to rekons they are a "external" agency lol what a joke they are the same cos its on the letters bloody prats but yes they can i have a cca and its signed when i joined the catalogue but point is these so called charges
  3. they r a joke im sick of getting charged "admin" fees when i make a payment this rate it wont b paid off
  4. hi all ive got a littlewoods account and they have passed me on to a company called NDR and ive been making payments to them over passed few months but everytime i make a payment it doesnt seem to go down as they charge me £12 a shot when i make a payment for so called "admin" charges which i think is a joke how can i stop them charging me this as im on ssp at the moment and i want to get this money cleared off but everytime i pay it just goes back up im going to be paying this forever at this rate
  5. yea ive resolved it now all i have to do is send them a letter prooving about the bank charges and they are going to sort out a refund
  6. where shall i start 1st credit for a debt i know nothing about filed a complaint, c.a.r.s. beaten!! harrassed me for over 4 months because of tiscali and their illegal charges finally resolved this one today (thurs) and got rid of them they were ringing me constantly at all times of the night giving me silent calls filed a complaint with ofcom and them and it stopped wescot for a debt i settled years ago threatened me with court i sent letters and they still harass lowell group/portfolio1 and portfolio 2 harassing me for the 1st credit debt same one and saying i can "buy back" my account
  7. im still waiting 4 the phone calls whos ispa and how do i do that
  8. hi all ive got a problem with tiscali and frankly its getting on my nerves i cancelled the account in feb 08 and i changed to virgin media (i know bad idea) in march 08 i kept getting bills from tiscali as they didnt bother cancelling properly and ive spent god knows how much money on them phoning up and trying to get through their thick skulls with no luck. ive now got a debt collector harassing me called c.a.r.s. and they keep sending me nasty letters and giving me silent calls at all hours of the night now ive been told by tiscali i will be getting a "refund" but i got told that over 2 months ago. ive been giving fake ref numbers for a refund and told around 12 times i will get a call back from the "finance team" in "72 hours" which never happens and its making my blood boil but today i managed to get a extra "20 pound credit" supposedly from the person i spoke to i suppose that was blackmail as i said i would take them to court because ive been waiting for so long they told me it takes 28 days to "process" a refund and ive been waiting since 24/8/08 any ideas people ive already threatened ofcom trading standards etc but its not making them do it any quicker.
  9. no because we havent been here 6 months yet we dont think the council can really help but we need some advice on how to deal with this
  10. hi all myself and my partner moved into a flat in april we done it private as we didnt want to go into a b and b and wait they way to go with the council anyway 1st of all we had to wait a extra 30 mins for the landlord to turn up to the council for us to sign the tenancy 2nd he tried claiming its £7 to have 2 keys cut when it was really £3 then when we get the keys and moved in is when the problems started although it seemed fine when we viewed we found out otherwise anyway the 1st problem was the front door the lock wouldnt work properly and all i had to do was lightly push the door and it would open!! the deadlock didnt work so we had to move into the flat 2 days earlier than we planned anyway i made him come out and sort it we noticed a few things wrong around the place 1 was the heating didnt work properly which has taken 6 months to be sorted out british gases fault as well as him. leaky toilet and british gas claimed nothing wrong. bodged skirting board, bodged sockets in kitchen, wrongly wired boiler bodeged by him, badly layed laminated floor, crack around the kitchen slightly plasted and then bad paint job cant even paint properly, window safety catches on 2 windows 1 being daughters room doesnt work lucky shes only 9 months, bodged living room door and kitchen door the doors aint the original same as the other rooms with no explaination of why different trying to claim it costs £50 from london to colchester when its around 40 to 50 miles and no way it costs that just trying to make money, trying to scrounge money out of me to pay off his bank "problem" in other words debt, tried claiming he doesnt "know the area" yet he knew where he was going around town and told us he didnt harassed me about the council because they hadnt paid the deposit and housing benfit tried to claim i owed him £300 from april to june when housing benefit was paying most of the rent and he told me and the council said only pay £25 a month which is what i was doing. then tried claiming that i owe £500 when the housing benfit still pays most of the rent due to a change and i only have to pay £68 therefore i dont owe it the council do, tried to refuse permission to decorate our daughters room claimed it was "recently decorated" when it was a boys room wallpaper was ripped and looked a state. managed to persuade him because dont want daughter having arsenal wallpaper. leaves his rubbish in the shed and hasnt cleared it out, back garden was a tip when we moved in grass was long, and had a bees nest in it, also got told by other tenants that the prevous people also didnt bother doing it please help what can we do against this idiot i have complained to the council as it was through them that we done the private renting and they didnt care it has taken him 3 weeks to pay for the boiler to be fixed we had to get a co2 test at the hospital because we were worried about the poisoning possibilty we got told about when the engineer said our boiler was unsafe.
  11. hi all im the same with that i think e on are a joke i have a token metre when i moved into my flat and the electric was lasting a good amount of time £5 lasted around a week i had trouble getting the tokens so i rang e on and asked if i could have a key metre installed they said that is fine and arranged to have it done that was done but since then i have had to top my elec up by around £15 a week just to make it last ive told them this serveral times and the "meter is correct" it dont make sense apart from the increase of course BUT they told me nothing about the increase it has also taken they 3 months to give me a refund they were supposed to give me when they changed the meter oh and the other thing was they had the cheek to charge me £2 when i had a power cut!!! a holes!!! next time i phone them im going to say i will make a complaint to energy watch and see if they fill their pants lol
  12. hi all ive been a customer with the rbs for 4 years now and i have had some ok time with them but the thing that really gets me annoyed is the fact they refuse to give bank charges after a "few good will gestures" and out of "courtesy" i keep telling them its down to them and they shouldnt be illegally charging me and they claim its "in the terms of my account" now i have a key account with them because i had trouble getting a bank account but recently i have opened a current account. i have had several arguments with my branch which is in maidstone kent over the phone because of a direct debit being taken without my knowledge or permission and they tell me to speak tot he people involved which i have done they have told me its down to the bank which it normally is. i have also recently filed a fraud case against a transaction for what i did not authorise now i told them that and they "investigated" it but i got a call saying they will not refund the money because i used the company before which is true but i did not authorise this certain transaction so why are they going against the so called "we are very serious about fraud" that they claim? im owed around £300 in bank charges which i have been trying to claim but they keep saying they have already given me refunds in the past and i wont get anymore i threaten to sue them but they say i have to "wait 2 years" as they are already in court claims which im not surprised about well they shouldnt charge stupid money to people just for their gain how can i go about getting the money back before its too late? sorry bout the long post
  13. thanks for that rob i will do that i will write to them and ask for the cca as i aint got a clue wat it is so i dont even know why they are sending me especially never heard or "bidding" for a account what a load of rubbish
  14. hi all well yea it seems that way now i decided to contact "lowell" by email and they havent bothered to respond but i have got a letter today which makes me think they are even more dodgey they are asking me to "bid" to buy my account back and if i wont do that then i have to pay £35 a month but i dont even know what the hell the debt is ive never heard of the companies they are trying to claim for 1st credit or summit well i checked them out and they do loans n stuff but ive never had a loan so why should i "bid" for a account if i dont know what the hell it is? also they expect me to fill in loads of detaiils including a dd setup i dont think so!!! any opinions please
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