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  1. I have spoken to the customer service and I am currently considering other options.
  2. unfortunately due to family commitments i was not back in time to contact anyone. I will contact someone tomorrow morning.
  3. Thanks Linzi, I am currently at work and will not have the time to ring until later. I did get the message on my mobile. Thank you for your time.
  4. The guarantee was 'canceled' due to carcraft not taking the payments for it. I requested payment be taken multiple times and carcraft failed to take payment. It got to the point where there was so much outstanding payment on the guarantee the policy was considered lapsed. I sent a letter in regarding this to carcraft. However any suggestions and advice will be gratefully recieved. Thank you for your time and attention on this matter.
  5. Thanks Linzi Reg number as requested xxxxxxxx I will have to build my posts up, even if I don't usually say a lot.
  6. I can't PM you I am getting the following error You have reached your stored private message quota and cannot send any further messages until space has been created. I have no private messages in my inbox
  7. Hi all I am asking for a bit of advice. I am currently on a Debt Management Plan (DMP). My credit rating is, non-existent. I needed a car to get to and from work. I went to Carcraft to get a car on finance. The staff at Carcraft appeared to be friendly but put obstacles in the way of every car I wanted. Excuses like, the finance company will not give you finance on that car because of its reliability. The finance will only allow you to have that car over 3 years, etc etc. In the end I was ‘directed’ to a VW MK5 golf estate. This was not my fir
  8. Totally agree with you tomterm8. We need to keep it right and legal. I will say this thread has really shown what people think of Marlin and it's tactics. I will also admit it has made me smile. But we need to keep it legal by using the system against them. Maybe we need something to show the OFT or whoever the depth of feeling against this company. A petition maybe, or is that just another waste of time?
  9. Unfortunately you are 100% right. It seems they are able to harass other people to the brink of no return but we cannot harrass them, it's illegal.
  10. Unfortunately you are 100% right there. They can harass other people to the point of no return, but legally we cannot harass them So do they get away with it, I hope not, but it stinks anyway (Marlin)
  11. I shouldn't laugh, but ROFL. I bet they are all nervous about going to work today. :lol:
  12. I hope everyone who needs to will start complaining about Marlin and there bullyish ways. After that dispatches programme I am hoping for some good advice to be able to deal with that bunch of *****s. Sorry, i'm still fuming over the way they treat people, myself included.
  13. After that channel 4 dispatches programme I have decided to see if I can do anything about Marlin and the way they treated me. Anyway, I have got myself into serious debt. I am not here to make any excuses of reasons for it and I am sure some of you will judge me by saying stating the obvious, 'its your own fault.' Anyway I had a credit card for approx £3500 that I am paying back in instalments to the credit card company. This I am doing through a debt management company. I had never missed a payment and always paid on time. Then the credit card company sold the debt on to Marlin. My p
  14. Thanks Spamalot and Joemay (and anyone else who replied) I will start a thread regarding this. I will be collecting the paperwork together and the thread will started tomorrow. Thanks guys.
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