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  1. When I started the thread some two years ago, I was very shaken by the events and very angry. The matter was resolved by paying the £640. You have to treat British Gas and Revenue Protection as two separate organisations (though they are not). This is because once RP goes in British Gas cannot do much. In retrospect, I have to say that the £640 is not unreasonable. You have very little choice; no other supplier will consider you and if they did they will almost certainly charge much more to bring in a contractor. The big surprise was that they actually installed a normal meter
  2. Hi, it is a sad story and it very much reflects today's harsh world. You will never get any sympathy from those type of people. Even if one of them felt sorry for you, they would not be able to do anything - "computer says no ! " If you are still in the same predicament, my own advice to you is to look at alternative lenders. The criteria for secured loans is less stringent that personal loans. Furthermore , not all lenders use Experian. Some use Equifax. There are many reputable mortgage brokers about who are willing to source finance for you free of charge (they get their commissio
  3. All the credit accounts were live accounts, i.e. my credit cards , personal loans, etc. Now , they no longer appear on the list of accounts. It is almost certainly a mistake. As you say, they could be showing again if a different address was used when searching. I have a subscription with that credit ref agency . Therefore when I log in , I log into the account with them. The big question is : if a company searches my records, what will they get ? I suspect they might see all these missing accounts. The only way to find out is to pay £2.00 to experien and give them only my current address
  4. I will keep you all posted. Meanwhile looks like time to apply for a loan.
  5. Strange thing happened this week. I obtained a credit report from one of the main CRAs and lo and behold all but 3 of my credit accounts have vanished from the system. The ones which are left are small accounts. So according to them I have a total debt of £120 . No more credit cards a/c , no more hp a/cs, no personal loans showing anymore. Yet I can still download a report from last year which has all of them. Is this the Bermuda Triangle of the CRAs ? Or could this be a conspiracy to boost the economy. I am not complaining but I will not be celebrating until these accounts remain o
  6. Getting a meter fitted by someone else may not be simple. You could enquire and see what they say. There could even be a cost which is higher than the £640. In my case I had no choice. Either I pay the £640 or leave the tenant with no electricity for an indefinite period. I think the priority is to get the electricity back into the property. I know you must be feeling absolutely gutted now, but you must look at things in a clear and lucid way. This episode should not result in you holding a property that is not rentable. It took me many weeks to recover from that experience. My
  7. Sorry to hear this happened to you. The £640 that they charged me included the cost of installing a pay-as-you-go meter. Basically they descended on my tenant and asked for the £640 or else they would disconnect and walk away. As I paid the £640 by debit card , they installed the pay-as-you-go meter to replace the existing meter (so-called tempered with) The whole thing is totally unacceptable but it is difficult to get justice. I think that in your case you are right to contact the police. There have been a lot of very nasty cases documented on this forum and it is a mystery that th
  8. Not too sure at the moment as to what kind of interference they are alleging. It has something to do with what he called 'landlord's meter' having been installed. Also , B Gas customer services mentioned something about meters being installed without notifying anyone. Anyway I will soon find out. As you say, the RP are quite heavy-handed. The guy however did say to me that they would not prosecute me nor my tenant.To make sure that this does not happen , I have already send two letters this morning by recorded delivery ; one to the RP (using the official contact address for B Gas) an
  9. Thanks for your reply. I had a call today from the person handling my complaint. She suggested that I write to the Revenue Protection Unit to get a breakdown of the £640 charges and see if they will consider a reduction. My reaction was to tell her that I will only write to British Gas plc's address-for-service and not waste my time with the Revenue Protection unit. Reading your comments , I realise that not writing to the Revenue Protection Unit will leave no trace of the history of what happened and, as you said, could leave me open to prosecution. So I will go ahead and writ
  10. Hi This is my first post and I am still recovering from the shock of yesterday. Please can someone help us. Here are the salient points:- a)We bought a property in November 2007 for letting b)Contacted B Gas and gave electricity and Gas reading in November 2007 c)B Gas cannot trace existing electricity suppliers and does nothing about the electricity d)3 months later and hours of telephone calls. Still B Gas cannot trace current supplier e)We let the flat to a young couple in February 2008. For six months she tries to get them to set up an electricity account without success.
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