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  1. What I've done is to try engage with the residents and get them involved. As I said above, with 50%+ of the properties owned by absentee landlords, they don't give a toss. Of the remaining owner occupiers, the overwhelming majority don't care and can't be bothered with the hassle. The few tat do care are trying to do something but we need everyone to be engaged with the process, and despite repeated attempts to do that, they don't care. And I've complained to the owner of the factor company, who couldn't care less as long as they're getting paid. Didn't even bother to respond to my compla
  2. It's been going on for years and you've dragged the thread up from 5 months ago. You must have very little experience of property factors. They're all **** in my experience. Not as surprised as I was, though the police response of "it's a civil matter" seems to be standard for anything they can't be arsed getting involved in Most flats are owned by absentee landlords that don't give a toss as long as their rent is paid. The rest are apathetic. I've been happy enough with advice from here and Pepipoo. No need to cost myself money when I'm cap
  3. It's less of a faff than dealing with a car every time it parks on your land. Individual bollards are easy to install.
  4. Don't bring in a PPC. Speaking from personal experience here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?160624-Enforcing-parking-in-private-residents-parking-spaces
  5. CROCDOC, do you have a link to this statement from the BPA. It would be very useful in a battle I'm having.
  6. Aaaaaargh. The saga continues. I decided to play the game and put the P4 parking pass on display in my windscreen. For some bizarre reason I'm randomly getting tickets saying my permit is a photocopy, which it's not. I first got one ages ago but I never received anything from P4 parking. Stupidly I assumed the parking company were telling the property management company about any tickets that were issued and the property manager was telling them to cancel them. So last week I get an email from the company I lease my car from telling me they've got £700 worth of "fines" (their words,
  7. Well the Central Ticketing signs all over my street disappeared a few weeks ago. However my unbridled joy was shortlived when they were replaced a couple of weeks later by P4 Parking signs... The factors have kindly been in touch to let us know Central Ticketing have gone into liquidation. I can't help but feel enormous joy at this news. I look forward to P4's similar demise.
  8. Hopefully this is the right forum to ask this but if not can someone point me in the right direction. Here's a brief run down of the saga... I live in a new build development which consists of two blocks of flats in a cul-de-sac. In total there are about 60-ish flats and 5 retail spaces. We're factored by a private company who take care of the communal areas of the development. Last month we received our quarterly bill from the factor and along with it was a letter stating several residents had not paid their bills and going forward the factors would send everyone in the development
  9. Before I go postal with the local council I thought I'd tap the fountain of CAG knowledge first. Just before the entrance to my street there is a layby with a bus stop in it. Buses could pull in, drop people off, pick people up, traffic could get past and everything was generally good. Now the bus stop has been removed from the layby and placed about 15 feet away from the entrance to my street. This now means that whenever a bus stops, traffic can't get past, and you cant enter or leave my street as the bus is blocking the entrance. I'm hoping someone knows the legalities of bus
  10. Legislation or not, Euro Car Parks are the mob at Silverburn and do they have any authority to enforce this new legislation?
  11. 30 caught in disabled parking bay area crackdown - Evening Times | News | Editor's Picks (ignore) fine penalty etc
  12. I've been having a think about this. The ruling in the bank charges case suggests to me that the Supreme Court has said that it's ok for a private company, in this case the banks, to levy penalty charges for breach of contract. That's basically what it boils down to. The bank charges in no way reflected the actual losses incurred by the bank when someone breached the contract by going overdrawn without authorisation etc. Therefore they are penalty charges. The supreme court have said these charges are fair. So this opens up the possibility of any private company charging pe
  13. So were you using the phone while driving? Of course the police can come to your door. They'd have a hard job doing their work if they couldn't!
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