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  1. Thanks for the advice Ting, What would you recommend is my next course of action, and if anyone knows if there is a standard letter for this sort of thing as I want to make sure I get it right. Thanks again BanjoHolic
  2. Hi Ting, I've posted them on photobucket but I need to do 5 posts on here before I'm allowed to post pics. And yes I have been to the location but have definatly never had a ticket there.
  3. Hi Sea-sidelady, Many thanks for the welcome and links. BanjoHolic
  4. Hi everyone, I just recieved a letter through the post this morning 18-9-08 saying that I owe £60 for a parking offence, I have not had a parking ticket and this is the first I have heard of it. I've been looking for advice and ended up following a link here and have read some interesting posts on the subject regarding the 'date of issue' as I never recieved a ticket and there's no 'date of issue', I assume that's because it was never issued, and I have not been give any option to pay any reduced amount then it may be invalid. I've scanned the letter, with a few personal details
  5. Hi all, 1st time poster, I found this forum today after I received a parking ticket by post this morning not even on my car gonna do a post for some advice. Just dropped in to say Hi, and keep up the good work. Regards BanjoHolic
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