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  1. Hi Folks ....Sorry I havent been able to reply as couldnt get logged in for some reason After speaking to the partner: The loan was actually an overdraft of 10k when we closed the buisness we arranged through the solicitor which the bank set up payments to be made each month into the bank.....we had to reduce the payments due to our circumstances and both had to fill in one of those personal finance status things to do it . The bank never sent us any statements we just got print outs each time we paid money into the bank (b.o.i) these never showed any intrest adding on to the money owed ! The only letter that ever had any intrest on it was a letter from the solicitor when we first had to arrange payments and went as follows We are instructed by b.o.i to apply to you for the payment of the sum of £5,762 ( that was what we owed when we closed the shop) due on foot of your bank account, less lodgements made. In addition the sum of £71.27 is due for intrest to 12 nov 2007. further intrest is accruing daily. Unless payment is received within seven days from the date of this letter we have instructions to institute proceedings against you without further notice. It was after that we made the initial arrangement to pay it off and we have a letter saying the bank had accepted our payment plan (no mention of intrest on that one ) we also have a letter from 2008 when they reviewed the payments stating the following re b.o.i liabilities ...we refer to the matter and confirm that our client has received the following payments ...we have taken our clients instructions and should you continue to pay ....., no further legal action will be taken ( no mention of intrest ) The most recent jan 2011 letter after the balance showing as o in the bank print outs states the following We cannot confirm full and final settlement in this matter as you remain liable for outstanding costs and intrest accruring on the account to date. as per our letter ( which we didnt get ) this remains at approximately £1,052 as per our correspondance dated dec 2010 ( again never recieved ) . Our client requests that further payments are recieved in reduction of this amount or legal proceedings will continue forthwith. Sorry its all very long but trying to give you as much info as possible as I said any print outs we got out of the bank only ever showed the amount paid off and then the amount left oweing. Also the solicitor never sent any letters to my home only the partners despite having both our address ! Can someone please please advise me what to do next surely any intrest should have been showing on our account ,again we thought after paying religiously for four years we were home debt clear this is a real kick in the teeth ............ should i ring the solicitor and what the heck do I say or what do I do ??
  2. Hi and sorry I have also jumped onto this thread as I have no idea how to start one . Can anyone help please I had a small buisness years ago with a friend it ended up closing leaving us with a bank loan of 3 thousand the bank sent the debt to a solicitor who was to deal with the account in 2007/2008. We agreed to pay it through the bank at a reduced rate untill it was paid off. We had to get the amount changed a few times due to circumstances ie I only work p/t and my friend is out of work with a bad back. Anyway we paid it off faithfully and the last payment was in nov 2010 happy days we thought my friend sent a letter to the bank and solicitor asking for conformation of full payment and the matter closed. She received a letter yesterday from the solicitor stating they could not confirm closure as we were liable for fees and intrest, to the tune of 1,500 When we paid the money through the bank there was no intrest going on the amount due and after finding previous letters from the solicitor they did say on the bottom . please note that you remain liable for intrest and legal fees which have not been charged to the account since we received our clients instructions. We were never told either what this meant or how much it was we thought it meant it hadnt been charged on the account. Are we truley liable for this it has been like a noose round our necks and I cant believe we now owe more money. Please please help Thanks again and sorry for jumping on this thread
  3. Thanks donkey and cherbs for that other thread reference will send it and see what happens.
  4. O.k nearly panicked there thank you so much have not sent anything to hfo yet will I send them the template posted earlier on this thread ?
  5. Worse for me? Your worrying me ? And yes has all the other persons info as above name address d.o.b account no amount owed and with pen writing on the other persons saying is owner and needs to be done by James by fri
  6. Hi yes they sent us a pic of our own house with the heading of bailliff information but also another two pages with this other persons info and pic of their house too .
  7. Hi folks having trouble getting logged in on computer any way forgot to add attached to our letter was a field investigation name account dob amount owed and address and pic of someone elses house with details of objects identified ie car and other removable assests as there example of what they do and yes can confirm our pic of house is on google
  8. LETTER READS AS FOLLOWS :- HFO Services Name,account,hfo case no.,amount owing.. I have attempted to contact you several times recently ,with the offer that HFO has for you in connection with your account. We are currently in the process of reviewing your account and preparing an in depth info dossier on your current financial situation. If you fail to get in touch this dossier shall be forwarded to our solicitors with instructions to sue in order to recover the debt. Your file indicates that you are the owner of the property xxxxxxxxx in this situation HFO has 3 otions to choose from. 1.iniate legal action against you to secure the debt with a charge against your property . you have made payments in the past and it is unlikely that you will be able to raise a credible defence to legal action. Th e joint owner if applicable will be notified of this litigation. 2.Agree a settlement allowing you to pay a one-time discounted settlement amount or. 3.Enter into a resonable payment agreement with you towards the full amount. Hfo may also seek to enforce judgement by way of a warrant of execution . court appointed bailiffs will visit you at xxxxxx and seize your assests which will then be sold at public auction in order to pay the judgement debt . You can avoid this escalition of this matter by calling within 7 days yours etc.. The other part of this is that we have never had a loan or credit c or loan over 5k in our lives and have had neither for at least 5years we thought we were rid of them all the woman on the phone said she thought it may have been a 5k loan or c.c and we had paid it from 2002 to 2006 the last payment being 1,300 which sounded to me as the clearing payment......the amount Hfo are now looking for is 10333.30 !!hence the reason i feel ill . Again thanks in advance
  9. Hi im not very good at this thread stuff i take it cerberusalert has started a new thread for me how do I access or subscribe to it sorry for being daft and i so appreciate your help nearly ill at the thought of it all .
  10. Hi can some one advise me we have received a letter from hfo saying they own a debt from hbos that were not sure we even owe as we paid off most debts years ago they are threatning a charge against our property and solicitor and bailiffs they have even included a picture of our house. I rang them and said we did not ecknowledge the debt the girl said it started in 2002 and the last payment was in 2006 she couldnt tell me if it was a credit card or loan or who it was with or how much the payments were ?? the conversation was left at that she tried to get a phone number etc which i refused to give again saying we did not know anything of it all...please help thanks in advance .
  11. Hi Ihave just received one of these postcards today instead of ringing i looked it up on the net which led me here , I have debt and recently arranged with capquest to pay monthly thinking it was ligitamet the letter came i and my husband went mad at the thought of being taken to court .Is this company not real at all ? am i stupid and should i now cancel the direct debit set up until i send templet letter ? what is an lba ? Please let me know thank you
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