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  1. yes they made a mistake but i have to pay £100 more than the high bid..i bid 7900 it closed but allegedly somebody bid 8400 i have to pay 8500
  2. none...i have an invoice with the new price on..they seem to be putting me under pressure saying if i don't want to pay they will sell to the other bidder
  3. according to what they have said ..the auctioneer missed the other bid and moved on ..the auction house is featonbys in north shields ...the auctioneer is the company director and it's at his discretion until an invoice is sent out apparently...sounds like a con to me
  4. yes but they are only the agents.....the hammer closed and they went on to the next item..i rung the auction house at 11.57 to arrange a collection date ..it wasn't mentioned then...they rang me to inform me of the extra bid at 14.10
  5. today i won a auction with easylive.com the hammer dropped @£7900 i got rang a hour or two after the the end to say the auctioneer missed a bid and if i want the item i have to pay £8500 plus commisions of course...shouldn't the hammer fall be the binding bid ?
  6. i think my wife recieved the letter with a means test but didn't reply
  7. we have recieved a letter posted through the door..saying bayliff removal magistrates liability order/distress warrant unpaid council tax balance due in 24 hrs £600.27 inclusive of costs i have attended today with the attention of removing your goods and chattels as are necessary to discharge the above debt and any additional enforement costs incurred. if payment in full is not made with 24 hours you may incur further costs please note no further arrangements are acceptable and payment is now required in full by clear funds only i willre-attend your address at my conven
  8. my case for filing it out of time is pretty poor/i lost paper work. i work away from home so i'm not sure if a order for recovery was recieved at home although i did fill in a form to appeal to a independent tribunal..but heard nothing and as the ticket was inactive on westminster's system i thought it was in the process of being cancelled...as i had sent them my original parking permit proving i was legally parked
  9. in july 2007 i was parked in a road that borders westminster/camden boroughs,i was parked on the westminster side of the road with a camden parking permit (underneath the westminster sign it has another sign saying"and camden pa-k permits).So i'm damn sure i was legally parked..anyway usually thick traffic warden comes along and issues a ticket.. i rang westminster and they advised send back a letter and the visitors permit i had used which i did ..fast forward to january this year and a bayliffs letter arrives...i'm suprised as i thought it was dealt with..so i end up doing a statutory ou
  10. what things are regarded as assets my car is worth £1000...wifes car £700 is jewellry regarded as assets i.e engagement ring wedding ring,necklaces,bracelets stuff that has been bought as presents over 20 years of marriage...i am in arrears on mortgage and secured loan and also have negative equity what would happen with the house....
  11. this thread is astonishing........ i myself re mortgaged back in 2005 i went through a broker named red mortgages in sheffield....i was looking to borrow 65k and was interested in a chelsea building society 10% cashback but was pushed into a ge money 73k re mortgage by the broker and it's all making sense as to why:mad: think i'll be sending a sar letter to ge ...p.s red mortgages seem to have disappeared how would this affect me??
  12. hi thanks for reading this,over the past 5 years i have got more and more into debt,for over 16 months i haven't paid a credit card bill and have just buried my head in the sand,i need to sort this out my debts appox are £72,000 mortgage,£45,000 secured loan (property value now down to abut £90 to £100k),10k bc,9k mbma ,2.5k cap1,2.5k lloyds card,4k abbey loan, 5.5k abbey o/draft,4.5k bhorse car loan,1.8 bkhorse scs loan,1k storecard....wife has 5k bc and 5k mbma cc.... i was going to go the iva route but just when i was near to sorting it up pops tax credit saying i owe them 12k from 2003
  13. "Eliminate your credit card debt NOW" Any number of cards.... any amount of personal debt! How to eliminate debt and create wealth in the shortest possible time. We do not give legal advice however we supply the knowledge, philosophies and template letters necessary to cancel out your credit card balances on all major credit cards. We are not able to help persons who are already in debt consolidation or other debt reorganisation programs. It's time to stop these banksters from forcing thousands and thousands of our families and friends into bankruptcy. (Over a million last year, the majo
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