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  1. An update, the DCA has replied with another payment deadline, seem to have totally ignored the letter we sent
  2. The only challenge is, we currently have accounts with Provident, so we see a collector weekly anyway.
  3. Letter typed, and sent first class recorded, see what comes back
  4. That's what it is, an offer of a 'fresh start' working on the pdf
  5. Thats brilliant, thanks guy's. I was so surprised when I opened the letter this morning.
  6. Hi Guy's As above, basically a debt that has been statute barred for around 3 years. This morning we get a letter from Provident telling us they bought the debt from Scotcall. I have uploaded the letter for your perusal. Please advise on suggested next step. Many thanks David Just seen the letter is really small, cant at the moment see how to increase the size, will keep trying.
  7. My friend has managed to get an incident number from the police, but they say no action will be taken unless BT reports the fraud
  8. Brilliant, Thanks for the help, The debt is only about a year old, she is trying to get an incident number from the police but they seem unwilling to issue one
  9. Hi Guys, Trying to help a good friend with a challenge She was living with a partner, he took out a mobile phone contract over the internet in her name, consequently he didnt pay the bill. Now Past Due collections are chasing her for the debt. Is there anything that can be done. Thanks in advance. David
  10. Hi Guys As title, a friend is being chased by Phillips for debts belonging to a previous tenant. He has spoken to them on numerous occassions, but still they persist. What are his options? Thanks David
  11. Dont forget recorded delivery!! Regards David
  12. What you will be asked for is an account of income and expenditure and being on benefits, your offer of payment should be £1 per month. Regards David
  13. Stop any payments you are making and just wait for the begging letters really. Regards David
  14. You sit back and wait, when the 12+2 working days passes and they come up with nothing, then the account is in dispute until/if they do. Regards David
  15. No dont make any offers of payment you need to know more details first, I was just trying to make my point that who ever you did pay would be no more than £1 per month, you need to get more detail first. Start with EON. Regards David
  16. So do you think the amounts are incorrect? do you have different amounts from EON and from BCW? The payment would be £1 per month to either, as long as you are paying they wont have any weight in court. Regards David
  17. With a SAR they have to send you copies of all records they hold on you, that way you can see any/all the charges that have been made against your account. Regards David
  18. Is the account still the utility company or has it been sold on? You can find out by phoning the utility company, if they have a zero balance on the account it has most probably been sold on. Either way with it being a debt for a previous property then the re payment is £1 a month, as benefits are not there to pay debts. Hope this helps Regards David
  19. The timescale is 12+2 working days, then if either nothing is received or nothing enforceable is received then the account is then placed in to dispute. Regards David
  20. A CCA request is no good in this case, mobile phone contracts are not covered by CCA 1974. Send the prove it letter first, if they come back with something then send a SAR to the mobile phone company. Regards David
  21. If you want to deal with EDF, give them a ring and ask for an account balance. If they come back with a zero amount they have sold the debt on. If they still have a balance you can deal with EDF. Arrange a payment plan for what you can afford. If you are on benefits the amount is £3.25 per week. If the debt belongs to BCW then it is £1 per month. Regards David
  22. If its an unenforceable CCA and its pre 2007 then they dont have a leg to stand on, they are trying to frighten you in to paying. I would ignore it for the time being, if any court papers do happen to turn up, post on here straight away and someone knowledgeable in that area will assist you. Regards David
  23. Hi Which 'solicitor' is it? and when you say the account is in dispute, what is the reason? Regards David
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