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  1. He was apparently going to go to the Top Manager himself after I left! I reinforced to him what you've said about retaliation and vindication on him but he was adamant there is nothing anyone can do ?! He is quite a smart cookie himself but I reiterated and he said that the Trade Union Leader was in the vicinity as well at the time and she really looks after the workers. As said, I'll sleep on it, maybe discuss it again over dinner tonight which he's cooking
  2. So, my son has returned from work unscathed. The manager who dealt with me is not normally on the shop floor but is manager of the dot com team. The staff all around us at the time were not happy at all with his behaviour with me and said he handled it all wrong. The member of staff who flew in my face has been involved in a few incidents before (thought she wasn't quite all there!) I feel somewhat vindicated but shall be writing to head office, copy to local store manager. Wrong day, wrong time for me I guess. Might have to take an extra chill pill next time I go out........ Thanks to you all x
  3. Thanks good people. I did need a rant and I was so upset by both the employee shrieking in my face and by the floor manager's behaviour, so I lost it
  4. I have just had the most dreadful altercation with a floor manager in Tesco! Although this virus is causing a lot of stress for us all, I am full-time carer for my terminally ill husband at home and have a 20-yr old son with Type 1 Diabetes living at home. He works in Tesco when not at university. Working there more than ever right now because they've been offered 10% wage increase and 15% staff discount! I took him to work at 8.45am this morning and I started my shopping. In the chilled aisle, there was a worker with a trolley filling shelves but she left her trolley to speak to another customer on the other side of the aisle. While she did so, I reached across her trolley for a packet of ham. Suddenly she was in face screeching You shouldn't be this close to me!!!! I said Well why don't you move out of the bloody way when you can see a customer stretching over your trolley?! I left it at that and carried on. When I was halfway through checking my groceries and medicines out, a Floor Manager came over and shouted This sale is void. Do not put this shopping through. My son was on the next checkout and the lady at my checkout is an old friend plus a lady manager nearby who I also know very well. We all just stood there stunned! He said his colleague had said that I had sworn at her and he was adamant. I explained to him exactly what had happened and he said he had no reason to doubt her! I said I would be happy for him to check his CCTV to see what happened. He then insisted to the checkout lady that she void my sale so I picked my bags up out of my trolley and tipped them all onto the counter. He was pointing his finger at me so I said F*** You, and he said there you go swearing again, so I just said F*** You again and he said Right you're bannedf, you're banned from this shop! I just walked out. At the bottom of the escalator there were 3 managers at the doorway and I called 1 over and explained what had happened. She very reassuringly said, Don't worry, you're not banned, shaking her head, you're not banned. I was in tears by the time I got to Morrisons where it was much more civilised and being properly run but I am so furious that I really want to take it further. I see slander and defamation are very difficult to pursue but feel I can't let it rest. Thanks for the rant! ps. The worker in question doesn't appear to have her lift going up to the top floor!
  5. Mmmmm, after my recent experience with DCA's, I'd rather take the safer option...... although my judge defied CPR's and suggested that in all probability, documents will have been sent to the Claimant I just wondered, where's the proof?! And sending me an invoice 2 years after purchase?! I'll upload the documents if it'll help.........
  6. I am being harassed somewhat with SMS and threatening letters for £14.99 from an online company called Studio on which I bought a product online. This happened in 2017 and I don't even recall receiving anything from them?! Can they do this 2 years later?
  7. Just received a Variation Order confirming it is now ordered that I pay the DCA £1/month for the next (350?) years ......... Thank you all for all your help as ever! Off to Crown Court on Monday for Jury Service, let's go swim with the big fish!
  8. Yeah, Staffie X, my gentle giant. The older I get, the more I prefer my dog to people I meet! I'll phone the court on Monday, am beginning to get a bit cheesed off with forms now!
  9. Oh jeepers! No! How the heck do I start finding out what it could have been?! I'd better just phone the court on Monday hey?! At first I thought it must have been they sent Arrows my repayment offer and that it had been returned by them....... this letter today was received by normal 1st class post and I have not knowingly missed any post......
  10. Today's post brought this N216 from the Court. I have submitted my N245 and EX160. What does this mean?! N216 Notice of non-service.pdf
  11. Surely this isn't good enough in the eyes of the LAW!!! The court told me at 11.45 the DJ would read both WS's but during the hearing at 12 she admitted she hadn't seen my WS and took a photocopy of mine off me! Which also means she hadn't read my/your paragraph regarding how much the DCA had paid for my debt which is the true figure I 'owed' them!
  12. While we're on numbers, I received today N24 (General Form of Judgement or Order), ordering that, "on balance of probabilities", the Default Notice dated 2009 had been sent to AA99. I still find this horrendous!
  13. Sorry, wrong number, EX160 I think then, reduction of court fees.......
  14. QUOTE Once a CCJ has been issued, you must continue with the CCJ payments. Failing to make the payments can lead to a number of enforcements being taken such as the issuing of Bailiffs, a “charge” being placed on your property (Charging Order) or the court can have money deducted straight from your wages (Attachment of Earnings Order). UNQUOTE I don't own property, I don't have wages, and I don't have any bailiff-takeable assets worth anything. So my questions are:_ 1. Should I ignore? 2. Can I write to the court saying I can't even afford £50 to submit N245? 3. Can I approach the DCA directly (for free) to arrange £1 p.m.? I sent the N150 in last week but no response yet.
  15. Thanks ericsbrother. My sentiments exactly. I keep every bit of paper for anything! The bain of my family but I know better!
  16. I have today spoken with the Shopping Centre Manager, and he has just phoned to say the charges are all dropped! Thank you all for all your help x
  17. https://photos.app.goo.gl/qsiMmfziLV93Ja7h7 4 new photos taken today as close up as I could get to them!
  18. The one I could get closest to is where I am stood at the boot of the small black car on my right. I couldn't read the notice either, in real-life!
  19. It's free parking for 4 hours. The shopping centre boasts 100 shops and free parking. However, some ladies that shop and do lunch take longer than that. I know it's a local grudge!
  20. I did the whole car park, including the 2 entrances, and where I was parked. There wasn't 1 in that whole area! I shall try and learn how to label my pictures when my son returns home and it may make it clearer. I shall contact the council too. I'm meeting with the Shopping Centre manager asap as he previously, about 2 years ago, took a parking ticket off me and said he would deal with it! Again, my front tyres were on the line! Did you notice that picture with that cream coloured car parked way over the line today??!!!!
  21. I have re-looked at my scan more than once now, and still cannot see 09/01/2019 anywhere! And yes, I fully know that, under my insurance terms, I can drive other cars, but nobody else can drive my car. I am the sole driver. I also spent 2 days reading other threads on here before I posted so I am sorry if I don't meet your exacting standards. I just needed some help.
  22. The letter from UKPC with the reference Notice to Keeper is dated 08/12/2018...There's nothing dated 9 Jan 2019. Yes it was a windscreen ticket. As for shooting myself in the foot?! I am insured to be the only driver, there is no other driver, do I have to resort to their tactics too? Please explain.
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