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  1. Passengers will have more choice at Manchester Airport after bmibaby announced two new services in its summer 2009 flight programme, according to reports. The budget airline will now operate from Manchester Airport to Toulouse and Amsterdam, as of March 29th, 2009, while the schedule includes a double daily service to Amsterdam on weekdays plus an additional service on Sunday. James [edit]
  2. One of ZB's new routes is Menorca, and as far as I'm aware I've been told by the ZB staff that MAD will be coming back, but im lookin forward to the new flights starting anyways
  3. ZB stopped both routes back in September lol Just because its quiet over the Winter season, they'll be starting up again for the summer though as far as I'm aware.
  4. Other bits and pieces - Belavia's service to Minsk looks like it will be returing in the summer - weekly on Mondays from Jun 4 to Aug 28 and I can't find Portugalia's service to LIS/OPO on Amadeus for the summer so they may be finally giving up the ghost after a few years of tinkering with the timings of the service with barely any beneficial results.
  5. I hope that Air Southwest are able to make the CWL-MAN route work. There is definitely a market for the route and with a bit of marketing the route should become viable. I am hoping to use it soon to hop up to MAN to do some spotting.
  6. Air Wales has a strange reputation in the north west - they did try to operate a 2 weekdaily Do228 operation on the CWL-MAN route before giving it up quite quickly and they've had 2 bashes at CWL-LPL (with extensions at both ends) and not made that work! So I couldn't guess why they would want to operate, I presume, a more "touristy" route even they couldn't get domestic services to work. James
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