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  1. Interesting... i found a local SEAT dealer close to me with used 2006 Seat, which i may go test drive I called and asked him how much warranty i get with the vehicle. He words were "All used cars come with 30 days warranty, that's how we keep our car prices low."
  2. thank you, you've been very helpful.
  3. So SOGA cover the collection of the car for repair even after 7 days?
  4. Hi, I'm fairly certain that the dealer you bought it from is liable for any fault with the car within the first 3 months. No need to involve the warranty company, that's on top of you statutory rights and doesn't override it.
  5. Hi All, Quick question. I'm looking at a car from a dealer around 60 miles away. My question is, if it turns out to be fault and the cause of the fault means i cannot return the vehicle to them where do i stand? Does the dealer have to collect the vehicle? Would i have to have it recovered back to them? Would i have it repaired locally?
  6. Hey, So last month i signed up to the offer virgin media had £9 a month for the first 12 months, 12 month contract....confirmed the ammount over the phone.. GREAT!! Or so i thought... My first bill has come through and they are charging me £11 a month (£22 in total, 2 months up front) So i rang them and they said there is nothing on my account saying im getting it for £9. It says im down for £11 a month. Now the offer has gone from the website and i can only find it on 3rd party site's, which leave's me on no leg to stand on cos its not on the virgin site anymore.(anyone have a screenshot of this offer?) Someone from virgin sales was suppose to ring me yesterday but hasnt. Just wondered where i stand, i would like to be prepared for when i call them again. Can i legally tell them to collect the modem and end my contract, i will of course pay them for one months usage. All we had was a verbal agreement over the phone. Thanks mark
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