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  1. Just got in from work – hell of a day but reading about your win makes me feel so much better. Well done FB – you done good.
  2. S173 of the CCA 1974 would scupper their argument. To terminate the agreement at any time would be inconsistent and in conflict with the true meaning of the act anf therefore the term would be void as far as the act is concerned. Where is the credit if a credit agreement can be unilaterally terminated by the creditor at anytime?
  3. If Cohens have asked for it to be discontinued then it's pretty much all over.
  4. This is a copy of the draft order that I sent to the court - I also included a schedule of costs and a covering letter. In the xxxxxxxx County Court Claim number xxxxxxxx Between CL Finance Limited - Claimant and atwozee - Defendant Upon reading the Defendant’s letter dated xx/xx/2009, IT IS ORDERED THAT 1. Claimant to pay Defendant’s costs, the Court being satisfied that the Claimant acted unreasonably in not responding to the Defendants legitimate re
  5. UPDATE I requested costs from CL Finance but they didn’t respond – No surprise there then - I asked for £300 I then wrote to the court and included a draft order for costs – wasn’t sure if this would work. Received an order from the court requiring CL Finance to pay my costs within 14 days – I didn’t have to pay a fee so this is just to let everyone know that a well drafted letter can work if you are applying for wasted costs. Wonder if I will have to send the bailiffs in!!!
  6. Well done - they won't be back - it would be an abuse of process.
  7. Sit tight for a bit – not much you can do until CL notify the court that they wish to proceed – not much point in you applying to lift the stay as this would cost you a fee. Check with the court every couple of weeks or so just to keep updated. MBNA have nothing to do with this now BTW – the account now belongs to CL Finance.
  8. Nice one – you’d think they will take the hint and drop this before it costs them any more.
  9. Clock’s ticking then! When they fail to send the requested documents by the date on the order then I suggest you type up a simple witness statement (I can help you with it if you like) and send this recorded delivery to the court along with a letter to the Court Manager asking for the claim to be struck out in compliance with the order.
  10. It can drag on Scarydays - just had mine struck out by the court because the claimant failed to supply the requested documents - wait and see what the court does next.
  11. *UPDATE* I did get a little bit of a runaround by the court – I contacted the Court Manager and asked for confirmation that the claim had been struck out in accordance with the order – the court then wrote to me and asked me to submit a witness statement confirming if any documents had been served by CL Finance – None had so I sent that recorded delivery and a copy via email – that was 2 weeks ago – I chased the court on Tuesday and today I received the following in the post: IT IS ORDERED THAT The claim is struck out This site is truly fantastic and I send out a massive thank
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