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  1. Hi Manxman in exile and Bankfodder, Good news!! I've received a full refund from Time Out. On Monday I emailed Time Out customer service department again, requesting a full refund. I also advised Time Out that I would be seeking legal advice re my rights regarding the issue. To my surprise, a refund confirmation was sent within the hour and the monies was in my bank account within 2 days. I would like to thank the both of you for your help and advice, Kind regards angelsx7and9
  2. The voucher can only be and was, redeemed with MD Massage Therapies within the timeframe stipulated however, was not able to have the treatment/session as another lockedown was imposed in December 2020 and MD therapies was not able to reopen until April 2021, by which time the voucher had expired (Feb 2021). Not sure what to do as other salons that I had booked services with, honoured their vouchers.
  3. Hi Bankfodder, Apologies for the delay in responding to your last post. I would like to issue a claim, what do I need to do?
  4. Hi BankFodder, Thank you for your valuable feedback. The value of the voucher is £30 and the name of the merchant (outfit) is M D Massage Therapies. They do have a Facebook page.
  5. Kind regards angelsx7and9 Following my foot procedure, I bought a session of reflexology treatment to help with post-operative recovery, in October 2020. I made the booking on 6th December with MD Therapies, to have treatment on 22nd December 2020. Around 20th December global lockdown was introduced and MD Therapies has not been able to open/operate until 12th April 2021. My appointment was rebooked for 19th April 2021, was cancelled by MD Therapies as the voucher expired end of February 2021 and have advised that I ask Time Out for a refund. I have emailed Time Out asking for the voucher to be extended or that I have a refund on 21st April. On 23rd April I received a response from Time Out advising me that they would contact MD Therapies asking for an extension at the merchant's discretion as April's booked appointment is outside the terms and conditions of the offer. On 4th May, advised that no response has been received from MD Therapies. Feel as though I have been given the proverbial "merry-go-round", as other establishments that I had other treatments booked have honoured their bookings. What are my rights in this situation?
  6. Hi Becky2585, Apologies for seemingly hijacking this particular thread, but could you please tell me where I can access the particular information relating to your reply/post 26/6/2017 advising that (in your understanding) that if one is/has been prevented by their employer from taking annual leave then the law currently states you can claim any back paid holiday pay regardless of the statutory 15 months back stop; currently completing an ET1 form and holiday pay is one of the issues. Kind regards angelsx7and9
  7. Hi Tax Hero, Thank you very much for your reply. The sequence of events detailed below may suggest otherwise, but please feel free to correct my understanding of the issues Kind regards angelsx7and9 Sequence of events as follows: 1). Notified of final pay 22 June; includes holiday pay + notice pay 2) Full details of due pay requested, as advised that deductions would apply to total amount, on 26 June and 5 July. 3) Rec'd info 5 August + P45 dated 31 August 2017. 4). Actual pay not received to date as employee waiting for bank details.
  8. I would like some information and clarity regarding the tax code 0T-M1. My employment ended on 17th May 2017 after being on sick leave for more than 3 years. I'm currently in receipt of ESA (contributions- based) and PIP. I was advised that my entitlement is 12 weeks' notice pay and 1 1/2 years A/L pay - is this right? Received a P45 last week which shows the tax code as being 0T-M1, which I have never seen before, and I have noticed that nearly half of the total notice pay, has been deducted for income tax. Is this correct? Seems a very excessive amount! Confused angelsx7and9 I would greatly appreciated the Caggers help on this matter
  9. thank you all for your responses. I'll try and keep it short. employed since 2000; had accident at home in 2003; have been to OH on 4+ occasions - advised condition covered under the DDA; LAST OH advised not fir for substantial role - advised reasonable adjustments/alternative role?, where possible. Mobility issues +++. Following non acceptasnce of settlement agreement last year- requested to attend OH. Home visit reequested but denied on grounds of procedure (funding and agreement to be in place); then stage 3 capability held due to "being uncooperative" in atternding OH appts. No contract - staff handbook only available Not with a TU; salary circa £30, 654 per annum Kind regards angelsx7and9
  10. I have been asked to state how much money I would consider under a settlement agreement; what methods are used when deciding a fair and realistic figure. Dismissed on grounds of capability (ill health); and subsequent appeal advisor requires this information. What rule of thumb/methods are used in the Tibunal courts to determine the final figure. Very grateful for all your help Kind regards angelsx7and9
  11. Papasmurf : Aplogies for delay in response. I am the emplyee enquiring re fair & best way of sickness absence. Employer is in health -related field; circa 25 employees; main issues are no original employment contract; being sent 3 differing contracts whislt on sicke leave; holiday pay and sick pay entitlements, as well as general rights.
  12. Can anyone tell me what is the fair and best way to manage an employee who has been on sick leave for more than 3 years?Lots of issues and need to know full rights!
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