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  1. Trish, I feel for you. I was in dispute with WTC for years and got no where. You are about to deal with individuals and a department that are clueless, they are liars and they don’t give a dam to boot. This is the only debt I had where I gave in and I know I am paying them hundreds of pounds more than I owe. I got CAB and my MP involved, they were just stonewalled as well. Their attitude was. This is what you owe, we can't prove our figures but we know we are right. We can't disprove your figures because we have lost the paperwork, but we know we are right. Good luck.
  2. I had a non fault accident with only 2 days of my insurance policy with HD left. The new policy had already been set up with HD and a deposit paid. The car was declared a write off a week after the accident and HD cancelled the new policy, saying it will be removed from the insurers database. Will I have to declare that I have had a cancelled policy and if so how will it affect future insurance. If anyone has advice especially a Hastings rep I will be very grateful.
  3. On 30th she received an e-mail from the insurers saying that the new policy was cancelled as of the 30th and she has 7 days to reply and confirm the cancellation. They don't mention anything about charges. That's what I was trying to find out in my OP, would they try and make charges on a policy that wasn't due to start until after the accident had happened. I'm a bit wary of her confirming the cancellation date of the 30th, as this would imply that the policy had ran for 7 days and she would have something to pay. I was hoping that because the car was a write off before the start date then the new policy would simply be null and void. The e-mail also staes that, your policy is cancelled and will be deleted from the insurers' database, I'm hoping that bit is good news.Any advice is appreciatedthanks
  4. Accident 18th Policy end date 22nd New policy due to start 23rd Car declared a write off 28th The car wasn't drivable and was taken from the scene of the accident by the insurers repairer on the day of the accident i.e.18th.
  5. I was thinking how can there be a second policy if the car was wrote off because of an accident during the first policy.
  6. The insurer hasn't made an offer yet I was just thinking ahead. The FOS website mentions that they use retail book values from Parkers, Glass's and CAP, I've obtained values from the 1st 2 but Cap are trade only, so I know roughly what the FOS would value the car at.
  7. My daughter was involved in an accident where someone crashed into the back of her, her policy was due to expire 5 days later. The new policy was already set up with the same firm and the first payment had been made. She was told by her insurance that her car was a write off a few days after the new policy had started. What will happen to the new policy? surely she won't have to pay it, will it be null and void? Opinions and advice will be appreciated.
  8. It's my daughters car, she was in it when it was rear ended. I know the ombudsman takes a long time, the ombudsman is not a route we would like to take. I was just asking so now that we know that the insurance firm has to pay a fee it is something that can be dropped into the negotiations if they offer a very low write off amount. The accident was reported to her insurance in the first instance, but she is using her own solicitors for a personal injury claim.
  9. If your car is written off after a non fault accident, and you can't agree the valuation with your insurance firm. And you then go to the Financial Ombudsman Service for them to make a ruling, does your insurance firm have to pay any kind of a fee? I ask because I understand that if you make a complaint against a bank or other lender then they have to pay a fee.Thanks
  10. I've avoided letter tennis like the plague for the last 6 years, but now I'm moving house and I don't want them sending letters to my old address.
  11. Yes I think I am going simple. What I should have asked, is there an individual or a job title that I should write to? Thanks
  12. Capquest have written to me about a CC account originally with Lloyds. The last payment was Jan 2009. I intend to send them a stat barred letter, is there someone in particular I should send it to? Help and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  13. Thanks for your replies and advice, much appreciated.
  14. If an account has been defaulted and no payments made for 3 years. Then a full and final offer is accepted. Will this account remain on the credit file for the remaining 3 years or will it be on for 6 years from the f&f payment. This is assuming the creditor refuses to remove the entry.
  15. Are they even allowed to sell an account with a ccj on it without applying to the court? Why would anyone buy an account and make no contact in 5 years? How do I stand re a possible future charging order? The statement I received from Tesco shows EPB early repayment for the full amount and a balance of nil. Thanks
  16. I’ve looked on noodle and this account is there, showing the lender as Tesco, no other names appear. It shows a defaulted date of 30/10/09. It appears that Tesco have defaulted the account then closed it 3 days later. I still need advice whether someone can reactivate the old ccj. Thanks
  17. The original debt was a personal loan (not a CC) with Tesco finance, it was Tesco who took me to court both times. There was still over £10K owing. The CCJ was in September '08, they tried for the charging order about 2 months later. I received a statement showing the balance as nil and the account closed in November '09. The last DD payment was October '09.
  18. I received a ccj on a cc debt 6 years ago. I made the small payments that the judge ordered, then after a few months they took me to court again to try and get a charging order on the house. Trouble was I was living in rented accommodation. After a few more months they sent me a statement saying the account was closed. The direct debit was still in place but it was returned to my account. I sent them a letter asking what was the status of the account, they ignored this. The next DD was returned so I cancelled the DD, I haven’t heard anything from anyone re this account in the past 5 years. Could anyone shed any light on whether they can resurrect this ccj’d account even though there has been no activity for the last 5 years and they have said the account is closed with a nil balance. I ask this because I may soon have a financial interest in a house and I don’t want to get a charging order on it. many thanks
  19. All of my cc debts are due to be statute barred in October, or so I thought. Does the link that bankfodder gave mean, that as long as a creditor or their DCA keeps writing to you, that the debt will never be statute barred. Even though you dispute the debt? Thanks
  20. One of the cards has never had a DN issued, is it safe to assume that it will be SB 6 years after last payment? Thanks
  21. Credit card debts, all with last payments of October 2008, all have varying dates of default notices and defaulted dates, some have been passed around various dca's, none have correct paperwork.
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