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  1. Ok guys, please could you point me in the right direction. A few months ago someone from the above company came to my previous property saying that I owed council tax to the value of approx £280. I didnt sign ANYTHING (walk in posession etc) he went away and I paid money direct to the council and had cleared the debt off about 2 months ago . He came to the house about a month ago and said that I still owed approx £280 for council tax. I had checked online and rang council to ask what the balance of my council tax account was and read online and was t
  2. Hi All, was wondering what the current state of play is with regards to unfair bank charges. I was claiming against Barclays for thousands of pounds of unfair charges until the high court made the ruling on the OFT cases. Are all claims dismissed now? Is there any chance of getting my unfair bank charges refunded? I don't qualify for 'hardship' rules. Is it worth me going to one of these companies that claim they can get you a full refund? Any replies are appreciated, Thanks
  3. no hp or finance on car. I get the feeling that swift will take there share out of the 120 i paid and therefore say the rest is still outstanding to the council !!!!!
  4. Hi, Also had visit from Swift BULLY on Teusday , he'd been before about an outstanding council tax bill. I owed £168.00. He was quite polite when he first came, I said I remembered him from last time. I told him I had paid £50.00 to the council allready, which he didnt look too pleased about, he said obviously he couldnt stop me from doing that but it wasnt something he could endorse blah dee blah !! I asked him to wait outside and I would print out the receipt from the council showing I had paid the £50.00, so he waited and I printed out the receipt and took it out to him as proof of payme
  5. Can anyone please advise me on how i go about starting to claim back from my account. I really dont know where to start. Any help would be most welcome. Thanks
  6. Hi all, just brief overview of my capital one account. I had £200 limit on my card , didnt go over it , financial difficulties meant I couldnt even pay minimum amount, therefore many many charges and unreturned calls later I now have letter from CO saying "my account is in default, blah dee blah and the balance now stands at £448.33". I want to know how I can claim these charges back and any additional interest which has accrued over the past 2 - 3 years since I had the card. Any help is welcome, thank you in advance. Sponge Of The Bob8-)
  7. Hi all, just looking at this thread and I think I have similar thing with barclays. I had a direct debit returned even though I was still UNDER my limit !!!! I went into the bank and the person at the customer service counter was less than helpful. I went through it all with her and her reply was that " there must have been a card purchase that was due to go out a couple of days later and that took priority over the direct debit". I am really cheesed of with barclays at the moment, they owe me over £6000 in charges !!!!!!!!! It seems that allthough they dont charge £25 each time y
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