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  1. If you are referring to sniffer dogs you wouldn't see them that often because as well as the passenger terminal they are involved in parcels, lorries, shipping and so on. I don't know how many dogs they have at Gatwick and of course they need rest. periods too. I only mentioned that because I know it happens. However the scanner should register drugs on all luggage before it arrives at the baggage reclaim and of course they will pull you in should they get a reading on it. There are of course a few that get held over just as routine and I think it's that that I am more concerned about.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I know that Gatwick does have sniffer dogs as I've seen them on the TV. Yeah, I think I am worrying too much about this but still it is a concern I have.
  3. I have been watching customs programmes in Freeview channel 11 Pick TV recently and it has given me a lot of concern. Can anyone throw some light on the following. I must admit it is probably quite unlikely to happen but \I| just wondered what would happen in this case. I have noticed that sniffer dogs go round the passengers going through the nothing to declare exit but frequently people are pulled in because the dog has found something. This could be just a simple case of a taxi driver handing the case who had been taking drugs or some similar thing like that. I was wondering what
  4. Hello. Thank you for your reply. Actually I didn't go ahead and pay the £70 for the change but did telephone customer service about it. Yes as your message does say, they changed it free of charge. Thanks again for taking the time to explain everything.
  5. I have a similar problem. Yesterday I placed a reservation with Easyjet and completed the passport registration for myself and my wife who lives in Germany. Quite often she uses her maiden name. When I completed the form I entered her maiden name by mistake. I found the page where you can change the name and the site has advised that the fee would be £35 for a name change. I thought that ridiculas since the flight isn't until 17 October and I only booked it yesterday. However, I was prepared to accept it. When I completed the change I am now finding that they want to charge me £70 because th
  6. It would have been much more expensive to obtain probate from a British court from the USA involving lawyers. In any even probate was eventually granted and the matter has now been settled.
  7. Well I'm going to write to the Probate Office once again just asking them to clarify what it is they require. One thing they did say was that the will document I sent them was a copy and they need the original document. This I have now found. I will send it to them and just mention that it is in fact signed by a lawyer in Florida and I am a bit confused what it is they actually require. If they still say that they need something from a lawyer in Florida then it will be up to my sister to write to the lawyer and obtain it. As far my sister relinquishing Executorship, this has all been dea
  8. The bank are not saying anything about the will. They simply want me to obtain probate and send the document to them. My only complaint with the bank is that they do not reply to my letters and when they do it seems to take them three weeks or more to do so. I never received a reply from them to a letter I had sent them in November. I sent a reminder a couple of weeks ago but would have done so sooner if I hadn't had a major operation and feeling ill for a long time. I wish they would respond in letter form though and answer my questions properly. No there was no estate as all the funds m
  9. You have not mentioned the fact that there is a lawyers stamp on the will. Twice in fact. I do not understand why they are asking for a lawyer in Flortida to state that the will is valid when it was a Florida lawyer that produced the will. However let me answer your questions: Yes, the deceased died in Florida. An individual was appointed as Executor and that was my sister. My sister has since the death moved to Tennessee. Question 4 bhas been answered since the Executor is my sister who now lives in Tennessee.
  10. It seems that I am having trouble in opening a new thread which should be part of another forum.I have been asked by SLICK a site member to just post it here and he will move it to the Barclay's Bank section. I am having trouble in getting money from Barclays Bank which isn't there's. The sum involved is £7,500 and the bank are asking for probate. I understand that they have a limit of £5,000 after which probate is required. I submitted an application to the Probate Office and they telephoned me to say that they require a statement from a Florida lawyer to say that the will is valid. I
  11. Well I didn't get round to writing the suggested letter or rather sending it to them. I haven't heard from them further at the moment. I do keep on getting telephone calls though with the number withheld. I don't know if it is them though because I don't answer withheld calls.
  12. I have had to amend it slightly since they have only recently taken this on from PastDue as follows Dear Sir or Madam, Reference 2152008 Please be advised that I will only communicate with you in writing after I receive a copy of the original agreement. I have repeatedly asked PastDue for this and they have totally ignored my request in spite of me sending the fee. I have noted repeated attempts to contact me by telephone over the past few weeks/months and these have been duly logged by time and date. Furthermore, should it be your intention to arrange a “doorst
  13. I have just received a further letter from Philips Recovery agents acting with or on behalf of PastDue. It reads: PRE-VISIT NOTICE You have failed to make suitable repayment arrangements concerning the above arrears which remain outstanding. Our recovery Agents may now attend your premises without any further warning to commence recovery procedures. You must make the IMMEDIATE FULL PAYMENT of all outstanding amounts to prevent this action commencing. YOU HAVE 7 DAYS FROM THE DATE STATED IN THIS NOTICE TO PAY ALL OUTSTANDING AMOUNTS IN FULL. .............................
  14. I will let you know if I hear from them before I send anything. Thanks.
  15. Well I have been so busy these last few days and haven't had time to send a prove it letter. I think in the first instance I will just ignore them until I hear from them again. They have threatened to unstruct their solicitors tio take action if I just ignore them. I am thinking if this happens and I then request a copy of the original agreement and statements of the last payments, they wouldn't be able to just ignore that as they have. They do have to be more ethical don't they? Or do they?
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