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  1. Hi 42man, I have just finished on the phone with financial ombudsman and he listened to all thats happened and has told me to get my husband to complain when he is able to do so.Apparently they can get the information regarding this debt a lot easier than cabot.Im beginning to think there is a fraud going on here as I know now clydesdale do car finance and we once filled in a form with a garage for a quote "in principle" for a car we were gonna buy from a local garage,we were accepted for finance if we went ahead,but we didnt buy the car.I am also wondering if all this is from specsavers and my husband once had a demand for £20 that he told them he wasnt paying years ago,Im going mad trying to think what this could be.Only options i find are those 2.
  2. Im Back, Ok just to update,I never have replied to them or given them anymore info.I did get 2 letters from K M himself saying they were looking into my issue and would reply in detail when they have something. Today. got another letter saying that the original debt was with Clydesdale finance..(who what where???) and cabot have sent them urgent requests for information on the debt,cabot have not recieved any info due to a delay in Clydesdale in retrieving the info,they say they will still pursue the request to them and will forward it to me when they get a reply.They also sent a copy of complaint to obudsman leaflet.Apparently they say i have only 6 months to complain with this "final" response from him.Oh and the debt is on hold with ECI till its sorted. OK....Clydesdale. No idea still what this debt is for.My online research says its part of Barclays and deals with credit cards and car finance,seeing as though i have neither i still do not recognize this debt.
  3. update.... NO more letters/emails recieved as of today.My husband and I still genuinely have no idea what the debt is at all.I will post updates if I get any more info.
  4. Hi, If its any consolation,cabot are chasing my husband for a debt none of us have any knowledge of,Cabot have not yet provided proof of this debt and they can take a jump.Luckily they dont have our telephone numbers and the letters have stopped since I sent an email to the main man at cabot.
  5. Sigh ok Had reply from K.Maynard CEO CABOT.In reply to my email. Thank you for your email. Please be assured that this matter is currently being investigated and a comprehensive response will be provided in due course. Regards, Ken Maynard Group Chief Executive Cabot Financial Group Also reply about the CCA from customer services Thank you for your e-mail dated 13 September 2008. Unfortunately we are unable to locate your account, please supply further details in order that we can proceed with investigation of your query. Information we need from you: o Full Name o Date of Birth o Previous Address Further information which would assist to appropriately deal with your enquiry: o Home/Business or Mobile Telephone Number o Cabot Financial Reference We look forward to hearing from you shortly. Yours sincerely Cabot Financial ARE THESE GUYS FOR REAL,I GUESS THEY DONT LIKE YOU SENDING YOUR DETAILS BY EMAIL,THEY GIVE YOU A REFERENCE NUMBER AND SEND OUT LETTERS BUT HAVE NO CLUE.AND FURTHER MORE WE ARE BACK TO SQUARE ONE.WE HAVE NO CLUE WHAT THIS DEBT IS FOR AS OUR OWN INQUIRIES ON DEBTS WE DO HAVE AND ARE PAYING ARE NOT INVOLVED WITH THIS.SO IF CABOT ARE READING THIS FORUM PROVE WHAT I HAVE ASKED FOR OR GO TAKE A HIKE AS WE DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE YOU OR THIS DEBT.
  6. Good luck and if you telephone them tell them to phone Bury Council and ask for details if they do not know about the schemes currently running
  7. Some excellent advice on this thread,now can I wipe my tears away,was nice to laugh after the bad 24 hrs I have had so ty
  8. It might interest some of you to know that councils are trying to stop doorstep callers, I signed up for a pilot scheme run by my local council,long story short I have a sticker in my front window advising that a law is being broken if the person at the door has not made a prior appointment.There are signs on lamp posts entering and exiting the streets saying it is a NO COLD CALLING ZONE and offenders will be prosecuted. If anyone calls at my door uninvited by any company including charities I am supposed to ask for their name and company they represent and then tell them about the NO COLD CALLING ZONE,then I shut the door and if its in council working hours I telephone a certain number.If its out of hours I have to telephone the police and tell them where I live and that I am ringing about the pilot scheme.I then have to pass on the details given by said caller andf the council/police prosecute. This is really working in my area its just a shame its just a few streets.(for now) Ive had soo much fun in telling people at the door and showing them the sticker on the window,they leave my path sooooo fast. If you are concerned about ANY cold callers phone or write to your council and ask then about the pilot schemes that are around the country and see if you can get one started in your street.
  9. HI Seeing as though Ive posted on here about my personal debt issues I would like help or advice on this other issue. My mother died in March and as sole executor I gathered her mail and telephoned her debtors to tell them she cant pay etc. I got letters from her mail order catalogue asking for payment for goods my mother bought before her death,whatever she bought is long gone as the house was emptied and put on the market. I telephone the catalogue and told them she had died and they asked if I would pay it now on the phone,I said I cant afford to and would pay my mums debts when Ive sold her house like I am supposed to by probate laws and will etc. They now phone me every 2 weeks and ask about the house situation ie is it sold yet,I say no and they say can I pay it I again say no so they then say they will keep phoning me every 2 weeks to see whats happening and to arrange a payment plan,I was even asked could I borrow money from my brothers who are going to share house money with me when its sold. Do I just keep telling them to wait till the house is sold,Im worried about what any other debtors are going to do next.The utillities are waiting and I still owe the funeral director half of the bill,but how long till they dont wait. 1,Does my mums estate have to pay this bill? 2,Can I be chased for this debt ? 3,What can I do if anything?
  10. Hi I have posted on this forum details of an issue I have and had been racking my brain about what the debt could be that a CABOT is chasing me for and I think I know what it is but can't understand it. I have a mail order account and they demand payment every 28 days like most people I get my wages once a month and pay out my monthly bills but with this company 1 payment a year sends it into arrears....ie I pay 52 payments a year but they actually require 53 payments a year due to the 4 week billing system they use.,so eventually i go into arrears by one payment. I just checked Experian to see if anything was unusual and this company put a U a few months ago then a 1 then 0 0 they also put the amount I owe in total as £254 as of 13th sept,I thought it seemed a little high so I logged into my mail order account and after my last payment on the 1st sept I actually owe £126 to them and will be paying another £50 next month like I do every month. So not only is Experian not up to date from the mail order company,I think the mail order company might have contracted CABOT to collect this debt,even though I am actually paying it off as normal,even if Im 1 payment behind due to the 4 week billing stupid thing. Can CABOT chase me for money for a client if Im actually still paying the client myself? \CABOT are requesting £239 as of 12th sept but no way of knowing who they are acting for yet.So I guess its this mail order company as all my other credit issues are 100% fine.
  11. Ok after reading all the lovely CABOT posts it seems to me they chase people who owe money to banks or credit cards.Ive never had a credit card and ive been with my bank 17 years with no problems whatsoever.Should I ignore these people now after I have sent the above letter by recorded delivery???? also just sent a request for the CCA I read on the forums would be a good place to start finding out what is goin on
  12. Please add my thread to the cabot fan club i tried to edit the title to include cabot but it didnt work,im new to forums. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/159727-help-advice-needed.html i HEARD BACK FROM CABOT CEO,PLZ ADD THREAD TO CABOT FAN CLUB TY
  13. MY EMAIL TO K MAYNARD AT CABOT Dear Sir/Madam Your agents have contacted me regarding the account with the above reference number, which you claim is owed by myself. I will not correspond in any way with the said agents, as I believe it will not be constructive to do so in dealing with this matter. I would point out that I have no knowledge of any such debt being owed to an original creditor by the name of Cabot Financial (Europe) Ltd. I am familiar with the Office of Fair Trading Debt Collection Guidance which states that it unfair to send demands for payment to an individual when it is uncertain that they are the debtor in question. I have had no documents from you or your agents that say I am the person you are demanding money from through your agent and your agent themselves have NOT established whether I am the Mr they are searching for, a request off SQN letter dated 4th September 2008 asked for a Mr to telephone them to establish whether I am the same said Mr , I did not reply to this letter as I believe it does not concern myself at all and therefore must be for another Mr I would also point out that the OFT say under the Guidance that it is unfair to pursue third parties for payment when they are not liable. A letter dated 12th September 2008 states that Mr at my address owes £*** to be collected by ECI/CSA on behalf of Original Creditor Cabot Financial (Europe) Ltd. Again it has not been established who this Mr is nor has it been explained exactly what for and where this debt was incurred. I have had no dealings with your company so therefore do not acknowledge this debt for payment. In not ceasing collection activity whilst investigating a reasonably queried or disputed debt you are using deceptive/and or unfair methods. Furthermore ignoring and/or disregarding claims that debts have been settled or are disputed and continuing to make unjustified demands for payment amounts to physical/psychological harassment. I would ask that no further contact be made concerning the above account by you or your agents unless you can provide evidence as to my liability for the debt in question. I await proof of who you are and who the debt is owed to and a detailed breakdown statement of the said amount of debt. If you provide the proof that I am the debtor you seek and produce a bill with a company name that I received goods or services from in the past that have been left unpaid and a signed copy signed by myself of the Consumer Credit Agreement, then I will discuss the matter further with a regard to settling the amount. Again I have no idea why I owe you money or what the money owed was for. I await your written confirmation that this matter is now closed or written proven evidence that the debt is mine and what it was for. Otherwise I will have no option but to make a complaint to the trading standards department and consider informing the OFT of your actions and the actions of your agents. Again I have no idea why I owe you money or what the money owed was for.Even the name of the company/shop etc where the original debt was started will help to establish if it is indeed I you are searching for and billing. Nobody will pay money to anyone unless they know what the debt is for and I am sure you will agree with me.Without the name of the original company/shop etc that the debt was incurred with I will take this matter further if I get any more letters demanding a payment with no information about that payments origins.I do think this is a case of mistaken identity. I look forward to your reply. I have sent this by Email and will be sending it on Monday evening by post if I have not heard back from you on email. Yours faithfully
  14. Hi and thank you I have drafted a letter and added a little to it,I will send it on monday,I have said in the letter I wont deal with the agents im sending the letter to cabot themselves,I have also asked for them to prove they have the correct person as this has not been established but the 2nd letter from the agent demands money to be paid.I have also requested that to prove if I am the said person that they need to provide me with details of the company or shop etc that I have had goods or services from and not made payment for before I will consider any payment.I dont mind paying if I actually owe money but im not giving some company money that I have no idea of who or what they are and what the debt is for anyway.
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