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  1. Thanks for the reply! Yes I think that's the problem as I did acknowledge the invoice by e-mail originally it is only since we've had complications with the purchase that I feel that paying them is unfair given they introduced me to this particular agency in Spain, and it is that introduction I am paying them good money for. I thought this may be the case, very frustrating.
  2. Hi all This is a bit of a strange one but hoping someone can give me some advice. Last year we enquired about a property in Spain via Rightmove the agency "introduced" us to a local agent in Spain. They did nothing but forward our e-mail as far as I can tell. During the purchase of the property the agency told us that a 3% fee was payable to the Rightmove agency. I did think that was a bit steep for doing nothing but the deal was a good one on the property so we didn't say anything. I transferred the 3% along with the rest of the money to my new Spanish bank ac
  3. Hi Everyone, I've just had a read of some of the sticky threads - really useful. My situation is much like everyone elses - I've paid a deposit, it wasn't put in the protection scheme, I moved out and I've had to fight to get my deposit back. The current situation is this.....(there is no agency involved) 1) I gave my 30 day notice to the landlord in writing and asked if we could meet up to sort out keys and deposit 2) I phoned him on the day I was moving out to ask if we could meet up to sort out the deposit. He told me he was in Spain (although there was no internati
  4. This is the code of conduct they are supposed to obide by as a member of the RDO http://www.rdo.org/sites/default/files/RDO%20Code%20of%20Conduct%20&%20ADR%20Scheme%20Jan%202010.pdf They fail incredibly well
  5. It seems Club La Costa is a member of the RDO (Resort development Organisation) - Club La Costa Resorts & Hotels | Resort Development Organisation I suggest everyone sends a complain to them - contact details here Resort Development Organisation It's shocking that companies like this (and there are a lot!) are allowed to trade within (or on the fringe of) the law....
  6. Hi all, My girlfriend received a phone call a few weeks ago to say that we had won a holiday but we had to attend the 2hr talk. Alarm bells instantly went off, so I phoned back and asked more questions. The woman on the phone promised me that there was no commitment and that the holiday would be to a Club La Costa resort, to "sample" what was on offer. As we were in London that weekend anyway, we decided to go to the meeting at their offices on Windmill Street. I really wish I'd Googled them first as it would have saved what turned out to be more like 4hrs of wasted time - however th
  7. Thanks Susan, I will look into an S.A.R. That sounds like a good move regardless. Kind regards, Tim
  8. Thanks very much for your reply, very valuable info. I have had a response from NatWest since I sent copies of the e-mail. They say that I was resigned from the account as a signatory, but not as a guarantor. This is because they were unable to get the new owners of the business to accept the guarantee, therefore I remained on. I accept that this may be their terms, but why on earth did no one contact me ? They knew that I didn't want to be involved in the company or the guarantee. Had I known at some point in the 12+ months after I left the business I may have been able to resolve i
  9. Hi Guys, I'm writing this post ahead of making a formal complaint to the Financial Ombudsman just to see if I am justified and correct (morally if not legally!!!). I appreciate anyone taking the time to provide feedback. Back in late 2006 I became a director of a Limited company. Upon joining, I became a signatory of the account. The bank manager said I would need to join the bank guarantee along with the other directors. I was happy to do this as I was taking joint responsibility. The company had a 15,000 overdraft facility. In early 2007 I realised the business wasn't for me,
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