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  1. Cheers all! I was confident she hadn't got a leg to stand on but it's good to hear the same from you lot. Good point about what would she be claiming for? She hasn't lost anything, so does she want to see me in court because her daughter cried!? All because she wouldn't pull her thumb out and buy the horse when she had the chance. Oh well, carry on horsey talking. I don't mind my thread being hijacked for horse talk!
  2. Hi all, I have just sold a horse to a lovely family. However a woman came to see him last weekend, loved him and came for a second time on Tuesday. Loved him again and offered me a frankly insulting amount of money. I told her no and she went away to think on it. She spent the next couple of days trying to haggle with me over the phone. From Tuesday to Friday she did her best to get the price down, and i continued to say no. She knew that i had a family coming to see the horse on Friday afternoon. So Friday morning, she calls me to say she wants the horse. I said OK, but you MUST get a dep
  3. Just in case this is useful to anyone........... Absolutley typical of HSBC's [edit]. I have transfered all my dd's and so's to my new current account, with the exception of the loan payments. (Loan with HSBC.) So i ring customer services to find out how i can transfer those payments to my current account with halifax. Young lady listens, and puts me on hold to speak to her manager. Comes back and tells me they will have to have a good look at my account, and into the matter of loan payments, as she said "A loan with HSBC must be paid from an HSBC account." I explained allready that Mr C
  4. Oh, Thanks Digger. I may well use that. Do you know much about them? Will it cost me anything to go through them? Cheers!
  5. Sharpcircle, COVER YOUR BACK! I also have a personal loan with HSBC, aswell as the current account and a Visa card. The letter about withdrawing thier banking facility was specific only to the current account. They are perfectly happy to continue taking money from me in loan interest, payment protection insurance, card charges and interest etc. I will be transfering the visa balance to a 0% with Halifax, meaning my only tie with HSBC will then be the loan. The payments for which will be taken from my new halifax current account in future. I would need to look into whether they can wit
  6. Hi, i just got all my money back from HSBC. (See my posts, Equimo vs HSBC.) They ignored my first letter. They responded to the lba with an offer below what i requested, so i refused and demanded the full amount. It then took them a couple of weeks to respond. I was due to issue the claim, but held on when i was told on the phone that they had recieved, and were dealing with my letter declining offer and demanding full refund. So, two weeks after claim deadline they offered full refund. I accepted, and they then informed me they were withdrawing banking facilities in 30 days. Beware!! Ma
  7. Yeah, i know. I'm sure Halifax will screw me too given the chance. The difference is, now i know exactly where i stand. I spent a few miserable years with HSBC, dreading my statements, feeling like they were constantly walking all over me, and thinking they were entitled to rip me off so badly. I know now i will never ever have to get caught in the charges trap again. Despite me being quite happy with Halifax so far, i am allready thinking of setting up another account somewhere else. Even if i just put a few pounds a month into it, i could be wise to cover my back that way. Of course,
  8. Yes, do!!! I was warned (here and moneyexpert) that they might do this. So i made sure i had something to fall back on. Fortunatley, i still had a Halifax Web saver account that i opened years ago but hadn't used. I just had to get it activated again. I spoke to Halifax, and asked about a current account too. Although the web account would be fine to use as my general account, i prefer to save money in it from now on. Halifax ran through the application for a current account over the phone. I must admit i was a bit worried about the credit check, because of the mess i felt HSBC had made
  9. Hi all. I just love this revolt against the banks!!! Its soooooo satisfying. I have to tell you my story breifly. HSBC, of course. For a long time i have been dragged down by charges incurring further charges and so on. I was genuinley frightened to open statements, knowing i was getting dragged further down. This has gone on for about five years. Throughout all this, any attempts i have made to contact my branch and sort matters out were useless. The customer service team were quite useful, i'll give them credit. They were even quite sympathetic with me, but if my branch line was enga
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