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  1. Hi Andy, so it will just be marked as satisfied? I really want it removed, can I appeal it in anyway?
  2. Hi Andy Thanks so much for all your help with this. It's not listed I've just checked. I'll pay it tomorrow, if they just mark it as satisfied can I then apply to have it set aside or not if I've paid? I want it removed on the grounds that I didn't receive the judgment in good time and therefore was denied the right to pay in full within one month. Or will they just say I should have attended the hearing?
  3. I've just had an email from the Claimant with a pdf copy of the General Form of Judgment or Order and they've date stamped it as received on 27th December 2018. So I have proof now if that helps.
  4. Scan attached General Form of Judgement or Order.pdf
  5. Peterborough. The Claimant is a business. I am a litigant in person trying to run a business! Scan to follow
  6. It just states how and who to pay and if I ignore the order my goods may be removed and sold or other enforcement proceedings may be taken against me. It doesnt look like a normal CCJ (I've had a few!) where they state Judgement for Claimant and they have the Note to the defendant in the bottom left hand corner stating if you pay in full within a month, etc. Is there a chance the one I have may be being followed up with another with all these details on?
  7. Yes, Summary Judgement. It doesn't give a date to pay by.
  8. Notice of Allocation received 17 September 2018 - hearing date 30 November. General Form of Judgement or Order received 24 October 2018 (the claimant tried to go for Summary Judgement on 22 October) - hearing date now 23 November 2018. I didn't think I had to attend, major fail on my part!
  9. Exactly! Yes I have the envelope but unfortunately there isn't a date on it.
  10. Hi, it's a debt for an unpaid bill, i defended it as they added 48% interest, I lost! I would have paid it following the Judgement but didn't receive this until 27 December 2018. I want it set aside so that I can attend a hearing, have my say and then pay it within the month so the CCJ is completely removed from my file. If I pay it now the CCJ will stay on my file for the next 6 years although it will be marked as satisfied. I have rung the Court today and they said if I had attended the hearing I would have known the outcome. But they've taken so long to send it out
  11. I received a General Form of Judgement or Order dated 23.11.18 on 27.12.18. I have now missed the chance to pay this in full within one month. I filed a defence but did not attend the hearing, I didn't know I had to attend. I called the court on 6.12.18 to find out the outcome, I was told it was with the orders team being typed up but they had a 6 week backlog. Can I apply to have it set aside?
  12. Oh god I'm not as brave as you! plus if they are happy to go ahead without a hearing I will have to travel to their Court.
  13. Hi Andy No I dont have any directions. Page 2 is just a form with 3 tick boxes yes I agree, no I dont agree and yes I have sent a copy to the other party. That's it! What do you think I should do? I have no old paperwork I destroyed everthing.
  14. Hi Thanks dx for merging the thread, really helpful. I have received the Notice of Allocation to the small claims track. The judge proposes to deal with the claim without a hearing, on papers alone. What do I do now? Shall I send a CCA request to Hoist? Is there anything I can send to Cohen? What papers will Hoist/Cohen have to produce?
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