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  1. Can't understand why these bullies are not being pursued by OFT They're a bad lot and still they flourish The worst in their industry.
  2. Whats the point of this post? Have you read what others are suffering at these idiots hands? Just because they've changed management doesn't mean they've changed their ways.They're just window dressing. OFT really should request and listen to the phone calls and the vicious threats they make! They're not interested in anything else but full repayment of the nominal sum.They not interested in debt repayment plans etc. Why don't they check other "clients" and investigate the misery they've caused. They're a bad lot
  3. 1st credit are the worst and should have their licence taken away Why doesn't OFT take more action?
  4. Just browsing about anything associated with these a++++++++s. Been hurt by them! I believe a separate section ought to be dedicated to them as from what I'm gleaning they are the worst of the worst and just don't learn their lesson! I think the administrators ought to collate every piece of information about these people(laughably i call them people)! A file ought to be passed to the police about their practices. They have caused untold misery to hundreds if not thousands of people and still they seem unstoppable due to the lameness of the offices set up to monitor th
  5. From what i hear its not just OFT they should be worrying about. They've gone too far and have been caught. Oooops! Keep watching.
  6. Am just browsing about these bullies at 1st Credit. Note the bully word. They rely on you being scared but don't be. Antone catch the story in the Telegraph about the undercover reporter who got a job with Lloyds and then published an expose about their practices? 1st Credit employees and managers should be having restless nights! They may be about to get their comeuppance and not just from OFT!
  7. There should be a special section in this forum dedicated to these rogues and make sure their license is revoked and their employees investigated by the appropriate police authority for the terror they cause to people who have genuine reasons for their circumstances! There's been more than enough media interest in this lot from what I've read in the press and seen on tv for the police to be interested. They can't hide behind civil law! They hide behind telephone harrassment on their 0870 numbers,recordings of which should be gotten by the appropriate authorities
  8. Its about time something was done! The ordinary folk in this country have to rely on toothless watchdogs whilst these ***** mug genuine people who have genuine problems for genuine reasons! Surely there must be some criminal element to all this and prosecutions could be made? Must we tolerate this!?
  9. its 1st credit that needs sorting they're the **** of the earth and have caused untold misery to hundreds if not thousands of people. Its payback time not only get them closed down but get a file off to the police!
  10. Echo...report them to OFT.OFT.OFT... They should be closed down
  11. Just go to OFT now These animals don't take any notice.
  12. Report them to OFT. They don't listen and won't change(!st Credit that is) OFT need to get hold of the phone records of these scumbags to understand the full extent of their bullying! They couldn't give a toss about OFT or any other regulatory body. They should lose their license and the powers that be should investigate them with vigor for the misery they are causing nationwide. Perhaps even the police ought to become involved to investigate those who have been pushed over the edge by them
  13. This lot are {EDIT} and need to have their licence revoked Good result for you but many others have fallen by the wayside and they've caused untold misery to hundreds of people
  14. Report them to OFT Get their licence revoked They shouldn't be in the business
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