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  1. HA HA HA Raido Rentals, i pure forgot about they cowboys...................... oh wait Bright House
  2. Well after 10 weeks we finally got the laptop back with a new LCD screen. nothing else has been touched or removed & the repair cost bright house £20. could have done this myself within 1 working week & the irony of it all is that i now have the name, address & telephone number of the bright house technical repair centre in manchester. it was on the invoice they gave to me when I had to pop in to the store to pick up the thing.
  3. Woooooooooooo getting it back tomorrow or so im led to believe! got a fone call from the assistant manager!
  4. They're in breech of their agreement to issue with the goods within 7 working day's of the agreement. get into the store & ask for a full refund of any monies paid.
  5. No you are not liable to be charged on your OSC as you have restarted the working week. you defaulted on the agreement so only thing you should be charged for is D & L on your bright ouse agreement. K (OSC) is optional & if you look at the T&C you were given when you took out the agreement (if you didnt they're in serious breech of their agreement to you by not issueing you with these T&C's) but you initinaled the box saying that you were handed them!!!!!!! they try & have every possiable avenue covered. Keep fighting.
  6. What do you expect from a company that charges you 29.9% APR & doesnt have ANY credit checks. you really should know what you are getting yourself in for 1st BEFORE you sign away anything. remember OSC os optional & is to be renewed weekly.
  7. It depends on how much you have outstanding left to pay on these items. we would need more information
  8. Just a qucik update. 10 weeks gone, just called the store to see what the hold up was as last week the repair centre down in manchester (where it is at) were waiting for 'spares'. these spares have arrived but still no idea when we will recieve the laptop back. the daft lassie (new start) went into an speach about me not having OSC on my account & IF i has that i would have recieved a loaner in replacement of the broken one. i pointed out that the laptop is under a 1 year manufacturer's guarantee, & OSC is 'renewed' every week. She said and I QUOTE......'' NO its isnt, I
  9. tbh i cant remember if i did take it out in someone elses name or not, think i mite have done. it was years ago now lol
  10. Imprisonment IS the word for it. its a funny situatation to be in when it comes to bright house, because you are paying thru the nose for something that is costing you up to 5x its value but YOU are either on the dole or a low income & find it hard to get credit (doesnt help at this time) most people are in a mindset that they cant be bothered going up the town to 'do it proper' go to curry's, doxons e.c.t & 'take out' a payment plan or save up to buy new as money burns a hole in their pocket. personally for me when it comes to bright house, i got my 1st house at 16 &am
  11. Juat A quick Update, apperiantly they (central stores) are waiting parts comming form acer (which i can only assume is a new laptop screen) that was thursday. I will chase this back up with the store manager on Wednesday next as i feel that is suffichent time for them to allow the parts to arrive by DHL & have the parts fitted, boxed & on its way back to the store. Knowing that the place (central stores) might be busy 1 week is definatly long enough. I have never had ANY problems returning, hiring or asking uneasy questions when talking to the manager & assis
  12. youre a LOT braver than me. i'd have to walk away & cringe at the standard or lack of.
  13. typical generated letter sent out. not signed by anyone & just printed off a PC. now its time to get tough like what LP said.
  14. nah im up in Scotland's capital so im not too sure. I only sent it in with the LCD wanting replaced & the manager said that 12 things was wrong with it! ill need to call them & ask for a engineer's report & service number.
  15. yeah i know, thanks, p.s have a look at my post about the laptop i have on HP with BH, maybe you can lend a hand? juve
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