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  1. I apparently owe Black Horse around £2500 for a car which was stolen, the insurance paid out on about 3 years ago but the amount paid by the insurance fell short of the amount owed by the £2500. A company called Apex Credit Management wrote to me about the amount. I told them the alleged debt didn't exist. There was then some email communication which ceased around 5 weeks ago. I then received a letter from DLC saying I now owe them the amount and should pay within 7 days. Today, I have had a phone call which I ignored, a voicemail which I also ignored, and my collea
  2. Received another phone call and text from BCW today. Harrassment??
  3. Had a message from an old colleague (as in about 8 months ago) saying that Red Services had contacted them requesting to speak to me. I then received a text asking me to call BCW as soon as possible. So thats now Lowells (two letters in two days), Red (one letter one phone call) and BCW (text) in a week. When I get my SAR, I will THINK about responding (Ive been waiting for years for it!).
  4. So - Its been just under a year since these cronies last tried to unlawfully claim money which they say I "owe" them. Anyway, I have received a letter from Lowells saying that they have obtained a copy of my credit report (which, by the way, they unlawfully placed a default on over 6 years ago) and have discovered that I am still making payments to creditors from my home address. Therefore they now require full payment of £714. And, as a goodwill gesture they are willing to reduce the amount by 20%. They want me to either pay in full, or make an arrangement to pay, and if they dont
  5. Yesterday after hearing about a bargain from Mothercare from my Baby Forum friends I ordered a carseat. It was £119 reduced to £9!!! Anything that was £110 off sounded good to me so I ordered it, I did wonder if it was a typo but then I noticed it had 92% off on the image (which I print screened thank god) Now today I received this email. What rights do I have, they obviously had them in stock when I ordered it, as after a few minutes they went out of stock (I went back to buy my friends son one) then next thing I know after hearing from a few other people who wanted t
  6. Ok, situation: Had a car on finance with Black Horse Car was stolen Insurance paid out Gap Insurance wont as they say my Policy was not to cover the difference between settlement figure from finance company and insurance payout but was infact to provide the sum of the difference between the value of the car at the time of purchasing the policy and the insurance payout, should the payout be less. Ive asked them to reconsider as they used the complete wrong car to value my car. They did, but then used the wrong year! I asked them to reconsider again and I still await their response.
  7. I said that but she said she already opened it cos you couldnt clearly see it was for me, only the address in the window of the envelope.
  8. Jesus - its been a while!! I sent screen shots of every stage of the application process from the Lloyd Latchford website to the Zurich investigator along with a statement of events. In conclusion, the Zurich claim investigator accepted my version of events as true. She said that she was satisfied that I had not had ample opportunity to check all of the information over and that I could not enter the IN10 into their website. They paid out and I got a new vehicle. Power to the person for once!
  9. Hello again, long time no speak! Received this letter yesterday: Now, there are a few things wrong with this letter. Firstly I dont owe them a thing as I sent the phone back years ago now. Secondly IT WAS SENT TO MY GIRLFRIENDS ADDRESS I dont live there, shes going mad. How have they got her address?? What can I do about this??!!
  10. Hi Just an update and a small request for a letter in response (if any is needed).... Received this letter yesterday morning from Red Debt Collection Services (who are "a trading style of Lowell Financial Ltd" PLEASE TAKE NOTE You currently owe £714.85 Our aim is to help all our customers find a realistic option to repay the outstanding monies that they owe. Because we are the legal owners of this debt we can be far more flexible with regards to repayment options. We understand that it can be easy to fall into financial difficulties due to no f
  11. Received this letter today. Its from a company based in Leeds called Hamptons Legal: You were informed previously by Red Debt Collections Services that if your account was not settles, or that if you had not entered into a repayment plan litlgation would be considered to recover the outstanding balance. As you have not done either, we are assessing your account for litigation purposes. We may now issue county court proceedings against you with a view of recovering the outstanding balance owed by you. Any Judgement that may subsequently be made against you bu the Court, may see you
  12. You thought I couldnt what? Its actually a company called red debt collection agency who have been assigned by Lowells Portfolio, who have given me 10 days from the date of their letter to set up a repayment plan or pay in full. They can do one. They have ignored my SAR, and the complaint is in with the Information Comissioner and Im waiting their response. How long does this take, and should I send the CCA to Lowells/red/both?
  13. Sorry, what is a CCA request and who do I send that to? Lowells have written to me today. This is what I intend to do.
  14. Do you want me to hire you a cherry picker to help you down of your extremely high horse, you bore. I think its disgraceful that the Police have introduced performance criteria indicators, which means they must issue a certain amount of tickets, producers, conduct spot checks etc each month or else they could face disciplinary action (fact - a colleague of mine is engaged to a police officer). I also think that its disgraceful that because of this I was issued with a FPN for resting my head on my arm and scratching my ear and not, as it says on the FPN, "using a mobile phone whilst drivi
  15. Its been a while! Received a letter saying they have sold my account on to Lowell Portfolio - the sharks who were on Watchdog not so long ago. Anyway, Ive filed a complaint with the information commissioners office and await their response.
  16. UPDATE No details received from o2 as REQUIRED by law under the Data Protection Act. I googled SAR and found some interesting documentation from the Isle of Man. I wonder if the regulations are the same over here? If so, then how and where do I go with this: I haven’t received a response. What happens now? If you have not received a response by the end of the 40 day period, then the organisation will have committed a breach of the Sixth Data Protection Principle, which provides for the rights of the data subject. At this point you have two options: You may request
  17. Received a letter from otelo stating the deadline has now expired and the ombudsmans decision is no longer binding to o2. I am yet to receive the details requested in my SAR. I am writing to explain that I cannot make my final decision on probability as the ombudsman has stated he did, and that I must request that otelo extend the deadline to seven days after the date of receipt of the information requested from o2. What happens if o2 do not acknowledge the SAR within the 40 days? I sent them a cheque which remains uncashed.
  18. Ok, I understand that I had to apply to have the stay lifted within 7 days outlining why. But ... I have been reading about financial hardship. Because of rent and bills etc, I find myself with no money from my wages now every month. I have 2 credit cards, my mum has borrowed me some money (paid directly into my Barclays account directly), I have to pay a court fine from a driving offence committed 2 years ago via a payment plan, I have 2 payday loans being repaid and have just missed the first payment on my car finance agreement in 2 years. Im trying to rebuild my credit so that any f
  19. Just a little update. I sent the Subject Access Request off last week (I didnt have the money to do it) I also received a letter from Otelo yesterday saying they could not extend the deadline for acceptance of my final decision by 40 days at such a late stage in the case. What they could do was extend it until 18th September, which still doesnt help me as an SAR takes 40 days maximum by law to come through. This is totally unjust.
  20. UPDATE Just spoken to Zurich's investigation department, who told me the following: "I dont have all of the details in front of me as I am still waiting for all of the information to come through.. Your claim is on hold due to an undisclosed conviction on your licence. This is now a three way thing between us, your broker and you. It can also go one of three ways. 1 - We decide your broker is at fault. We continue to insure you and adjust your premium accordingly as well as validating the claim and settling. 2 - We decide your broker is at fault. However, we discontinue your in
  21. I have just spoken to them, they said I need to take it up with the court who issued the judgement. I didnt. I bought on-line through a broker.
  22. Does this make the conviction on my licence invalid?? If so can I request it be removed?? I bought, they sold?
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