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  1. well well welll, after trawling through these threads for a few nights i got the inspiration...... i found a way to contact the insurance company and with some arguments, the motorbike is now hpi free . thanks guys, you have been fantastic help. regards, Mark
  2. hi ppl, is there a difference between voluntary termination and voluntary surrender? thanks for all your help last night, ( 8 hours of threads, very informative )
  3. wow. welcome finance trouble again..........bought car £7000, paid £4500 off they picked up car for auction ( no rac check ) now cheeky ppl want £1700, paid well over half terminated agreed, surely i'm in my right not to pay then any more cash
  4. HI everyone, I REALLY HOPE YOU DONT MIND ME POSTING THIS, i am going round in circles, let me explain......please bear with me, this is a long thread my son bought a motorbike 4 months ago, a yamaha 09 plate, thought we bought the deal of the centuary, paid £1500, looks fantastic, rides really well and only 311 miles on the clock ( authentic ). problem is, son wanted to get a bigger bike so we advertised the bike on e-bay, thats when the problems started, we got a buyer, he did a hpi check and BANG, came up as, stolen, recovered, insurance right off. heres where the fun begins, we bought if from a really nice bloke who did all the checks,hpi, i have seen it with my own eyes and it was clear, i rang the main dealers, he did hpi check came up stolen,recovered, he said there is no finance on the bike. I have spoken to everyone who owned the bike ( 3 owners ) and no-one knows a thing about it three hpi checks was made in total, 1 was stolen, recovered, 1 was stolen recovered, insurance loss and 1 was stolen, the dealer seems to think this is a typing error somewhere but we cant find out who has red flagged it as no-one is taking responsibility. as it stands , this bike will only be worth £300-500 if we are lucky to find a buyer my big question is...... who , where or how can i find out who flagged this bike and can it be taken off the hpi check list may i take this opportunity to thank alll who reads this and thank-you for your patients Regards TATTOOMAN
  5. hi crem, Is that right what you said about not paying back after you have payed over half the price of the car? reason i am asking is my son has done just that, ( sent car back ) he has been billed for £1750, are you saying he dont have to pay this monies back???, WOW , i hope your right, what a christmas present for him,
  6. hi, i thought you had to be over 25 for mobbility insurance
  7. hi ice, I know how you feel about carphone warehouse, I got 2 phones on contract 4 years ago, they took 3 payments out of my account in one month, after a good argument they agreed to take back the phones and at no cost, now i am getting solicitors letters for £107 they say its what i owed using the phone, now i think im on about their 5th solicitors , i keep ignoring them, then when they get nowhere they pass it on to someone else
  8. when i paid for the holiday i got a gold insurance form, i still have it, i got in touch with the company and they are looking in their archives to find my documents ( bless them ) i will let you know how i got on, thanks for your info . ps, apparantley most holiday companies only keep records on file for 18 months so i might be lucky, the girls are looking in the spider riddled files, awww sweet
  9. hi, i know this is while ago, but i booked a holiday with my travel, through illness we could not go so i filled out the forms for a refund, because my wife was seriousley ill (cancer) i inadvertantly sent them all the original documents, i just got off the phone with them and now it appears that as it is over 3 years since i sent the documents ( which they say they did not recieve) i dont have a chance of getting my deposit of £275 back, i sent the forms in feb 05, are they in their right or do i have a case, i know it is a long time ago, but i have been to and from the hospital for 3 years, now all is fine, i was going through some papers and remembered the deposit , do i have a chance of getting my monies back?
  10. hi chester, thanks, my deposit was £274, i have a bank statement saying they took it out of my account but like i said no papers as i sent them all the originals
  11. GMAC - WHAT A LAUGH!!!!!!!! had a mortgage got into arrears, they charged me £1300 in arrears and DDcharges, my mortgage broker made a deal with them to put my arrears ( mortgage only) on to back of mortgage, then charged me £1300, i was wondering if i have a claim
  12. 3 1/2 years ago we booked a holiday to mexico for friends wedding, my wife was diagnosed with cancer so we could not go, they told me to post copies of my agreement, i sent the originals as i was to and fro to the hospital, i rang then 6 months ago, they told me i was way too late and as i dont have the originals, i dont have a case, is it true?????
  13. i'm sooo happy i found this website, the questions im going to ask at a late date, i recieved a phone call yesturday saying they would do all this for £650, i crave for informationso this is the best way to save me a small fortune
  14. hi people, this is going to be a stupid queston, but, i'm new so i dont understand much:: Question, whats the difference between early repayment charge and early redemption charge
  15. i'm looking forward to talking to you guy's, i have been reading these threads for 5 hours, you lot are amazing, i do have some serious questions to ask but thats for later, just come in to introduce myself
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