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  1. Hi Mr Shed, Thanks for replying. Will try my best, concern is they might get rid of me before then. Plus the danger is the longer I have to try and cope whilst under stress the more difficult my disability is to manage. I can't go off sick because I don't have any sick time left as only allowed 5 days in 12 months. I am applying for other jobs and really hope something comes up, if it does I'll leave, even if it's before a year because health and professional respect are more important than this lot. That's another thing, in contract it says I'm required to give them one mont
  2. P.S. There is no union. There is an HR Officer and her assistant. Have left messages asking to speak with them which haven't responded to. Besides, the HR Officer was instrumental in making and communicating these changes without my knowledge. She also sent me an email last week with a revised job description of mine with the QHSE duties removed. I have not signed it or agreed with it. Plus my contract of employment still has my QHSE role.
  3. Dear all, I am new and this is a rather long story so please bear with me. I have been employed since November last year at a company on a staff basis. I am new to this having always been contract so don't know my rights. My employment contract has a two part job title; One related to occupational health and the other QHSE Advisor. I am a qualified professional with 15 years experience yet I am now reduced to sales and administration. I report to the MD and it started with gradual reduction of my QHSE duties. There was no consultation, change of contract, in fact my job
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