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  1. Sorry to hear about your plight with BH. The information you have recieved off here is absolutely the right way to go. You have two issues (a) BH fudging the DN info (b) Info held by the credit reference agencies. Personally, I would chase the SAR to BH, as once this is cleared up you have the ammo to bounce back at the Credit Ref Agencies. If BH do not comply you can also use the recorded delivery letters as proof to the Cred Ref Agencies too.
  2. We are almost at the end of ths battle, I hope . The new owner contacted us just to verify a few things i.e. genuine mileage etc.,and told us he had puchased the car from auction for just over £8,000. We have recieved a letter from BH's solicitors SCM, advising us the account is now settled in full and to take the letter to a County Court to get a Certificate of Satisfaction. I was a little confused at this to begin with. I looked at the final court order and realised that although it stated the car was to be returned, it did not say anything about what was to happen to the proceeds of
  3. I have seen the origin of this post many many times and it still brings a smile to my face. I had a similar experience when my Dad died, but it was for the Poll Tax (yes many years ago!) I did go to the local press and got an appology from the local council via the paper.
  4. Hi Everyone - It's been a long time. Well this case is now all done and dusted and it's only fair after all the support and help you all kindly gave, for me to give you the events. When our Solicitor first contacted a Barrister, after house insurers agreed to cover cost, the barrister came back with a less than 51% chance of success. This immediately stopped the funding from house insurers. However, I bounced back at the Solicitor as I did not feel the Barrister had considered all the facts in the matter. The Solicitor put a list of our concerns, which we felt had not been considered, b
  5. Good question about the date - there are no dates on the info they have sent at all - think it's about 5 years old
  6. No cash withdrawals were made as far as can remember There have been missed payment & default charges accumulating I have done a SAR request in the past, but they kept saying they could not trace and account? Suppose I will need to go down the SAR route again. This would disclose any cash withdrawals and addtional charges, BUT would it tell me about the PPI?
  7. Hi Clemma - Like the new picture ! I thought it maybe - Not sure if there is PPI - suppose would need to contact them with an offer of payment and asking if PPI? am open to suggestions as to what I need to do from here?
  8. Well thank you again peeps - It looks like this one is going to be stayed. I did what Atwozee suggested in getting them to provide the proof in court. court have written to me to ask if I have received the documents I requested and I have sent a reply back to say they have not complied.
  9. **** WON ***** Well after this disastrous situ, I got my self clued up. Pulled a very comprehensive letter together with all the info which should have been used under the Health & Safety Act 1974 and low and behold they have sent me a cheque (which I am very happy with) as full and final settlement. These legal eagles were hoping I was going to be one of the many who would just sit idly back and take what they were saying - what a surprise they had If anyone does have any H&S Q's please let me know and I'm pretty sure I can help after this.
  10. Does anyone know if this one is enforceable Please?
  11. UPDATE On 24 June my house insurers confirmed with a local solicitor they will fund the case for investigation. This is limited and depends on if council consider the case has a more than 51%of success - So fingers and everything else crossed. Thanx for the continued support peeps - it is much appreciated and Hopefully others may benefit from this. X
  12. Hi Joan, You poor thing. I do hope you make a quick recovery. Hope all went well.
  13. Note the 'if successful' - There is a paper going through parliament, which will restrict these cowboys. Carry on ignoring them - let them keep wasting time and money on keep sending.
  14. Hi Roger, You could address fact they have not complied with directions to provide original documents and non proof of service of DN. Stress these must be available for inspection by you and the court on the day of attendance. Break it down into sections: i.e. look at the directions and compare what they have sent you - has this met the direction? If not be precise as to why it does not meet. It would not hurt for you to put what you want the outcome to be based on the evidence supplied, as this will give a basis for the court to consider along with the facts Routing
  15. I have spoken to a lady called Rebecca at the court today. she confirmed the Claimant had filed their AQ & asked when mine was filed. I advised her it was in March. She said I have to wait now until the two AQ's are married up. Thing is I had a letter from the court 2 weeks ago to say if the claimant had not submitted their AQ by 13 May, then the case would either be stayed ot struck out. What Cohens have done is filed their AQ in the 11th hour and sent me the letter asking me to settle. I'm thinking they have realised the supposed 'agreement' which is dated 2004, is in
  16. You are getting some really excellent advice here jobo - get your SAR into HSBC. I am pretty sure you should have been advised the debt was being sold on ? can anyone correct me please if I'm wrong and how this would help towards jobo's case?
  17. Perhaps it's time we created about the fact we know our rights and we are sticking together to fight: (1) The people who got it wrong in the first place (2) The DCA's and their unprofessional ism. Do these big conglomerates not take any shame in commissioning such idiots, only for them to be subjected with the contempt they deserve.
  18. Hi Jobo, Take a look at this link, as it may give you some indication about cock ups made. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/legal-issues/170345-tale-dodgy-dn.html
  19. quite frankly I think this is a scare monger tactic. Where are the dates on theses statements / announcements? The DCA's may have finally got the message, that they have as much power as a soggy tissue
  20. Do I need to do anything now or just wait for the court to get back in touch?
  21. I've not had a DN from them and it's not in the papers they have lodged into court either?
  22. Hi DG, Yes I filed the AQ and this is there response to that. I have got the T&C's, but this is what they have been sending me in response to CCA & SAR's
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