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  1. I have now changed my phone number i ask my hubby if he knew what the dept was but he dosnt know
  2. Hi all today i came home from work sat down when the phone rang, my son answered the phone but when they sais my husbands name my son said im not him and put the phone down. So they rang back and did the same, my son gave the same answere and hung up, they rang again so i answered it ,the person then said to me that my son was rude for doing this as they needed to speak to my husbandas he was calling from HFO as this was a legal matter so i told them my husband works away so they would have to speak to myself. He told me my husband owes them money as they have bought the dept so i asked who from but he told me he could not discuss this with me i said ok you will have to discuss it with my husband when he comes home next week as he works away from home, but he said no it has to be done today or there will be consequences so i ask what that was he then said it would go against my bank account and so i said what did he meen by that but he ignored me and asked who lived in the house, he then reeled of my name my husbands name my son name and the person who was the previous lived here before me 6 years ago.He said we have sent a letter which i have never seen. He then asked me to pay but i said no because he hadnt told me how much so he told me it was between £120 - £150 i still said no he asked why so i told him im not paying for a dept even though it was my husbands untill i knew where the dept was from. All he kept on saying was there will be consequences so i hung up. 5 mins later he rang back saying would i talk to his supervisor so i said yes he then said he needed to ask some questions so i said ok he asked if i lived near a particular road and another road i asked why will you be coming to the house if you are why are you asking what roads are near me when you have my address he cut me off by saying about my neighbors which started me to worry why would he want to no about them,i then said to him are you going to bother them about £120 what did it have to do with them,he said to ask them questions. I then got to speak to the supervisor who said all the same things by this time i was getting a bit mad cause it seemed they were threatening me.As before i told him he could speak to my husband on his return in a weeks time but no he wouldnt have it and asked for his mobile no which i said no he couldnt have it as my husband said i was not allowed to give it out. The person did not like this and went on about the consequences so i asked him what they were and he said the house would be blacklissted and other things he then asked for the mobile number again which i said no to again he then asked why not very angrily so i said im not allowed to he then hung on me. They rang again later so i hung up i dont no what else to do. thanks every one i know its long but im very p----d off but i didnt know you could feel threatened from a phone call.
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