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  1. If insurance was shown in your name and was taken out before the clamp then the bailiff should have released car. I would have let him take it then show the council what they have done. People say they are new keepers all the time and it is very easy to establish who is telling the truth.
  2. Hi mate After 2 weeks of me screaming and shouting they wouldnt budge at all. I was desperate to get the van back on the road as it has specialist equipment built in so a hire van wouldnt be any use. I told the dealer i wanted to get my van to take to a local garage. They refused saying they wanted £700 for work done so far. I turned up at the main dealer and reversed into the workshop with my mates tow truck threatening anyone who came near and dragged my van out of there paying them nothing. I then took to a local garage. I bought a brand new engine from a company called ram induction for about £3500 and had it fitted with a new clutch for another 1k. Went back to the dealer a week later and grabbed my key back. That was that.
  3. Wouldnt make much difference if you got rid of cctv. Councils will just bring in private warden firms and have lots more people on the ground sharing the profits.. Whats next.....banning a photo of a car parked illegally. Sounds like pickles got stuffed by an anpr or one of his relatives got a few tickets. The collection system as it is will be fine once the new bailiff regs come in. It will stop greedy firms. I think councils like croydon would have a lot to lose without cctv. Ive had one parking fine in 5 years, its all avoidable.
  4. Bailiff company maybe 250 miles away but the bailiff may live in your street so I dont think distance bothers them. carefull your car is not spotted by ANPR or a roadblock.
  5. I dont think he is doing repo work for proper finance companys like blackhorse etc. It looked like logbook loans, mobile money type work. Big finance companys would issue keys to the repo agent & he would just turn up in the early hours and drive off. This guy is making more money by saving logbook loans etc the cost of new keys (£150). He is not a Bailiff & wouldnt get a certificate acting like this. This thread shouldnt be under the bailiff section as it is nothing to do with bailiffs or HCEO.
  6. Well its been nearly 2 weeks and ive got nowhere. The dealership go-vauxhall in wimbledon are the worst ive ever come across. I have got SMMT motorcodes looking into it for me.(anyone know of these?) I went to the van to get things out & some polish guy who didnt even ask for ID opened it up and let me help myself. They have chucked the head in the back of the van & lots of dirty parts are on the rear seats which were spotless. I took lots of pics. Go vauxhall have refused for me to get a independant assessor to look at it from DEKRA. I was told they couldnt refuse this but they have. I had a good look at the manual which doesnt state it covers more than 1 engine apart from on the service page but its easy to miss. The engine was serviced at 25k and had nice fresh oil and another 20k hasnt passed yet so cant see why its my fault when a chain thats warranteed to 100k snaps at 43k.
  7. I think main dealers just double everything. On eBay there is a company selling spanking new engines for £2999. Bit lower than £7500. If I had any idea they wouldn't honour the warranty I wouldn't go anywhere near them.
  8. thanks. As I bought it via a finance company I think I need to go to them and quote the spply of goods act. Is this a good route ?
  9. thanks for the reply. Dealer is saying due to lack of maintanance. oil was fine as i always check (it gets throught quite a lot) van is never driven over 2k revs and is spotless. not as if ive taken in a filthy van with no oil. Ive been trying to get hold of them for the last hour. The bill so far is £560 just to tell me im stuffed..........not good. New engine is 7.5k with fitting its 10k. im stressing.
  10. I bought a brand new vivaro sportive top of the range for 20k 18 months ago. I had first service done at 25k as per website. last week my van stopped so the RAC took it to my vauxhall main dealer. For 4 days I have been ringing to get an update but could either never get through...just answer machine. or we will call you back which they didnt. Well today I finally spoke to someone who said the cam chain has snapped and this has ruined engine. A new engine is required at...10k. They then said the warranty wont cover but unsure why. I have been ringing vauxhall customer care for the last 2 hours but cant get anyone. it just rings out after 30mins of robot talk. The only thing it can possibly be is in the manual it gives 2 engine numbers....1 to be serviced 20k the other 25k or every year. ive no idea which i have but bet its the 20k one. Even on the vivaro website its just sais 25k/1year, which is given as a selling point. when I had it serviced by a different main dealer at 25k, they never mentioned if i was late. van is now on 43k. I am really worried about this as 10k will put me under. Any ideas?
  11. I had a minor collision last year. No damage to my van and the other car lost his mirror. Bloke was a fool and went the insurance route. Result was my premiums nearly doubled and probably so did his as the claim went 50/50 due to blaming each other and no witnesses. I found out today the mirror cost £250. So each insurer has paid £125 and making a mint on the new premiums. My insurer suggested if I pay the £125 to cover their costs it can go as no claim and put me back to where i was before the accident. Is this possible ?
  12. cheers raydetinu....you were right i owe nowt. as for the other reply from oddnobbob.......idiot, this is a forum for consumers. go elsewhere to troll.
  13. Dear Voxter, oddjobbob has just replied to a thread you have subscribed to entitled - Contract hire cancelation after 2 days - in the Vehicle retailers and manufacturers forum of The Consumer Forums. You can read the thread and reply to it at: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?t=358667&goto=newpost To reply, please click the link above. *DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL Here is the message that has just been posted: *************** To be quite honest I hope he sues you and wins. You signed it = you owe it. No one put a gun to your head. Ever body would soon be moaning if it was the other way round... what's this crap ? Stop trolling you silly man
  14. I printed out at home signed then scanned and emailed back. Then today I went in my local dealer to sit in the cars and the salesman asked about my deal. He said he would match it and I had the support of local merc dealer better than some Internet dealer that prob deals from his front room. The merc dealer said as I haven't seen the goods the contact can just be cancelled. To be honest I'll just tell the online dealer to shove the fee and do whatever but I like to know where I stand. I did sign a contract last week with another dealer then he let me down....shame I can't bill him
  15. Ok thanks. So no such thing as cooling off or goods not seen to avoid this.
  16. Hi Ordered a new mercedes via an online dealer. I signed a contract hire 2 days ago. Today I cancelled but they claim I owe them 3 payments ...about £900. It does say on the form I signed about cancellation fee of 3 payments. What's the deal with ignoring this ? Thanks
  17. ok thanks....ill take my medicine. fingers crossed i get an offer of a course
  18. yes its registered to lease company. damn so Im stuffed. its the Met....any idea if they operate an awareness course ?
  19. hi mate ive no idea how to solve your problem but if you see the car on the street it would have been bought at auction by some innocent bloke so dont bash the car. good luck though
  20. Hi Guys Yesterday morning sat 7 Jan I got a notice of intended prosecution-redlight offence. I dont jump lights but guess must have just miss judged one. Ive checked the map and I was there that day so must be correct. The notice is dated 06 January 2012 and the alleged offence was 7 Dec 2011. Whats my best move please ? I cant afford more points as ive got 6 already and a speed camera pending. I drive all day everyday for a living. Ive heard of a 14 day rule but dont know how to go about it in the correct way. please halp Thanks
  21. i think it all depends how much you have paid back. with mine if i reach over 50% of the total loan and then voluntary surrender I pay nothing more....no matter how much it makes in auction. very harsh for 2 weeks over
  22. wouldnt doing a hpi check yourself have alerted u to this before u bought the car ?
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