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  1. Thanks very much everyone. I feel like I've some idea of what to go into the call saying now.
  2. I took out a package with Virgin Media, that started on the 25th April 2014, for 18 months, that included Broadband, TV, Phone. It included an introductory offer, that has now expired and the package now costs me circa £70 p/m. I've grown sick of the poor TV and don't want to continue. I was therefore intending to either ask them to stop the TV service at the end of October when the 18 months is up, or leave completely. However, I received a letter from Virgin stating they are increasing my TV package by £3 per month, from the 1st September, because of a new channel they are including (BT
  3. Thank you very much again Martin for your swift and throrough reply -im endebited to you. I will do as you say and will report back asap. Thanks, T
  4. I'm not sure I have the details like account number, is that for me to find? What's the next step? Should i just walk into the branch i opened the account at and ask for last 6 years worth of statements? Thanks for your quick repsonse!
  5. Sorry, but i couldn't find any information on this, but i apologise if it's covered somewhere else. I closed my bank account with NatWest possibly a year ago. Since finding out about possibly claiming back bank charges, I think i've probably been fined a few hundred in the past 6 years. Is it possible to claim back these charges even on a closed account? Wishful thinking i'm sure -but thuoght there's no harm in asking. Cheers, T
  6. Hi, fairly new to the forum and completely new to the concept of reclaiming bank charges. Apologies if posting this in the wrong place but the forum is so cluttered with brightly coloured hyperlinks i'm not sure what to look at. My situation is simple. I bought £10's worth of clothers from Next online, must have agreed to setup an account with them instead of a 1 time payment. Opted for free delivery if I took their next magazine (saved about 15p doing so :/ ). The bill came in the next month after receiving both my clothes and magazine -but only for £10. I paid it and thought nothin
  7. Just to update for everyone's information, Robert/Shiply have refunded me the deposit in full. Thanks!
  8. Thankyou for your reply. I will email again at the address you have specified in case my emails have not been getting through (i emailed two different addresses before). Can I just make a point that there is no real information (that i could find) on the shiply site that helps the user in circumstance where the drive has cancelled. I appreciate that this might open the flood gates for drives trying to avoid paying you commision etc, but as a first time user of shiply -i found it a bit frustrating. I appreciate the reply though and will be re-submitting my request on shiply to g
  9. I was recommended a website called 'Shiply' commercial link removed who operate as an auction style site for transportation of goods. The user submits information regarding information on size, weight, source & destination of the goods and then companies and individuals can bid how much they are willing to do it for. I put a job request on, and accepted a bid from a company who seemed reputable (10 positive feedbacks in this month out of 10). I was required to pay a £7.55 deposit out of the £50 job. That deposit was paid directly to Shiply through Paypal, who in turn pass the deposit
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