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  1. Its not something I would ever use, I was more concerned that the site had got its link on the front page of the local Firelighter
  2. I recently saw this website www.hasmyidentitybeenstolen.com advertised/mentioned on the front page of our local free paper. http://malvernobserver.co.uk/news/information-10000-malvern-residents-sold-dark-web/ also here http://www.bromsgrovestandard.co.uk/2014/09/16/news-Fraudsters-have-details-of-Bromsgrove-and-South-Brum-people-116569.html Being the pessimistic cynic that I am I was wondered if it is a legitimate service or a tool for more data harvesting, having wormed their way onto the public. Thanks for looking Winger
  3. Thanks for your time Mariner The original tenancy agreement was all on company headed paper, so I guess that is clear cut that the company was the landlord. We are still in the property, but have given, and had accepted, our notice for the 14th Dec and take possession of our new house on 2nd Dec. The receivers have already sent an agent to value the house with a view to putting back on the rental market. Is there a form or draft letter that I need to notify the receivers for the deposit? I had already in my mind written off the £575 but it has been a struggle to raise
  4. Last month we received notification from the receivers that our landlords company has gone in to receivership and that the house was now in their hands and that they were in effect our new landlords. They had not served notice on us, but we decided we would find somewhere else rather than live with the risk of suddenly landing 2 months notice. We are now due to move out 3rd Dec. Our concern now is with the £575 deposit that we paid in 2004 and who we should try to get it back from! We have been renting the house since Jan 2004, so the deposit is not with TDS. The receivers say we
  5. Sorry thats just not as satisfying as seeing a loop of paper going round and round and round...............
  6. On the old fax machine we had, back when they ran on expensive thermal paper rolls, a popular ruse was to tape 3 sheets of A4 together end to end, feed the first sheet through until it was coming out the other end of the machine, then tape it back to the last sheet in a loop. Then dial the number it would keep going till the receiving machine ran out of paper (I'm just about to post on Freecycle see if anyone has an old one)
  7. Bumping Can someone have a look at the CCA please (Don't like bumping threads but want to get a reply in the post this week) Thanks All
  8. I didn't expect them to come up with 1 but they found a CCA and this is their cover letter pretty sure there must be something wrong with it, suggestions please
  9. Now that would be really funny! Judge- now how did Mr Manx senior's signature get onto this CCA?
  10. I know I saw the link to the OFT somewhere, I'll look for it later:D Which TS should I send complaint to? My local office or AKs local office? Also what actual point of law should I be basing my complaints on? Cheers
  11. Same here, the young lads (early twentys) I work with think I'm mad when I tell them NOT to get credit cards as it will end up 'spashed up against the wall' and to learn from my mistakes.
  12. The 12+2 days were up on 21/02/09 Could I send both letters in the same envelope?
  13. What documentation would I supply them with? And the cheap scumbags never supplied a pre-paid envelope for a reply! Thanks For you fast help and advice:D I'm starting to enjoy writing letters to these scumbags
  14. I sent CCA letter to Thames Credit on 7th Feb and got this in reply this morning. I was planning on sending the standard 'Account In Dispute' letter tomorrow, is there anything else I should include? I guess they are just fishing for more info as they were happy enough to take my money without worrying who was sending it.
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