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  1. well the agent is correct in saying the tenancy should be made in joint names as you would be joint and severabley liable. now im a lettings manager (not a dishonest shark like those London agencies I must add and I will always give back the money if it hasn't been processed IN FULL) we use a standard application form that requires anyone over the age of 18 to sign and they would as one pay one admin fee. this obviously varies the more tenants you have (I.e one single person is £117.50 and a couple is £188) but for them to fill out 2 separate forms does sound strange. does it say on that app
  2. ok so I have figured out how to post my own thread I just need a little advice. I got a parking ticket on a single yellow line and I wanted to see if I could dispute it or if I have to pay up. I apparently rudely interrupted another thread and I apologise but as a "thread" virgin I have no idea hot this thing works LOL
  3. no that is not true a landlord cannot by law be unreasonable. if there is no tenant than he can charge what he wants however once a tenant has gone in then he has to play ball. the rent officer wont go out to the property and see what it is worth, they assess what is a fair and REASONABLE amount to increase. imagine a world where landlords could just do what they want. that is why the TDS came in.
  4. also if your landlord or agent have not done the section 13 notice (rent increase) properly (I.e given you the correct notice period and not just say as of next month) it is not worth the paper it is written on
  5. im a lettings manager in Gloucestershire and to offer you all some advice, your landlord cannot increase the rent by an unreasonable amount. this is against the law! one action that can be taken is to take your landlord to a "rent tribunal" they will decide what a fair increase should be (I.e £15-£50) any more may be seen as unreasonable. once the rent assessors have come to a decision there is nothing the landlord can do about it. he is then limited to that amount and he is un able to do anything for a minimum of 12 months. there is a down side to you fighting, he may decide to give you you
  6. oh my gosh I never realised some people took these things to heart! im sorry if im not some super technical person and don't actually know how to start my own thread. all I was trying to do is see if there was someone out there who could help me. I didn't know you couldn't just add on to a thread. all I could see was "is my PCN valid" and thought that it was a chat room about that. for god sake you Ting person what really is your problem, is it that I have never used this site before, or is it that I clearly don't know as much about computers as you? THANX FOR THE HELP your clearly a top perso
  7. I have received a parking ticket recently and I wanted to question it. I was parked outside one of my landladies house collecting some paints I lent her and had my car parked on a single yellow line for just over 10 mins. my ticket seems to have been filled out in all the right places from the research I have been doing however, I have e-mailed the enquiry address on the back asking for some answers but she is bloody useless! I explained that I had my hazard lights on at the time and it was an over site on the wardens behalf not mine. on the ticket it states that he clocked me at 10:45am
  8. hi there just came across ur messages and it caught my eye. im a lettings manager and have a whole folder full of past exam questions however I have no idea how to get all that information on my system to help you. if you have any ideas I will be more than happy to help. good luck
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