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  1. The card was taken out a long time ago cant remember when but before 2007 The account shows as closed and i am paying a token sum per mounth and have been since 2003 the bal is around £6500 i am still paying tsb i really would like the bal writen off not particularly looking for compensation
  2. thanks car.. i have started my own thread i sent the letter on Friday so service will be on Monday i will see what happens from there?
  3. Yesterday i sent a letter under s78 of CCa to lloyds tsb for a credit card. Can anyone help with what i am looking for if they do send the info and how to go on and what to do if they default ???
  4. Thanks for that.. I have been reading the threads from the early posts but things seem to have changed since 2006 ish i have used letter templates from a firm who offers to take on these cases ,they want a lot of money tho and i decided to try myself. if anyone can help with how i proceed i would be greatful !!!
  5. yesterday I sent a sec 78 CCa request to Lloyds tsb for my credit card. Am i correct in asuming that they will be in default if info not supplyed in 12 days and an offence if not in a further 30? and if they cannot suppy a signed agreement saying a credit agreement under cca 1974 i can ask for the accound bal to be writen off and interest to be repaid ??
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