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  1. ok think i will write to say the copy is unreadable and minus the creditors signature therefor i consider it unenforceable and ask for a readable copy of the properly executed agreement. how does that sound? any coments please???????
  2. Thanks GM and atwozee so is the fact that there is no creditors signature relevent?? The "right to cancel " says from what i can see :- once you have signed this agreement you will have for ashort time a right to cancel it.E xactdetails of how and when you can do this will to sent to you by post by us.
  3. Where do i go next then on the improperly executed route? which sections can i quote ? or is there a template can someone help please
  4. Rescan of agreement recieved please advise CCa 1974 and credit cards
  5. I have rescanned the agreement and enhanced it as much as i can advice please. http://i467.photobucket.com/albums/rr32/jayjay11/ccatsb.jpg http://i467.photobucket.com/albums/rr32/jayjay11/ccatsbside2.jpg
  6. try this http://i467.photobucket.com/albums/rr32/jayjay11/21-10-2008193927.jpg the photo copy they sent is almost unreadable i have tryed to enhance it as much as i can
  7. can someone look at the agreement i received to see if it is enforceable? thanks Cca 1974 and credit cards
  8. Can someone please look over this that came from tsb to check if it is enforceable Thanks
  9. Letter from TSB today + 8 pages that could apply to anyone ie para's saying "person named in agreement "and "APR as stated in the original agreement " Advice please is there a draft for the next letter ? I would say this reply falls well short of s78 requirment am i right tmpE3DF.rtf
  10. should i just wait to see if a reply comes to my default notice ?? and do nothing as the account is unenforceable without the proof of agreement. can they change t&c s of account with 1 days notice?
  11. See post 18 quoted above this letter turned up yesterday 1 day after the 12+2 days after the cca request there was no ref to a letter from me but seems strange they offer this out of the blue.
  12. can someone give me further advice please see my thread CCa 1974 and credit cards
  13. Do i now nned to write to them to say i do not except anything as the account is now in dispute following no production of the cca? or just leave it???
  14. I sent the CCa request already and had no reply so sent default letters and this has turned up 1 day after the 12 days +2 period!!!
  15. Hi again sent the letters of default to tsb and barclays on monday In todays post i got a letter from tsb saying they are changing the t&c's on my account (on 1st October) to make the agreed payment of 5.00 formal and to 'make a clean start' they will no longer say any payments have been missed and i will owe the balance with no interest added!!! Could this possibly mean they dont have an agrreement and they think i'll go for this . comments please.
  16. Nothing in todays post so they are in default anyone point me to a default letter i could use please??
  17. The 12 days are up today for the CCa requests i sent out can anyone point me to a default letter incorperating the lastest oft terms???
  18. Further help with CCa requests please CCa 1974 and credit cards
  19. Hi again well the 12 days is up tommorow and no reply from either CCa requests barclays cdl has cashed the cheque tsb not can anyone help with the follow up letter??
  20. I have also sent CCa to barclays for a career development loan do the same rules apply as for credit cards??
  21. How about s85?? has anyone had any luck with that??
  22. i presume the company would claim back interest charged on the account if it unenforceable which may equal the balance on the account so not comp really. I would be happy to just get a stronger possition for making a low f&F to clear
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