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  1. Got my SAR from barclays today and was supprised to see this on the last page This could explain why they havent chased me and could someone let me know Is this proof to use in future if they do chase me that its paid ??? http://i375.photobucket.com/albums/oo194/jayjay1105_2008/CDLstatement.jpg The date the accounnt was closed was about 2 weeks after my CCA request landed nothing has been said since!!
  2. No reply to first CPR letter so sent second letter... waiting:smile:
  3. Ive sent the CPR letter to TSB Card services and await thier reply!! meanwhle ive had a statement saying they have instructed MHA collections So more fun to come no doubt:D
  4. so for agreements made before 2007 dont have to comply ? even after the act was changed??
  5. Can anyone tell me which section of cca (if any) demands the loan co to send statements??
  6. should b'clays have sent statements for a loan? if so i dont remember ever having one ( i would keep these if i had as i keep all those sort of things ) and i did not recieve one with the cca
  7. Hi again underdog .. I will be sending the letter carr let me have asap If you are as well i'll keep you informedon progress (or lack of) i'm not going back in my box until they prove they have the paperwork!!!
  8. ahh im with you now ..I def want to fight back ive gone this far and put up with their s~#t via about 50 phone calls so could you advise on the content and format of a crp letter?? Further to this i got a letter this morning in reply to my tel harrasment letter saying as a' good will' gesture they have removed my phone number from their records ( how nice of them) but also could i play nicely now and call them to discuss a payment plan !!
  9. So they have complied and if it came to court they would get a judgement??
  10. Noted.. how can i draw attention to my new post then??
  11. Could some one have a look at the letter from tsb crd serivice i got yesterday your coments would be great!!CCa 1974 and credit cards
  12. Got this today comments please..........http://i375.photobucket.com/albums/oo194/jayjay1105_2008/12-02-2009125844tsb10feb-1.jpg http://i375.photobucket.com/albums/oo194/jayjay1105_2008/12-02-2009125933tsb210feb-1.jpg
  13. Thanks for checking i thought everything was correct looks like this one is one they got right i'll try a F&F to try to get rid of it as my circumstances have changed again
  14. could someone have a look at the greement on my thread Thanks http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/barclays-bank/176786-barclays-cdl.html
  15. got this back looks enforceable to me can some have a look please http://i375.photobucket.com/albums/oo194/jayjay1105_2008/11-02-2009134542.jpg http://i375.photobucket.com/albums/oo194/jayjay1105_2008/11-02-2009134632.jpg
  16. Yep i wrote the harrasment letter from here on 8/01/09
  17. I am serious about it ... as you can see by earlier posts the so called agreement they sent is a joke and they are not responding to requests to let me see the origonal at a branch so makes me think theyre on dodgy ground im sure if they had everything in order id know by now its over 3 months . So yes i want it sorted but wouldnt know what to put on N1 as ive only claimed for money before if someone could help with making the claim and poss defence if ness
  18. for harrasment? how would i go about that??
  19. Still getting calls from tsb 21 in 5 days i dont answer (got call display) They havent taken any notice of my letter re harrasment is there any more i can do >????
  20. Got this letter today . have not had a reply to my Subject Access Request and no reply to letters asking to see origonal agreement at local branch also had loads of calls dispite a letter re harrasment Is there a reply or just leave it HELP PLEASE"SCM 1 picture by jayjay1105_2008 - Photobucket"
  21. Further to the above ive had a thought After taking out the CDL the company suppling the training went out of buisness and i stopped the course even though they were taken over .. The thing is i contacted b'clays and asked if i could extend the loan to reduce payments i was never sent a new agreement to sign just a letter saying they agreed to the change So should i have signed a new agreement ??? if so what if they send a cca for the original agreement ??? Advise /views please ..
  22. sent letter and they received it on Monday by recorded signed for but i a still getting calls and texts
  23. Yep havent paid a penny since sept and not heard a thing I expected the +#*$ to hit the fan .. but nothing
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