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  1. None of that in there so is there a template letter to send ?? So i have no CPR No SAR and a termination and unlawfull DN. Is there an order to deal with this or will it all gel into a huge bomb exploding in their faces:confused::confused:
  2. All the SAR had was all statements and a sheet with the charges on and the copy of the current t&c's No ref atall to any DN I have got a letter dated Dec that says as i havent been playing nicely if i dont rectify the acount they will issue a DN. Surely tho if they insist one was issued then why did they do another in May after terminating the account in Jan and would nt they have to explain why to a judge?? So what next ? write and inform them what theyve done and tell um im going for damages or wait and see what they do next.Either way i am away for 3 weeks from next w/e so dont
  3. Yep i SAR'd them and they replied 30 Jan No DN in there **** letter terminating dated 21st Jan so If they had issued DN would have been at least 14 days before 21st if im right and would be included in SAR and as the bal of the account is fairly substantial i could be in luck!!
  4. Hi i have read this thread with interest. In my case i have been chasing LTSB for a CCA then CPR disclosure for a while . Concentrating on this I missed the point that i got a letter from **** demanding payment and terminating the account in FEB I never recieved a DN but then in early may a DN for arrears of £35 landed !!! Have they shot themselves in the foot ?? my thread is http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt-issues/159815-cca-1974-credit-cards-6.html please give your opinions and any action i may be able to take thanks JJ11
  5. Thanks for your time CB I take it all on board sometimes when doing these things "in bits" over a period you forget to go back on all thats happened Thank you for taking the time to review it I hope now someone can give an opinion on what to do next ... This is an excellent site and you people do lots to help the likes of me, for which i am very greatful ...
  6. Can someone in the "know" have a look at the better copy LTSB sent me in my thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt-issues/159815-cca-1974-credit-cards-6.html#post2193751 Thanks
  7. OFFICIAL COMPLAINT, ACCOUNT IN DISPUTE Dear Sirs, Despite several letters (copies enclosed) my request under the Civil Procedure Rules (Pre action protocols, Part 31.16) appears to have been ignored. You have also issued a Default Notice on the alleged account. As you are no doubt aware the original properly executed agreement, containing all the proscribed terms as stated under The consumer credit act 1974, would have to be produced to a court should you take action to try to enforce an agreement you allege is in existence. I can therefore concl
  8. yes from what i can remember it was a mailed part pre filled form where you ripped it off and returned it In section 2 was my name and adress and my bank sort code and a/c number pre printed If you look it says in section 5 : "If your application is accepted by our signature above and we send you a card then this will form the agreement" No signature above either so was the agreement formed??
  9. thanks so i could defend a cliam made by them as all terms not present in your opinion ? shall i post on 'is my agreement enforceable'
  10. looks like i may be stuffed then !!! would a judge take this as enforceable??? opinions please ???
  11. Here is what was sent ... IMG]http://i375.photobucket.com/albums/oo194/jayjay1105_2008/TSBAG1.jpg[/img] This is the same as sent before but 1, readable and 2, on one sheet my thoughts .. it says 'bank copy' on back is there a bank copy of an application form? and why then is the box marked 'credit score' not completed on their copy?? Please have a look and coment Thanks
  12. Post just arrived they have sent a letter 'Final responce' stating they have complied fully and enclosed the t&C's as they would have been and another readable copy of my application form this time with the conditions headed 'bank copy on the back of an a4 sheet but i can see no clear link between them i think a cut and paste job i will scan and post it for coments
  13. Thanks I'll send the letter before going on hols They sent DN by UK MAIL no post mark or date on env..
  14. Can someone advise what might happen next when i do not pay them the £35 by 1st june? they have not replied to my CPR 31.16 will they just be chasing the £35 ? and should i write and tell them again no cpr or wait and see what happens? I am a bit worried cus im away on hol from 5th to 28 June that something might happen while im away and i cant respond!! HELP PLEASE
  15. All the things you pointed out are present and yes includes late payment fees They sent an ureadable copy of an application form and t&c,s not linked to the application on seperate sheet headed 'bank copy' in reply to my S78 request but nothing from my CPR requests
  16. Can someone please check the default notice sent by tsb on my thread CCa 1974 and credit cards They have still not complied with CPR and account is still in dispute should they default? Advice please.
  17. Got this default today could someone look it over please, still nothing ref CPR just a letter saying they have already written and complied with S78 !! tsb default 1 picture by jayjay1105_2008 - Photobucket" Tsb default 2 picture by jayjay1105_2008 - Photobucket Thanks JJ11
  18. Fergal 71 try this thread why you shouldnt use section 77/78 CCA 1974 if you want the signed agreement
  19. Hi again I am about draft my N244 for Lloyds TSB credit card could someone help with a couple of points. in the defendant section should i put " Lloyds Tsb card services" and the do i use the address ive been writing to or head office of tsb? In my witness statement do i refer to, and include copies of, EVERY letter to them since the S77 CCa thro to CRP letters ?? your help would be great to get this 'spot on' THANKS JJ11
  20. So no reply from either CPR letter time now passed Is it N244 time?? I have been following the thread by PT2537 and im very glad to hear that smt37 got a result should give some hope to most of us on here ..
  21. could someone look at my post #737 please also does the alledged debt have to be below £5000.00 to use CPR application ????? PLEASE HELP
  22. I am in same boat sent both CPR letters and both times are up So time to get N244 and paperwork ready.. TSB had previously replied that they have complied with cca which they had as we now know but only sent an application an d some dodgey t & C's marked' bank copy' then a letter saying they would not enter into any more correspondence with me and they havent not replied to cpr letters i just gt statements saying the account is over due .. my thread is CCa 1974 and credit cards
  23. ok so both letters gone to TSB and no relpy So now its time for the application How long should i give in the draft order to produce? and could anyone advise what i should say at the hearing ?
  25. So what to do now?? They are not chasing it either way
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