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  1. good point I will do as they ask and send a copy to the address given and will copy my letter to them highlighting the points made in my home visit letter that way all the evidence is stacking up against them should/when they take it to court showing their total miss handling of the whole thing
  2. Got this letter today in reply to the home visit letter http://i375.photobucket.com/albums/oo194/jayjay1105_2008/31-07-2009181857.jpg[/img] http://i375.photobucket.com/albums/oo194/jayjay1105_2008/31-07-2009182009.jpg[/img]
  3. TSB have replied to day with a full set of copy statements from the time the acount opened untill 1 year ago !! still no list /screenshot /printout of entries made manually on the account so still not complied with SAR
  4. It might not be provable as a paste job but if that is the ageement they said i signed there are terms in there that refer to other terms that are not on the back So imo they were not available within the 4 corners of the agreement on signing !!!! IE section1 refers to 5 ,9,7,11and 6 None of which appear anywhere So this would appear a summary of terms is that acceptable as propery executed????
  5. Thanks again DD and if would not be too much trouble i would like help with the letter as offered earlier
  6. Firstly thanks DD for taking the time second i am sorry if the thread is in a mess because of my doing I started this fight with TSB in sept 08 since in Jan 09 ive been off sick with stress so its all abit much sometimes.. As i see it then the CCa responce has been a cut and paste and the termination and then default and 2nd termination is dodgy would i need to point all this out if i opted for your FFS offer letter? should i wait for the SAR full disclosure ?
  7. what should i do now then?? From what ive read they can only claim the arrears at the time of default as of may 12th £35 and in Jan would be £15
  8. Thanks DD to help look at post no 71, 98 and citizen b's coments on 117
  9. thanks GM ive already offered them 10% in F&FS but they wouldnt play although that was before the default situation i havent as yet pointed out about the defaults as they havent disclosed the manual intervension or notes disclosure of my SAR yet i sent a letter before action yesterday regarding that i can see when i get it what DNs theyve recorded or otherwise If anyone has any ideas on the default situation they may help then please let me know If there is a way i can sort things out quicker then comment away ..
  10. It annoys me too when a DCA phones asks to speak to 'JJ11' and then says for security could you confirm your address and date of birth and what colour underpants your wearing esp if they dont tell you who they are from the out set So if some one calls and wont tell me who they are and ask security questions i tell them that i am JJ11 and if they wont reveal who they are i say i am not giving id info to a annon caller because i cannot be sure who im tlking to and i do not wish to leave myself open to identity fraud that normally pi?ses them off and they blunder around So i say if you have
  11. Well that was a moment of weakness there, just getting a bit bogged down with their constant stalling ect I def did not recieve a DN in Jan before a demand for full payment and cancelation of card ( which i took as termination of the account and acknowledged by no further payments:D) and they then ised a correct DN in may and ANOTHER termination/ demand for full bal in june So i suppose its just waiting for a nice slice of 'cooked goose'
  12. BLS collections have writen today and offered 50% reduction on the 'debt' I ve still not had full disclosusure on SAR and the default notice issued after termination, without a default notice. So although tempted I could prob raise the 50% I think they may have shot themselves in the foot with the default notices and termination ect..
  13. Thanks UD13 I will also point out that the account is still in dispute due to non compliance with SAR
  14. Hi again Got 2 letters this morning 1 from TSB( the third FINAL RESPONCE) saying that they are sorry i was unhappy with thier responce to the cca s78 request and again say they have complied with S78. Now this is at least the 3rd time theyve sent this letter and ive replied every time saying i do not dispute this point and that the requests where for CPR rules i dont think they will every 'cotton on' to that one and again as i have used the account and made payments i have acknowledged an account and that all the banks agrements have always complied with all legislation:rolleyes: and they ar
  15. Just back from hols today 20 hrs of flying so very tired nothing in the mail tho either from the S A R or follow up from the **** letter.
  16. How strange ive just gone into my credit report again to check something else and TSB is now showing as 6 payments late !! :confused::confused::confused:
  17. Just checked my credit record and tsb is showing as satifactory no defaults atall !!!!! all payments up to date well i know for sure i havent paid them since sept when i CCa'd them
  18. Ha Ha .. just managed to find the record facility on my mobile .. So rang **** now they put me thro to MHA who put me thro to tsb who put me thro to mha:confused: So very dizzy by now was told by a guy there that 1 the accound wasnt terminated on 21 Jan or 1st June just that if i payed everything off i wouldnt be able to use the card again!!!!!!!!! and that as far as he knows they send 3 letters out from **** . He confirmed term letter 21 jan and dn in may and term letter 1st jun but said no dn prior to jan 21st All recorded lots of blundering and mention of pre close off and debt recovery ..
  19. Thanks for your help I suppose im panicing a bit with going away!! i get a letter in the post...
  20. shall I write then? i cant record! tsb are still in default of a SAR although i only wrote the other day but also in default of My CPR My main worry is we're away for 3 weeks on Fri and i dont wantanything kicking off !!
  21. Well Well ive just got a letter from **** terminating my terminated account and demanding another full balance !!! i think i'll ring and ask if they can explain !!
  22. At the risk of sounding thick .. Could someone outline the isues of what would happen in either the case that TSB have not issued a first DN then terminated OR if they had issued first DN and i hadnt received it then gone on and terminated and issued another DN I have looked and cant find another on here where thats happened? ???
  23. Ok CB thanks that letters gone in todays post. Lets see what happens
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