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  1. Got a letter from lloydstsb DSAR dept today ..they wil be pleased to supply the information i requested and will be with me by 2nd Jan 10 so i will wait and see what turns up!! hopefully someone will then be able to advise me what to look for and what to do next about the default notice discrepancies. Thanks
  2. sent non compliance letter to TSB and a letter to BLS asking who and when an arrangement was made to repay £ 60 a month no reply yet but got a nice yellow card from Allied International Credit Uk Ltd,,, with red lettering on top WARNING then goes on to give ref amount owed and client and as formal demand has been made i must attatch payment of full balance and return immediately . oh and i can discuss the account with Mr Dickey (apt name i thought) if i wanted .. So i suppose next i get a red card and sent off !!!
  3. Sent this letter to LTSB today as per CB's advice so thats hope they get the message!!! Dear Sirs, Further to your letter of 11th November 2009. I do not except that another fee needs to be paid when you have not fully complied with the Data Protection Act 1998 in that only copy statements where sent. The request letter was clear that you were to supply all information, either computer records or manual records for the period of the account. I am aware of many others who have requested disclosure under the act and received all information held about tha
  4. thanks for quick reply CB I sent the template letter from this site in dec 08 for the SAR so all was covered.
  5. Update .. I wrote to tsb asking for disclosure of all manual events on my account including letters sent ,recieved , calls made ect Their first reply was that they had never recieved an SAR !!! this letter was signed by the person who replied to it sending just copy statements!! So i wrote back enclosing copies if her letters and mine asking for sar and prooof of posting and recept for Postal order .. I have now had a letter saying if i want transcripts of phone calls i need to give them times and dates and they want another £10. Is it me? or are they just not getting the message. I rea
  6. thanks citb and NP this is my own thread NP !! So far i have done a CCA and SAR they have not fully complied with SAR yet but also made demand for payment when no DN received and then DN issued followed by another demand for full sum .. now this what is going on ? i wish theyd just issue a claim then i can at least outline all the c£&p they have come up with
  7. Got this letter today!! Needless to say no such offer was made anyone come up with reply ????? http://s375.photobucket.com/albums/oo194/jayjay1105_2008/?action=view&current=26-09-2009153128.jpg
  8. Thanks and hve used the letter so see what they come up with
  9. Hi CYM i sent the standard SAR letter and also a follow up saying they hadnt complied by not sending info of maual intervention on the account. they replied by saying they didnt keep records of that type but work was involved and time spent when they had a apayment returned!!!!
  10. I have my own thread about my 'trip' with LTSB. CCa 1974 and credit cards Can you tell me cymruambyth what file information you got and notes in responce to SAR ?? as i only got an incomplete set of copy statements and the current T&C's
  11. well i sure youare right ive had **** letters before they are the ones who demanded repayment with no DN and then another damand after a DN issued so i wonder where tese clowns are trained as solicitors ... Billy smart springs to mind In fact in the office layout i think **** feature somewhere around the toilets, but even the records for cleaning them, are incomplete!!!!
  12. BLS send me letters and TSB reply !! i know they are all in bed with eachother think i will now just inor them because ive had enough let them stumble into whatever action they want to take and then i'll hit them with all ive got Hopefully that'll be enough to scupper there plans
  13. Yet another Final Responce sent in reply to my letter on visits to my propert sent on 3rd Aug. They dont appear to want to listen and still threaten visits
  14. Got another threat o gram from BLS theatening court action or a visit Can someone point me to the account in dispute letter please.
  15. Well if they arn't going to comply and send the rest of the statements or send records of letters sent calls made and Dn/s issued how can i defend any claim they MAY issue !!
  16. Ive been looking through the statements sent as part of of SAR request 1st they have only sent copys to July 08 2nd there is a late charge of £20 June 2004 so the bal includes that charge does it make any DN faulty (as well as the other issues) 3rd from the statements ive had since in June 09 a credit limit appears again and even some available credit! But all this is After the demand for full bal in January!! Is all this good on my part ? All stacking up against them!!!!
  17. This is the reply to my SAR non comlpliance letter .... erm!!! coments please i cant understand what shes saying. Do they not know how to comply fully its not that hard to grasp i want a coppy/screenshot of all activity on the account letters,DN's, ect.... http://i375.photobucket.com/albums/oo194/jayjay1105_2008/22-08-2009113024.jpg[/img]
  18. Well as ever, i am the optimist, I think the complaint file is closed Although if they still are too arragant to comply, and overlook the c~:k up with the DN's i suppose the same will apply if they issue a claim
  19. Got this today this was in reply to my letter of 16th LBA Diff departments giving diff information !! Arrogant barstewards!!!!!!
  20. Originally Posted by andrewdm The statutory fee is complete fraud. I will not pay it. Admiralty law does not require you to pay it at all and that is what I go by. When sending letter send it recorded delivery and copy letters as proof. ouch.. my head hurts now Ive wasted so much time looking at threads when all the time i just need to qoute the above to the CC:-o:-x:lol::lol:
  21. ouch.. my head hurts now Ive wasted so much time looking at threads when all the time i just need to qoute the above to the CC:-o:-x:lol::lol:
  22. letter all off by recorded today to CEO, SAR dept, and the reply to their letter Lets see what happens next
  23. thanks must not let spell check take over will amend and send your points are noted and i sse where you are coming from Thanks again DD JJ11
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