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  1. look at post 71 for a copy also post 98 i was advised at the time that this was termination Also post 106 shows the agreement they sent as part of SAR
  2. No default was sent and no note made on file either as i found out from my SAR also does acount cloesd and demand for full amount not termination they were not giving me any chance to make payments due in the future So is this not in breach of S87 and they are not entitled to benifit from the next stage ie enforcement
  3. This is the letter clearly states full balance demanded, and account closed so i would not have known how much would have to be paid in default as it wasnt even stated on the final demandhttp://
  4. So PB the only time they couldnt take action was between the 1st termination and the second and this DN and further TN would be valid in court? How about the folling taken from this site "principal of unlawful dn" quote [4] The fiction of the Second DN and the Enduring Obligation The service of any second default notice, at a time when the contract is terminated, owing to the wording of the DN in its prescribed form, would perpetuate the fiction that the contract endured. The same can be said owing to the provisions of section 89 of the Act. The form of words in the DN incor
  5. Having read through the last few days of this thread it seems that things are changing. I am alittle confused now tho In my case the creditor terminated without a DN evidenced by the log i recived as part of my SAR then went on to issue a dn and termination all properlly issued. also when the next threat o gram arrived i wrote and pointed all this out, the y wrote back and said "sorry is was not appropriate to terminate without a Dn first time so we did it again and thats ok!! we will proceed with collection" So with all thats gone on Do i still have a defence in anyone opinion?? Im sur
  6. Thanks underdog I still have the termination with no dn and the issue of one later then a further termination , to go with but i have heard on here that maybe that is nt a good enough defence anymore by the way have have you got on with tsb????
  7. HI Again perhaps someone could advise .. Got a letter from Cabot today with a ref no but no information as to the amount of debt or the creditor, It could only be tsb as that is the only one im fighting , giving a date and time someone will call. I have writen back saying i have not made ant appointment with a finacial company and do not require any products from them so dont come because there will be no one here autherised or able to discuss my finances !! Bit of cheek from me but as they havent identified why they will visit how do i know . Now ive not recieved any paperwork fro
  8. Hi all I now have the same problem i have an account that was terminated with no DN, which i accepted and this was then folled by a DN and another termination. All the advice so far has been that a terminated account is just that, and if the creditor then tries to rectify by further issuind a dn and tn then this is not allowed.the wording of the act ould suggest this is the case. although the creditor has not started action , even tho ive made no payments since sept 2008, i keep getting threat o grams but if they do issue a claim i need to also know if the defence is valid!
  9. I have just read that If a default is not valid or not issued the termination is not valid and they can rectify by issuing a default and termination that is!! If this is the case i have no defence if ltsb issue a claim :?:
  10. HI Martin 3030 It started just before my first post on here around sept 2008. when i first read through this site and realised i may not have a enforcable agreement and its all gone from there no payments have been made since then ......... hope that answers your question Why the question???
  11. Hi all its been a while but TSB wrote to say that their agents were unable to bully me to pay so they sent the account back for legal action. i wrote and pointed out that the account was terminated and enclosed my accknowlegement and the legal references from here i could find Today i got the attached reply think they have put themselves into a corner perhaps im wrong coments please http://i375.photobucket.com/albums/oo194/jayjay1105_2008/21-05-2010151344.jpg
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