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  1. Hi My Son has gone away for weekend, driven through a ford. Water has gone into exhaust and car cut out. He got pushed out and managed to restart engine, let it run for about 5 mins to blow any water out but suddenly The airbags have deployed and broken windscreen and hurt his arm. He will call AA in morning to get him and car home. My question is.... will his insurance cover this. He has fully comp.
  2. That makes sense, but still doesn't explain how they've got my current details. I have challenged the council as they have sent me a statement of account and part of the amount is this years and there is no liability order for it as its not yet overdue, they have agreed they made a mistake and written to my employer again correcting the amount.
  3. I forgot to mention, I was in receipt of ctax benefit in the time this debt relates to and also was not working for my current employer, so if I filled in a expenditure sheet for the court at the time this liability order was obtained, which I probably did, it would've had different employment details on it. I realise that who I work for is irrelevant on an attachment of earnings, but wonder how they got my details. Thanks for you help.
  4. Hi I was informed today by my employer that he has received a letter from the council asking him to pay direct from my wages towards ctax arrears from 2010. I telephoned the council and was informed they have a liability order for these arrears, I thought I had cleared this debt, I have struggled every year with ctax and I am aware that I still owe a small amount for last year and some of this year although there is no liability order for this amount. Can they use a liability order for attachment of earnings, they have not sent a court order. And can they do so without informing me of this. I have had no correspondence regarding this debt.
  5. Thanks for reply DX So do you think there is anyway I can claim back these Unfair bank charges that I have already paid, or just leave the account as is and tell them to take me to court if they want anymore money from us. I really feel bad about this situation, as we have told them before about the financial situation, they can see from the account that no money has been paid in regularly and yet they are still refusing to help, this in itself is unfair treatment, surely. Nutz
  6. PLEASE HELP. I have today had a very interesting conversation with NAT WEST, They have informed me that under their terms and conditions they are entiltied to charges fees even tho I have argued that it is only their fees that are making the account overdrawn. UNFAIR. They have said there is nothing they can do to help and advised me to speak to their hardship team, who would be able to freeze the account at the very least and may also be able to refund charges, or withdraw all pending charges. This was a Lie. Their hardship team, were unable or unwilling to help in any way. Stating that they could not freeze this account, they would place a tempory overdraft if I made an arrangement to pay off the fees. Which we are in no position to do. As such this account is continuing to accure fees of £6 per day and NAT WEST have said they can do nothing to help, but will eventually get debt collectors involved if it is not bought up to date. They did suggest that the money should be borrowed in order to do this as that is how charges have been paid up to now and they are fully aware of the finacial difficulty in this case.
  7. Hi again Thanks for your advice, I wrote to NAT WEST detailing the account overdraft fees and why I thought they were unfair using the BCOBS letter I found on this site. I have received a reply yesterday which basically states their fees are fair as proved in the test case of November 2005, and that they will not refund any of these charges or stop charging on this account, I am in no position financially to bring this account up to date and do not know which way to turn now. Any suggestions as to what to do next? Nutz x
  8. I thought that may be the way to go, but am unsure exactly how to poeceed with such a complaint.
  9. Hi. Im trying to get some advice for my partner, he has a Nat West current account which is now only used to pay his mobile phone bill, I normally transfer money into this account for him just before the bill is due. However I got the date wrong and the account went overdrawn. This then incurred charges which we paid. however it seems that every month more and more charges are added and every time they come out the account is overdrawn again so its a never ended story and the charges are more and more each month. We cannot afford to keep paying charges of £100 or more every month, we are struggling anyway and this is making life extremely difficult. How should we go about getting these unfair charges stopped? any advice would be greatly appreciated. regards Nutz
  10. Hi again Just one more question, do you think I should pursue the SAR from Marstons, I had a receipt and acknowledgement from them but its been well over 40 days and Ive heard nothing more. Or do you think its best I just ignore them now? Nutz x
  11. Rea, Thank you very much for that link. I will look into applying as this may help me. not sure yet but I need all the help I can get financially at the moment. I attended court today, I thought for the Stay, but the judge also sorted the variation order while I was there. She was not happy that Anglian had not bothered to turn up, she was expecting them to be there. In their absence she said she was happy to judge in my favour and agreed the payment should be £10 a month, which is what I had offered. The writ has been suspended provided I stick to the payment as agreed. I was told that should Marstons contact me again, I should just send them a copy of the letter/judgement that I should receive soon from the court. The judge thanked me for making the effort to turn up, and the whole thing only took about 10 minuets. I would just like to say thank you again, especially to PT for all your help with this case, as without this site I think I would still be fighting with Marstons. At least now my stress levels can go back to normal, It will still be a while before my debts are paid off, but for now at least they are under control again. Nutz x
  12. ok Ill slip it in somewhere when I explain how unreasonable they have been. Thanks for all your help Ill let you know what happens tomorrow. Nutz x
  13. I got acknowledgment of SAR and £10 PO in writing, then got a phonecall saying that they received £10 PO towards my account I corrected them there and then. I then wrote to them stating the £10 PO was for the SAR and in no way payment towards the debt. They replied again in writing confirming receipt and I have heard nothing since. This was well over 40 days.
  14. Thanks PT, Im taking a friend with me for moral support, will she be able to come in with me? Ive got all the copies of everything ready in a folder, including all my letters from Marstons. I never did hear back from them re the SAR which I will also mention tomorrow. Nutz x
  15. Hi all Ok in court tomorrow for the stay Is there anything in particular I need to do or say? Im sure it will be fine, Im just a bit nervous. Nutz x
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