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  1. I have a qestion one of my friends have recieved a letter stating Baliffs will attend in 14 days to remove property for a very old debt from HSBC which was sold on to PRA Group Ltd. After checking her credit file a CCJ was issued against her for her debt by PRA Group Ltd in Oct 2016. The thing is the debt was Statute Barred when the CCJ was issued so surely it is not enforcible, any suggestions on how to proceed would be greatfully received.
  2. I have recently been invited to a Interview Under caution regarding a benefit claim I made over a Year ago for Job Seekers I have been in full time employement for the last year, The letter states that they have reason to beleive I comitted fraud as I did not state a change in Circumstances. I have no idea what this is regarding but I think it may have been caused by my employer, while on jobseekers I was offered a position and was due to start the end of January, a few days after the job offer they said due to circumstances there end I could not start until the end of February, I told th
  3. Hi just thought I would say a quick Hi to everyone, I currently have a thread going in Debt Collection any help would be apreciated guys. Thanks Rik
  4. Hi I was wondering if any one could give me some advice on the following. I currently have 4 Defaults on my CRF from Max Recovery 3 are my debts which I have letters for and 1 for £6960 which does not correspond to any of my debts. I entered and IVA in April 2005 unfortuantly after a year my circumstances changed and I was unable to pay the IVA, I wrote to the company that was dealing with my IVA and told them i planned to go bankrupt and wished to end my IVA which they did, after some advice about going bankrupt I decided not to persue that route and would wait for the Debtors to co
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