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  1. Tell them this in writing. Remember these are commercial enterprises, they should not be suing people unless there is a reasonable prospect of recovering any money and costs that they are awarded. As your partner has no assets I think that HBOS would be disinclined to take court action against him as what would be the point. If anything, I would say that your husband actually has the power here. They must of already trashed his credit so in real terms they have probably already done their worst. Tell him to make the offer that he can afford and that if they don't like it they can take
  2. Hi Jeff, This is the address you need to send the letter to: Customer Care Lloyds TSB 125 Colmore Row Birmingham B3 3SF Remember to keep us updated so that we can continue to assist you. Best Regards, TFT
  3. Hi Sim42, It sounds like this may be your first accident? Do not worry, all is not lost in this matter. First of all, you say it was a junction - is the junction covered by any CCTV at all. Secondly, evidence of the layout of the junction and the impact areas on the vehicles should show what happened. The Police are able to reconstruct accident's all the time by using similar methods. Thirdly, the ambulance driver will be well briefed to not admit any liability. This shouldn't be overly difficult as the one who was not technically driving in accordance with the roads
  4. It ends in two weeks and there is £3305 left to pay on it!!! I am amazed that they haven't come for the car sooner! Is this a standard HP agreement do you know or a passport agreement? I will be honest, you can probably get away with storing the car and their repo guys never finding it; however, be careful you don't get yourself caught up in something nasty here. Remember that the vehicle in question belongs to the finance company till the very last penny is paid on the agreement - you don't want to have the Police involved in this matter which is a risk. If you are going
  5. Hi Jeff, This is the link you need for the CCA request template Creditors and DCAs - Letter Templates & Budget Planner When you get on the page you need to scroll down to find letter N which is the one you need to use. I would really stick with leaving the letter unsigned. Also, don't forget your £1 postal order to cover their cost. They have 12 + 2 days to provide you with a signed original executed copy of the credit agreement. After this time they are in default and cannot take any legal action to recover the debt till they produce the credit agreement. I will have a l
  6. Well, to keep the car someone is going to have to cough up for the arrears and that will rely on your friend being straight with you and communicating with you - I don't know how likely that is given that he is not currently talking to you? I am affraid to say that the only thing that will prevent the finance company going for a repo order is the arrears being paid - I doubt the fact that your friend is due this windfall in weeks will cut much ice with them, if any. Unfortunately, they hear every excuse in the book. I really think that you need to consider carefully your position he
  7. A Student Your Address 1 Your Address 2 Your Address 3 Post code Date Halifax Bank Po Bo 548 Leeds LS1 1WU Dear Sir or Madam Account Number: 00000000 Sort Code: 000000 I am writing with regards to the above account. I understand that you have now formally withdrawn my student overdraft facility and that the account now has a balance of -£0000 (insert amount) in an unauthorised overdraft. As I am sure you will appreciate, my preferred resolution to this matter would be to have the overdraft facility reinstated. However, if you are not
  8. Ok Jeff, First of all, you are in a situation of default on your Lloyds loan which means that they will try and pull the money from somewhere else. For example they have a right to offset negative balances with money in other accounts within the Lloyds Banking Group that have credit balances. Basically, make sure that you haven't got any other Halifax or Lloyds accounts with money in. The next step I would take is to send a CCA request to Lloyds to provide the original executed credit agreement for the loan. If they don't provide it then they cannot legally enforce the loan until it
  9. TVLA could better enforce the law but I wont tell them how lol As for football, I'm a 24 year old male and I cannot stand it. Absolutely love cars but just cannot do football. I've tried to be interested in it but it just doesn't happen for me lol! TFT
  10. In that case, my advice would be to write to them asap, explain that you have suffered unexpected costs this month and that as a result you are not able to make this months payment till next month. Emphasise that it is your full intention to make good the account by your payment date next month and that no amount of telephone calls will change that. You could also state in the letter that you wish only to communicate via letter and that they must not contact you again by phone. You may also wish to throw in that any further phone harassment will result in you having to make a complaint
  11. Ok, this is how it works out - the finance company are the legal owners of the vehicle, you are the registered keeper and the finance is in your friend's name. Basically, you are in a very bad position because if he defaults (which he has) you essentially lose the use of the vehicle if they go for a repo order. Legally there is very little you can do to stop this. May I ask, what is the financial status of your friend? Is he a man of straw e.g. no assets, little income, etc? The reason I ask is that if the finance company repo the car they will sell it at auction and then your friend
  12. Hi Moxy, I am a fellow Capital One victim. Have you now made the payment on the account or is it still owing? Regards, TFT
  13. Hi Jeff, I understand your frustrations with Lloyds call centre staff, I am affraid that when I phone up my insurers or bank I just hang up till I get an operative I can understand lol. I am affraid to say that Lloyds will not automatically freeze your interest because your account has been passed to collections. You say you have missed a few payments - are you aware of whether or not you have received a default notice on the account? This is quite important. Also, Lloyds will no doubt be adding default charges to your account aswell. How you resolve this matter will depend on y
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