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  1. oh yes you are so right - those numbers which they hand you which you cannot change to something that you can remember, so they inevitably have to be kept in written form - how the .... is that supposed to be a secure system I wonder. It also smacks of Barclays' typical arrogant don't care attitude towards customers actual needs. Barclays once again proving that they would rather have computers for customers, than humans.
  2. I really dont see that either taken together or separately, a code that is deemed sufficiently expendable that it can be carried around in written form, adds much to security without unecessarily contributing to making the whole process too complicated. You like the system and I think its the least user friendly I have come across - we will have to agree to differ.
  3. If its so sufficiently "useless" that it can be carried around on a printed card in a wallett, or stored on a computer, then I can see no logical reason to have it as part of their ridiculously cumbersome login process.
  4. I never store any passwords on my computer for security reasons. Likewise, banks always tell people not to write down their passcodes/passwords etc, which is why I find it odd that Barclays supply a printed card with part of the security login details on it. I also find the whole login rigmerole they put you through, cumbersome, and it has shut me out more than a few times. I dont agree that the only options are either the Barclays method or an easily hackable process: other UK banks seem to manage with simpler more customer friendly systems. But Barclays is not usually customer oriented........
  5. Yes, the fact that you happen to like the format, is indeed irrelevant: you seem to believe that because you have nothing better to do than post 10,000+ times, qualifies you to hold your opinion as sacred and you expect everyone else to do likewise. I can tell you now, it dosen't and we don't.
  6. I posted no rant. Simply disagreeing with my original post, you added nothing to the discussion plus you made it clear that you feel that your opinion should prevail: looks like you are the one who dosen't like to be disagreed with. Oh, and your post was patronising and condescending - who do you think you are?
  7. Any security system which supplies part of that security code in a carry around card format is by definition, not as secure as a system which dosen't. I find the system unecessarily cumbersome - the fact that you dont, is irrelevant.
  8. Barclays online login requirements are the worst I have come across. They give you this stupid 12 digit membership number which has to remain written down as its too long to remember. Their login requirements are too long winded and too easily prone to user login error and as part of it has to remain written down - they even give you a card with the number on it to carry around, just to help any would-be thief - how the hell is this secure or customer friendly to use.
  9. I needed some cash, got a letter from Barclays telling me about how they had given me some sort of overdraft facility. Never needed one before and never asked for one. Anway I took out £50 which came out of this 'overdraft' thing. A couple of weeks later I checked my account online to see that they had added two charges of £22 each. I rang and was met with such unbelievable arrogant rudeness you wouldnt believe. The first one said that the charges were in the letter. When I told her I had obviously missed that bit of the letter otherwise I would not be ringing her to ask what they were all about. She replied "we send out letters and expect people to read them". The third person I spoke to spoke a lot of gibberish at me and when I asked to explain what she meant as I genuinely didnt understand what she was saying she replied "I am speaking plain English". By this point I was apopleptic with rage. The fourth person I spoke to was one in a million (at Barclays anyway) and went out of his way to sort it out. He got the charges refunded, got his supervisor to listen to the previous calls for rudeness and added a proper overdraft onto my account. I was a happy Woolwich customer and NEVER EVER wanted to become a Barclays customer- I knew what they were like. Life was lovely with the Woolwich- really nice people down in the Clacton call centre who were there 24 hours (unlike Barclays). £44 to borrow £50 over a 2 week period is THEFT in anyones language, and if this were a back street loan shark the trading standards people would lock them up- Barclays do what they like with rudeness and arrogance and its time people stood up to them.
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