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  1. Hmm, well I owe them at least £300, for a student, that's a lot to let go of in one go. They are aware of the accident but understandably weren't very sympathetic, being a business and all. I think it was a little unfair refusing to take my phone insurance off of the monthly bills however, since it wasn't being used at all. The thing is, I'm convince if I phone them they will want the money there and then and send big scary men to my house. I guess I could always put the phone down if I start to panic. I am 100% sure the money is coming, a lorry drove into my car on the motorway
  2. Hi there, I have a contract with Orange which I haven't paid since January of this year. It's an online contract so I do not get bills through my door. Since I have stopped paying the bill they have (obviously) barred my phone for incoming and outgoing calls. They have also barred my internet account so I don't actually know how much I owe them at all since I cannot log on to find out. Since I have stopped paying the bills I have received only one letter I think from Orange around March time. And that is it. I have called them once around the same time to explain to them the issue, w
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