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  1. Hey - thanks for the reply. So yes they have entered the 6k claim, and I have chosen to defend it. I think I have a solid case to argue it. So if I argue successfully and say the judge does side me with the 2k option and I pay it within 28 days it will clear? Alternatively. If I fight it and lose, the full 6k will obviously be due.... Again, if I pay that will it be removed within 28 days?
  2. Hi all, Will keep this very short. Have an old 2012 debt with uni (4.5k) which has recently been taken to court with interest for £6k (interest) Now I can pay this in full but due to the way I was treated on the course I intend on offering to pay 2k with them (they kicked me off the course 1 week prior to final exams and I did not have one single paper that didn’t end without a distinction marking. I just couldn’t get a student loan other than the initial one the uni offered) Question is. If I go to court, and get the CCJ – if they agree to the £2,000, and I pay that ASAP (within the 30 days) will I still have a CCJ? Or can I still apply for it to be removed as the agreed debt was paid in the 30 days? Thanks
  3. Hi all I'll keep this as short as I can and bullet point as much as possible. * Account opened with BT in 2015, solely for broadband but also had a phone * Moved house during contract (August 2015), had to move out quickly and last minute due to job change * BT could not provide a service to our new house so I moved to virgin * Few weeks after moving, I contacted BT with regards to paying contract out early, as I didn't have my customer account number or phone number I was advised to write a letter for it * Drafted a letter in September 2015 to the complaints department in Durham advising of the house move and also requesting my account number to pay the contract out I still have a copy of the letter and also a copy of the receipt. The receipt clearly shows the date and the post code of the complaints department, however the tracking number is now invalid (I assume they expire after a certain time) So. I heard nothing from the letter, and as far as I knew I didn't sign a credit agreement and it never showed up on my Experian. So assumed it went away Last week I checked my Equifax report as I'm buying a house, there is a default notice from BT served in February 2016 to my old address. I have lodged a dispute with Equifax, lodged a complaint with BT, and currently awaiting the outcome, but wondering if I have a case for removal on the basis that I still have a copy of the letter informing of house move and requesting account number, as well as a receipt of postage on the same day (5th September 2015) Thanks guys
  4. Thank you, this is what worries me. If I have to pay the compliance fee, can the bailiff who called today claim that the £235 is a valid debt to the £75 compliance fee which is still unpaid? I'm very confused as, to me, the debt is paid.
  5. Hi guys. Simply put. Parking fine - £82 Forgot to pay it. Went to a Debt Collector, who added their £75 on top. As soon as I got the letter and remembered the debt, I paid Stockport Council via their website The £82. I have an email proving so. This was October 3rd Just had a letter placed through the door tonight for.... The original debt £82 Compliance fee £75 1st visit £235 Total: £392. Am I missing something here? Clearly a lack of comms between the council and the bailiff. According to the law, do I have to pay the bailiffs' fees for a debt I paid 2 months ago? Thank you so much in advance
  6. Thank you. No it's strictly a loan on the car of 10k. As I paid my 10k cash deposit when I purchased it with the dealer.
  7. Car was 20k, I put down a 10k deposit. Car is still worth 18-19k privately.... . Does a VT effect your credit/give you a default etc? It's mainly the 10k that I am after back. Thank you, appreciate your help.
  8. Wow, fantastic info! Just to reiterate, I have paid >50% of the cars actual market value... However I have actually paid Does what you have mentioned above still apply? Obviously, I would like to get some (if not all) of the 10k back that I put down.
  9. Hi there guys, Just looking for a bit of advice. I have recently purchased a car for 20k. I put down 10k cash and 10k was financed with Moneybarn, due to a CCJ I have they were the only option I had. This 10k I borrowed is over 3 years Long story short, due to business problems and issues with suppliers going cold, after 3 months of payments my circumstances have changed and I am going to have to give up the car. It financially makes sense. My question is, how should I play this? If I return the car back to Moneybarn (or whoever) what happens to my 10k that is in the car? The vehicle sold privately is still worth at least 19k, so would I be better selling it privately with a huge BOLD paragraph on the listing stating there is finance owed. Then when the buyer collects, I pay the balance over the phone with them present? It’s not illegal to do so is it? Thanks!
  10. Hi all, Just wondering if you could possibly help me regarding my current situation? At present me, my wife and 2 children live in a pleasant area of the North West but are seeking a move to a nicer area with a view to buy in around 3 years, I’ll explain why later. My wife has recently come out of work as an MLA within a nearby hospital as the money wasn’t great and we felt it more important for her to be there with the children before and after school as their school work was suffering due to her working hours (breakfast and afterschool clubs ect) Myself, I am a ‘high earner’ as a contractor within the world IT (which I can prove via contracts, bank statements if needed by the letting agent). We do not receive benefits. I am a very normal bloke, no criminal record, no dramas whatsoever, a typical 9-5 worker. After a bit of bad credit issues in the past I’ve really sorted myself out.However, I do have a CCJ which I went to court over and lost. This is from a past relationship (actually 2009) where we struggled financially for a few months and went £2k into an overdraft which we could not pay off. I went to court as this was primarily my ex’s spend (I lived on my credit card) However, lost and now the CCJ from a debt that had almost expired as a default, has come back to haunt me once more. Story aside, we have to rent again within the area we eventually want to buy but I am fully aware how much of a black mark this is on my record. I am paying it off, but it is still classed as active, and will be until it is satisfied in one year. Where we currently rent, we have never missed a payment, are on excellent terms with a well-known letting agent. We have no other debt to speak of – all utility companies paid on time etc etc We are also in the position to offer 6 months’ rent in advance and my mother (home owner, full time managerial career) has kindly offered to be a guarantor if necessary. My question is, with the 6 months upfront, our excellent references, a guarantor, does this put us in a strong position to rent a house? Or is the CCJ such a mark that it will stop this? Surely people have been in similar positions? Bankruptcy and IVAs springs to mind. Oh – I can also pay my CCJ off earlier however it will still show as active until my next credit report is available – at that time the house would possibly be rented to somebody else… Any help is greatly appreciated.
  11. I presume with a Stat Dec I just go into the court, tell them my story with proof, then I can arrange a Standing Order?
  12. The actual event happened whilst at my old address - I've just spoken with the court and all of the letters have gone to that house. The only correspondence I have received at my new address is the hand delivered "In for the kill" letter I.E Warrant. The court are now trying to find out if i can do a stat dec.
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