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  1. Data Integrity issue, they have to do a data fix
  2. were do we stand. Moved out of old property 1st Oct 2019 and EON informed prior to this. We have an online chat log of a live chat with EON to confirm that we will not be charged after this period and final bill will be produced in 48 hours great. Now then 147 days or 3528 hours later we are still waiting for the final bill. We are now getting calls and text from old landlord about this as a new tenant has just moved in ( we moved across the road ) and is having trouble getting new supplier for energy we presume. we have complained since Nov. and get loads of excuses from you
  3. Going to start a thread of my own regards EON and there smart meters. it reads like a comedy, but the gist is moved out 1st Oct 2019 still waiting for final bill as of today and counting
  4. Ok so another week has passed and no word from her, not even the statement of pension I have requested. I am going to send this email now. Hopefully this will resolve things. Is there anything I need to add? Dear, I am disappointed to see that you have not responded to my email of the 14th March 2017, a copy of which is here - , I have just been back on the phone to ACAS and the gentleman I have spoken to has confirmed that you do not need a contract to accrue holiday pay, you are entitled to holiday pay by law, even as a bank worker or on a zero hours contract as st
  5. Hi, just looked at my payslips and there have been deductions into "Stakeholder Pension" Aug £4.90, Sept £7.82, Oct £3.53, Nov £7.73 Dec £5.34. Nothing deducted in January 2017 which seems strange because it was a high wage because of all the Christmas Bank Holidays. Just looked on Gov.UK and it states that employer must write and advise that they have enrolled you onto a scheme. Not had any letter! I will be emailing tomorrow to ask for a statement of my pension pot - all £29.32p of it! Also, have never received a written statement of employment but ACAS website says this should be
  6. Oh, you might have given a bit more ammo there, she was deducting money from my wage towards my pension!
  7. OH MY WORD, SOMEBODY PLEASE ADVISE Just received this is response to the email I sent. Start of employment 28th July-6th February = 6 months at 2.3 days = 13.8 days A/L October 2016 took 5 days paid £259.20 November took 0 December took 1 days paid £50.40 January took 2 days at 8 hours paid £115.20 Therefore due 5.8 days A/L @ 7 hours per day x ££7.20 = £292.32. However if you check you will find out you do not have a contract for this period of employment. Having received a P45 when you last left our employ, you would need to sign a contract to be classed as continually
  8. Change of email, I've just spoken to ACAS and composed this. I have just spoken to ACAS regarding holiday pay as you have not responded to my previous email. They have informed me that holiday pay based on the previous 2 weeks work is usually used for seasonal workers i.e. fruit pickers etc and that if somebody is in continuous employment then holiday pay would be based on hours worked over the previous 12 weeks. Because I am no longer employed by you, holiday pay is based on hours worked and ACAS advise using the government holiday pay calculator Calculate holiday entitlement -
  9. Hi, thanks for the reply. I am getting ready to fire an email off. Something along the lines of this - Dear ?????? As you have not replied to my email of 7/03/17 with regards holiday pay, I have taken steps in researching the situation regarding the under payment both with ACAS and the UK Government website . I have attached a screen print of the of the results from the official UK GOV. website You will see that i worked a total 1026.75 hours during my employment which when inputted into the governement calculater my holiday entitlement equates to 123 hours & 55 minutes
  10. This may end up long winded, so I apologise in advance. I worked for a small domiciliary care company for exactly 6 months. I had found a 21 hour a week job with the local authority in one of their care homes and intended to work both jobs. With the 2nd job being for the local authority there is a lot of training to do and the care manager at the domiciliary company made it perfectly clear that she was not willing to work around the 2nd job. I had intensive training to do for the first 2 weeks in the new job so decided to resign from the domiciliary company with immediate effect, th
  11. Judge has said to expect PRISON pmsl http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4274430/1-million-home-owner-jabs-electrician-walking-stick.html oh how the mighty fall:whoo::whoo::whoo::lalala::lalala:
  12. my be these guys can help. http://www.scooters.co.uk/index.php?webpage=product_detail.php&product_id=69517&cID=25599
  13. A beach renovation scheme was started in early 2016 and will take 10 months to complete. The plan involves excavation of rocks; replenishment of the sand; the creation of pedestrian walkways across the sand; planting of trees; the provision of showers and public toilets; improved beach access to cater for disabled visitors; and the extension of the beach southwards, in front of the Geranios Suites Hotel. The work is now behind schedule (Jan 2017) and is not likely to be finished until March 2017. The new beach in front of the Geranios Hotel is open, but the remainder is still closed to t
  14. first off we need alot more info than you have given . also if you were not present how do you know what went on as regards what the agent said. also you can claim for uniform online they will adjust your tax code by 100 takes 2 minutes to do
  15. great news and result. it just goes to show that no matter what a DCA says on the phone with the help here we can all help and benefit others
  16. right maybe i should ask the council for the £120 back i had to pay them last year
  17. just to make it clear on the mac code . as i now work for the biggest telecom provider mac codes are no longer required by the new isp provider.
  18. sorry i'm late but any change to the contract in which you have to pay more for means you can cancell with no held to term on the full contract
  19. Skye Loans Limited have only been trading for 6 months. There are three Directors: Capita Trust Corporate Limited, another similarly named company and a woman who is director of about 50 similar companies. I have done research on these and it seems Blackhourse have sold us to a debt collection agency so watch out
  20. It won't be long befor they have blood on there hands
  21. My daughter has been plauge for 2 years now over a bill they said she owed . They have now addmitted that she did not need to fill out a self assesment as she was on paye, But say that she will still have to pay the £1000 fine even though she did not have to fill one out in the first place , This is sheer maddness can someone tell us where or who we can get involved to sort the mess out. 2 years of stress is taking it's toll Please help.
  22. I thankyou all for the laughter this morning never read so much tripe. I am a delivery driver myself and I must tell you open MY door without an invite you get hit simple as. Police are great when they are not answering 999 calls because a sofa is not delivered. Yes go for PI with a no good no win bottom feeder and get laught out of court YOU and you alone made this happen by opening HIS door. Go and find somthing better to do with yourself.
  23. That's bs anybody paying for a car does not make you the owner only the log book. I purchaste my car of my brother inlaw i did not get a recipe the log book is now in my name as I am the owner get backon the phone and tell them.
  24. i got the same email as wilko except my saving was £1300+ very very happy now realy looking forward to Egypt on Tuesday
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