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  1. Hi I settled the claim at the beginning of October - H.O was a complete night mare to deal with but the store was another matter possibly because they had to deal with me in a crowded shop face to face without any quibbling they gave me a better computer deal than HO had offered plus threw in Xtra's for inconvenence caused, I would hasten to add I did not stand in the store ranting and raving but did politely and clearly state my case (ensuring that everyone in earshot could hear - but this does not mean I was shouting) . Unfortunately (and I realise I had no recourse for this) but due to the screen completely shattering I could not see to back up all my recent down loads which included pictures of my father in laws 80th birthday party, obviously this lose upset me more than anything. My real bug bear through this incident was PC worlds total disregard to the theft of my lap top and that is what it was. It was confrimed to me that my lap top had been stolen by the courier company. Now in my previous notes I have stated that I have just completed a year working in fraud for my employer ( a large well known bank) who spends a fortune trying to protect its customers - and here are PC world who could'nt give a fig about losing a customers laptop which contains information which in the wrong hands could be used for id fraud. I was never given a crime number and the police told me that without the courier company reporting this incident there was nothing I could do THAT IS WHAT HAS P****D ME OFF ABOUT THIS WHOLE THING THE THEIF HAS GOT AWAY SCOTT FREE AND HOW MANY MORE TIMES IS THIS GOING TO HAPPEN TO OTHER PEOPLE AND NOTHING GETS DONE.
  2. Thanks you talk a lot of sense, as you say its more infuriating at their total lack of customer care more than anything. I'm really glad that the customer care I'm allowed to give is so much more personally vocused, and I'm allowed to make decisions based on individual cases and situations. I suppose due to the way I work I feel that all big companies should also offer this but hay ho we live and learn. I will take you advice on the sony machine and get the laptop (its getting more difficult to get access to my daughters laptop due to her needing it for studying ) Any way a big thank you for all your guidance and help in this matter, all the best for the future Gina
  3. Hi Curofone Had the responses you predicted (you sure you don't work for their CR department haha ) wondering though, they do have a responsibility to take due care of my laptop whilst in their care. Yes it could of been stolen anyway even if I had had it but if it was stolen on the 5th August and I never found out about this until the 22nd surely they could not have been taking that much care of it, it was after all only when I phoned them that the issue was raised of the theft ??? Your thoughts on this would be appreciated . ta
  4. Apparently the vouchers have been electronically sent over to the romford store waiting for me to go in, what's the betting I go and their not there
  5. Thank you for looking for me, I have had a look at the sony and will take your advice, just wonder if its a web only offer. I have already responded to PCW and copied watchdog in on the email. Don't think it will do any good but we can try if they come back with even a slightly better offer will be something. If they don't increase offer than I'll take it as I really do need to get my own computer asap
  6. It was an Acer aspire 5633 wlm you will possibly say it is not a good machine must admit i'm not up on IT tec - What would you advise is a good solid machine (it was the second time the screen had broken on that computer and i do take care of them dont throw them around etc - this time it broke as I put it down on a table on top of a PEN which caused it to fall backward onto its open lid could not belive that it smashed so easily ) at present I have very limited shared use of my daughters IBM think pad she has had this years and its solid.
  7. Got home from work today and have recieved a letter from PC world offering £430 (my computer cost me £650 in 18 mths ago) I feel really **** off I have not looked at laptops lately but feel that I'am going to have to add from my own pocket to get another computer. I have already writen again saying that I do not feel this is adequate PLEASE PLEASE some one me some sort of hope
  8. Hi Everyone Thanks for your posts they make interesting reading just would like to say the 6 week mark was passed last monday (8th sept 08) and although I have emailed letters to serveral dept and phoned I feel I am still no further forward, all I'm getting is call centers and a million different operators A word about the recording I know all about legal aspect of recorded calls but the phone I used was a work turret type phone where all incoming and out going calls are recorded and I did mention to the person I was speaking to about this fact so they were fully aware of the fact which I think would make ok to use in court if need arose
  9. i have been told by pc world today that it is not possible to give me a crime number as it has never been reported to the police. Yet I was told by a member of staff at the courier firm on the 24th August that notes were on my file stating that it had been stolen from one of their van's. I made this call on a work phone which automatically recordered the call so have evidence of this conversation. Iam absorlutely gob smacked that they have such a nonchanlent attitude for security
  10. thanks I'll get the address, You do sound like you may work for PC world lol
  11. Folders are password protected but once someone has access to your hard drive a fraudster would have no problem getting past this, I learnt this in my job. Regardless of whether or not it is lost or stolen I have no computer they may be covered by the 6 week rule but they do have a responsibility to take adequate care of my laptop and this has clearly not been the case. Why was I told on 14th that it was in their workshop awaiting a part when it was "lost, stolen" or what ever on the 5th August. If information has fallen into wrong hands then time is precious as you need to protect against fraudlent use of this information as quickly as possible
  12. Hi thanks for your response, I understand that thier policy is to give vouchers to allow you to replace your computer for one of the same spec but at the end of the day this is down to pure negligence on the part of the 3rd party whom they have employed. Due to this I have suffered great inconvenience as well as distress (worring about fraud etc) all of which is no fault of my own, so I don't think I'm being unfair asking for an upgrade of computer etc. So need the address of chief exec so I can write or email his office
  13. Hi At the beginning of August I broke the screen on my Acer Aspire laptop, however having brought insurance when I purchased this in January 07 I was covered for the repair. I took my laptop along to my local store where it was to be collected and taken to PC worlds workshop for repair, I was given an approx repair time of 7 days. When I never heard anything in this time, I phoned to find out how much longer it would take. I was told my laptop was still in the workshop as they were awaiting the new screen to arrive and it would be approx another 14 days. Again I did not hear anything in this time so phoned again, this time however I was told that my laptop had never reached the workshop and had been lost in transit. Obviously I was very upset about this and asked to speak to a manager, the person I spoke to was very unprofessional and had an attitude of well it's not our fault its our courier company and you'll have to speak to them. This I refused to do as I pointed out my business was with PC world not any 3rd party they wished to employ. I was told that a search was being carried out and if they could not find the laptop a claim would be put in for another computer of the same specification. I was very unhappy about this as I just wanted my computer returned to me, my husband and son are both self employed and this laptop contained all their accounts etc ( luckily I had all information backed up) but having just been seconded for a year in my job to retail fraud ( I work for a large bank) I am only too aware of how information falling into the wrong hands can be used. Having visited the store, who told me I had to speak to consumer relations who told me that they did not deal with good will compensation ( I asked that if my laptop was not found that they better the specification and offered a laptop bag as way of compensating inconvenience caused to me as I am having to manually do my husband and son's invoices etc) I have now been without my computer for 5 weeks and still have no definate information about what is happening. I have asked to be supplied with a crime number as I was told by consumer relations that the courier has put on its files that my laptop was stolen from one of their van's on it's way to the workshop on the 5th August, (and if this is the case I would like to involve the police for my own peace of mind and incase of id fraud due to lose of data) yet I was not informed at that point,however before the courier can issue a claim they have to conduct a search??????? confused yes so am I. I would like to write to their chief executive but cannot find an address can anyone help with this or give me some much needed advise of what I can expect :confused:
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