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  1. They didn't ring me back so I rung them back, eventually got through to the correct department. They have agreed to give me a partial refund, estimate £350 I consider it fair for a laptop that cost £750 3 years ago. They are picking it up today and promised a quick turnaround on the production of the voucher, would have preferred it fixed because I need to find extra cash to be up and running with another laptop but they can not fix it. The last few people I spoke to were very reasonable and helpful, all along they have very professional and knowledgeable people. Lets see how it
  2. It appears there is as much tumbleweed at Knowhow as there is on this forum, sent 3 emails and 2 messages on their contact form and no response in over a week. Was reluctant to phone because of their 0844 number not covered by my phone inclusive plan, did anyway and they have changed it to a 0344 number which is covered. Been passed from pillar to post first went to customer services, then passed to out of warranty repairs, then passed to out of warranty repairs, now expecting a call from out of warranty repairs, how many out of warranty repair departments do they have? May try
  3. Anyone?
  4. I sent it off for repair again, they had it a week and returned it. I turned it on, immediately still sounds like a bag of nails, they have replaced the LED panel and restored to factory defaults so all my data has gone, that is a pain in the butt because I need to install all my programs and data again, luckily I was aware of possible data loss as the guys in the shop told me, everything is backed up real time to a NAS drive so its not a problem, this would have been acceptable had it fixed the fault but the screen was clearly flickering still. I have got to a stage where I know the
  5. It took over a week for them to contact me again but it went off again last week, got it back now which I was quite pleased about quite prompt service. Sounds like a bag of nails, flickering display and another scratch on the case, only a small scratch but a scratch more than it went away with. Guess I am going to have to get it booked back in again.
  6. No need to apologise Labrat I took the laptop into our local Currys World with a copy of the email booking it in, apparently it hadn't been booked in properly so brought it back and they are going to contact me when it is ready to be booked in for repair. Thats more like the Knowhow we all know and love.
  7. Mjvaj well done you guessed it envy17. The cooling ports are as clean as can be expected, I was wondering if the heatsink compound is degrading. First time it went in for repair all cpu's were over heating, second time they were all hot but the gpu was sky high, gives me the impression they replaced the compound on the CPU only. I am fully capable of fixing it myself, pretty reluctant to do so because if it needs parts I do not want to pay for them.
  8. Pretty much, the new one was a different model and over heating is a known fault on them, found out a bit too late, I have made them aware that I will continue to have it repaired if it continues to go wrong. I was fed up of the hassle with the WEH policy on the last laptop that I refused to take it out again, SOG has been OK so far.
  9. I had a whatever happens policy on another laptop, it went faulty regularly and they were persuaded to replace it, this is the replacement so it was paid for by an internal voucher.
  10. That was quick going, they have contacted me already and arranged for it to be looked at. They said there is a fee to be paid for the assessment that will be refunded if its a manufacturer fault, I said no there isn't and he just carried on with the booking in process. quite impressed so far.
  11. Thanks for your help, I have sent them an email on their contact page, lets see how this goes.
  12. Its all documented on their system and I have records of all times it has been away for repair. They never told me what was done on the first 2 repairs but on the last repair (SOG) they replaced the fan. They have been very good so far the only issue I had I was in a telephone queue for 2 hours booking in the SOG repair, they had tried to ring me but I was driving so had to call them back, they sent me a letter saying they had tried to ring.
  13. I bought a laptop from PCworld, in the first year of ownership it started to over heat, I sent it away for repair and it came back and worked ok for about 3 months then it started to over heat again and I sent it away again and it came back fixed. About 6 months ago the fault started again I arranged again for it to be repaired, this time stating the sale of goods act because it was outside of the warranty, it came back again after about 2 weeks fixed. The fault has just started again and I will be contacting them again to get it fixed, the issue I have is if it keeps going wrong eve
  14. Its not actually anywhere near his house its a wall at the end of his garden, its a very poorly built breeze block wall that was built a few years ago, the tree was there then and he built the wall directly next to the tree, the wall is about a foot on his side of the land because there was a tree (the tree) on the border, how can you build a wall next to a tree and expect the neighbour to pay for repair when the tree grows, every one knows trees grow. If it was his house it was next to I would not hesitate in allowing for it to be removed.
  15. Cut and pasted from my facebook to save typing out again. chap from around the back says my tree is damaging his wall and he wants me to chop it down, I said its a mature tree and been there for years and is a benefit to everyone, it cleans the air, brings wildlife into our gardens it looks beautiful and I like it. He said it doesn't matter its under threat anyway there is a disease that is killing Ash trees, I said then its our duty to protect it. He said ok just needed to let you know, the ace I never mentioned is its not my tree its growing on his land just leaning ove
  16. You still need to eat even if depressed, how you do your shopping has nothing to do with it. Ask for some clarification on their logic.
  17. Taking a holiday can relieve the pressures of stress and help with depression. Surely it was your way to try and beat the illness that has taken over your life.
  18. Can you catch a train, a 15 hour day is a long day but if its in your contract to work on other sites then its part of the package. It also depends on the type of work you do as well, is it very physical work, mentally demanding? your employer has a duty of care, if there is a possibility of stopping over after the work then they are to a degree covering their duty towards you. If they expect you to drive back and you are tired or fatigued then there is cause for complaint, you can request a risk assessment, do this in writing email is fine and bcc yourself, they may need to shorten
  19. Rambo your company have a duty of care towards you, they also have a duty of care towards all other people your acts or omissions may affect. If you have an accident caused by your loss of concentration due to heat stress the company can be held liable, should you cause a death the company director can receive a heavy fine or imprisonment, this can be a difficult one and a slightly grey area because motor accidents are normally dealt with by the police and not currently the Health and safety executive. Some information that may help about working temperatures and illness caused is avail
  20. Night Working There is extra protection under WTR for people classified as night workers. Night time is generally defined as the period between 11pm and 6am. You are a night worker if you regularly work at least 3 hours during the night time. As a night worker you should not work more than an average of 8 hours in each 24 hour period, excluding overtime (which is calculated over the appropriate reference period which is usually 17 weeks for Night Workers). The law is quite complicated for your sector, not sure if you can posts links here I can pm you a link to a very
  21. I have a similar problem where I work, the difference is I have been there long enough to not get sacked, trust me they are trying. Make a note of every issue (I bought a page per day diary for mine) they have a duty of care towards you, you should be given manual handling training (assuming you make beds etc), you should have COSHH (training using cleaning chemicals), you must be briefed on evacuation procedures and routes, this can all be done on your induction training bust must be done and documented. You are entitled to be allowed drinks (cold drinks i.e. water must be available
  22. Its not tachoed so you do not "need" a break, driver hours do not apply just working time directive, delivery off loading is classed as other work and not driving hours. Even if the 3.5 vans are tachoed as ours are it is not law but in our case company policy, this is because we drive 7.5's as well. You do not need to take a break for 6 hours under the working time directive so no you do not need a break, if however you are tired or fatigued you should take a break under the Health and Safety at Work etc act.
  23. Tachographs are currently only required in vehicles above 3.5 ton MGW, transits and sprinters are 3.5 ton so no tacho is required, however tachos in 3.5's will be becoming law in the not too distant future. Under the working time directive you are required to take 45 minute break in a 6 hour work period, these can be in 15 minute intervals or any combination provided it makes 45 minutes within the 6 hours, can be at the end of the 6 hours in 1 go, driver times are 45 minutes in 4.5 hour actual driving time, you can take 15 minutes and then 30 minutes but you can not take 30 minutes than 1
  24. I am creating a legal document to advise some of the drivers where I work about their rights, this issue is something that often comes up, here is what I have prepared so far so someone may wish to add to it, its all taken from government web sites. Holiday 1. Entitlement Almost all workers are legally entitled to 5.6 weeks paid holiday per year (known as statutory leave entitlement or annual leave). Self-employed workers aren’t entitled to annual leave. Working 5 days a week Most workers who work a 5-day week, must receive 28 days paid annual leave per
  25. Thanks for your help Emmzzi We do work under gb domestic, we are very much a delivery company but occasionally we install washing machines and dishwashers, we have dedicated electric and gas cooker installers, they can fail a job or 2 to have a reasonable finish time, when I am just on the delivery runs we are expected to finish. A 13 hour day is not reasonable overtime as far as I am concerned. Also with their duty of care under the heath and safety at work act, increasing workload increases fatigue and stress related illnesses, rushing jobs to meet deadlines increases risk of err
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