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  1. She's been a VERY naïve 18yr old - bought the car with her now ex-boyfriend in tow who had his own agenda & she came away from the dealer having bough a 'sporty' Fiesta (Brand New 16 Reg in May) I will suggest the telemetrics option
  2. Apologies - she can get insurance, but for £5,000 (even after shopping around) I thought there may be some form of duty of care by the dealer to ensure she was buying something she could afford - but I have told her that any duty of care would probably only extend to ensuring she could afford the monthly payments & the suitability of the car - but I wasn't sure If I was telling her the right thing.
  3. I have an 18 year old friend who bought a brand new Ford Fiesta in May 2016 on HP. She drove it for just 1 month – in hindsight she feels was shoe-horned into the deal & was given 30 days free insurance by the dealer to get her on her way quickly. The car has been parked up since June (all monthly payments have been made) but no one would insure her at the end the 30 days free insurance period. Yes .. she should have looked into insurance BEFORE signing up (Naïve 18 yr old girl) Does she have any form of re-dress with the manufacturer (dealer doesn't want to know) or with the finance company?
  4. I have a 5 month old iPhone 5S that has gone to Apple for repair - the likelihood is that a replacement will be sent to me as the phone was emitting smoke during its last charge. I understand that if a new item develops a fault within the first 6 months then the fault could be deemed to have been present at point of purchase. Does the Sale of Goods Act provide for a 'Brand New' product in replacement, or will I have to accept one of their refurbished units? Thanks
  5. Advice Please This morning, 16th December, I was given a document entitled " statement of terms & conditions of employment" which relate to updated T & C's However, the covering letter has given a deadline of 18th December for signing & handing back the company copy - it also goes on to say that failure to adhere to the deadline "may have an impact on your benefits" Is this permissable?
  6. The company I work for went into administration and we were taken over on 1st January 2008. Whilst I am aware that the incoming employer, when taking over a liquidated company, can make "permitted variations" to contracts of employment for economical, technical or organisational reasons this has never happened & has never been discussed with the workforce - our contracts, salaries & terms and conditions have remained the same throughout the last 12 months. We have a 2 tier workforce & there is now talk of new contracts for employees of the old company as the new company will have been in force for 12 months as of 31st December (they seem to be under the impression that they can make whatever changes they like after 12 months) At the time of the takeover there were no Trade Unions or collective agreements in force at my workplace & this has remained unchanged. There was no consultation at all with old employees at the time of the takeover & it is almost definite that the new contracts will be implemented without any consultation. Is this permissible under TUPE law? I was under the impression that under TUPE, in the case of no collective agreements or trade unions, employers were supposed to arrange proper elections within the workforce so that representatives could be appointed & liaise with employers to discuss & agree proposed changes and not simply to implement them without notice? My main concern is that I work in motor sales and have both a basic salary & commission. My basic is £16,000 pa and there is serious talk of this being reduced to that of new employees, which is £10,000 pa basic & an inferior commission structure. Can anyone advise?
  7. The company i work for are currently recruiting new sales staff. I work in the motor industry. They are recruiting at £10,000 per annum and claiming "on target earnings" of £35,000 (I've been here 10yrs and don't know of anyone who has attained this due to the commision structure in place) 3 new staff have recently joined us and their new contract of employment quite clearly shows their basic salary as £10,000. My question is whether or not this is a legal contract with regard to the minimum wage; all sales staff here work 40 hours at the very least & like many sales contracts there is a clause that hours are "as and when required" and there are no overtime payments etc whatsoever. Although commision is paid this can sometimes be very low simply due to the nature of our job - some months can be busy whilst others very quiet. A £10,000 basic salary works out at around £4.80 an hour based on 40 hours a week - but again, in my 10 yrs here it is extremely rare to get away with just working 40 hours a week! I am concerned as we were taken over by a new company in January and they are looking at reviewing contracts and salaries at the end of December for staff who worked with the old company (we were given protection under TUPE law - but this protection is not indefinite) Any advice would be appreciated
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