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  1. Thank you for your reply. ..It was a tongue in cheek thing. ..the Freecycle idea.. .but a good one I thought, all the same. ...on a more serious note.. .I will do as you suggest and get back in touch with the local council and talk to them. I would assume that Rossendales are only acting on their behalf and have not actually bought the debt. I wil happily make the call tomorrow and let you know what they say. Thank you again for your guidance and our words of wisdom and advice.... TDMJ x
  2. Namaste All.... I had a visit from the good people of Rossendales. ..well their bailiff actually. ..nice chap, very pleasant etc. ..He gave me some paperwork to fill in regarding my council tax bill which was about £1500....give or take. I filled in the required paperwork showing income and expenditure, indicating that I could only afford £30 per month repayment, and mailed it off to them. The reply I got was that they would only accept £400 per month. ..totally unacceptable. I got in touch again and said that they could take the goods to the value.. ..which was the proposition on the bailiffs paperwork ...they REFUSED it. ..turned me down...LOL. I have a brand new range cooker in my hallway, retail value of about £1600 and they could have had that with pleasure. ..they would have been doing me a favour by taking it...still they refused. They suggested that I redo and revise my paper work and resubmit it...which I did yesterday. They have now decided to go to my employer and take from my earnings 5%. ...and guess what that comes to????.. .£30. ..yes £30 ...the amount I offered in the first place. What a convoluted way of going about things!.. .I howled with laughter on the phone to them not so long ago, asking which genius worked that one out...ROFL I just had to see the funny side of this...because I knew there was one... I am not belittling anyone else's dealings with Rossendales ...and do not want to come across as such.. .What tickled me was the way that they could not deal with anything "outside of the box". They seem to have off pat answers that are scripted. I think I broke the mould that day. Another plan that I came up with was this.. ..The bailiff did not actually see my goods that he wanted to take if the money was not paid.. .but we came up with a kitchen table, a small TV a chest of drawers, a tumble dryer and a 3 piece suit. I got on to my local "Freecycle" website and began collating the items that he had agreed to ...the idea behind this was that he could have the goods that we had agreed.. .they would of course be courtesy of "Freecycle" In theory the debt would be paid off once they went to auction and I would still have my furniture etc. ..but, as I said earlier. ..Rossendales did not want my furniture.. .or the range cooker that I offered.. .and they have ended up with the amount that I offered in the first place. ..If they had said yes 3 weeks ago we would not have had this hassle. ..LOL Regards TDMJ xxx Namaste
  3. Hello there, Yes I will keep you posted as to the outcome of the process.. Regards TDMJ
  4. Hello there, Yes, it is in hand. Having the CCJ set aside is not going to be an easy task. I have been told that the judge may not grant it. It has cost me £80 in fees and I have included all the emails that were sent by myself and Dosh Loans in with it. I have also said that the loan was initially for £250 in December 2011 and by May it had reached £2500. I am hoping that the judge will read that and go in my favour..so fingers crossed.. Regards TDMJ
  5. Hello there, It seems that my life is spiraling ever downwards. My hubby..we are separated..wants to sell the house and take his share of the equity. That in itself is fair enough, but thanks to the Dosh Loans people I cannot get a mortgage to buy another property. Even if I have the CCJ set aside, it will still remain on my credit file for 6 yrs. Any prospective creditor will see this and run a mile. I have tried, believe me. I even went to Santander (we have been with them for 20 yrs and never missed a mortgage payment) to try and remortgage the house we are in..the family home..and buy hubby out. I can't get enough money with them to even do that. I have looked into renting and even landlords do credit searches..I am scuppered. And when I mentioned this to Alex Grey at Dosh Loans he had the nerve to say that I should put the past behind me and move on with my life. Dosh Loans have put, what feels like, the final nail in my coffin. I have never been so low in my entire life. Everyone on this forum has been so kind in the past with lots of support and ideas about my predicament and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you. Regards TDMJ
  6. Hello there all...thank you so much for responding to my plea..you are all very kind. I have located the email that was sent to me from a man (or lady) called Alex Grey. It says this..and I am copying and pasting for you viewing pleasure....Bear in mind that I had said that I would make payment arrangements if they dropped the proceedings.. Quote.... "Yes we will drop proceeding if you keep payments punctual and full. If you fail to make payment regardless of the excuse we will have to take legal proceedings. Kind Regards Alex Customer Relations" Unquote.... About a month after this was set up I received the second lot of paperwork from the Norhthampton CCJ people saying that I had defaulted..it's my own fault for not checking with them..but I assumed incorrectly that they would honour their side of the bargain..how wrong I was.. Anyway, as I said..a month or so later I got the paperwork from the courts saying I had defaulted and I immediately contacted Alex Grey about it and this is the response that I got from them.. Quote.. "To help me help you as quickly as possible. Please can you send me the case number and the court you are being processed by. I have these details somewhere but I am very busy and If you do this for me I can stop the court process almost instantly. I want to find out why it has not been stopped previously. Kind Regards Alex Customer Relations" Unquote.. So I sent the case number etc and waited for the reply..and this is what I got.. Quote.. " I have spoken to my legal department and I have discovered that the legal action was not stopped. You can dispute it if you wish but what I propose is that we just set up the original arrangement now and move forward. Once your balance is cleared I can then give you a receipt of payment. If you choose to dispute it after the legal proceedings if we are giving the chance we will most probably enforce through the courts. Have a think of what you want to do and we can discuss further. Kind Regards Alex Customer Relations" Unquote... Apparently they have a LEGAL DEPARTMENT..would that be the top drawer of a filing cabinet..LOL..joking aside though..I am not a happy bunny on many levels.. I was then sent this email after complaining that what they had done was not fair.. Quote.. " Unfortunately I have now been informed that we have been granted judgment. We are unable to stop this now because it has already happened. What I can tell you is that we will not take any further action if you keep your payments consistent. I will give you a substantial discount and also once you have clear your balance give I will give you a certificate of payment. Kind Regards Alex Customer Relations" Unquote.. Apologies about the font sizes and bold text in this posting..still learning to fly this thing... Thank you all again.. TDMJ
  7. Hello all, This tale of woe does not get any better..suffice it to say that I came to an agreement for repayments with said Dosh Loans..which they accepted..and lo and behold..within 24 hrs there were CCJ documents in my letter box. I got in touch with them via email and they promised that they would cancel the CCJ..A month later I got more paperwork from the court saying that I was in default and had to repay ALL of the sum owed...I was bouncing..I got back in touch with a chap called Alex Grey and he said that I had to stop the proceedings and not them...which is contrary to what I was told in the beginning..which was, because they had brought the action they were the only ones who could stop it. I now have a CCJ against my name AFTER they said that they wouldn't do it..Is there anything that I can do to unravel this mess, and get the CCJ withdrawn???????? Thank you for your time regarding this matter TDMJ
  8. Good day fellow sufferers..I checked my junk emails this morning..and low and behold..the blighters have done it again..Yet another email upping the anti and adding to an already spiraling personal debt crisis..I think I am on a par with Greece. Joviality aside..and I ain't laughing too much..any suggestions..apart from a hitman..as to how I approach this lot. ALL contributions will be gratefully received.. Regards TDMJ
  9. Hello there...thank you for replying so quickly..It is odd that they have not forwarded the debt on to a collection agency. I suspect that you are right and that they are hoping upon hope that I cough up the full amount through fear. Humm!..Not a good way to conduct business me thinks.. Again..thank you..you have given me food for thought Regards TDMJ
  10. In a moment of absolute stupidity I got a payday loan from a company called Dosh Loans..bless 'em. Without going in to too much detail about my personal life..suffice it to say that hubby and I went our separate ways a while ago and my access to the internet, emails etc was not available to me. Cutting this story short..I was mortified to discover that I had received an email EVERYDAY for the last 3 months from Dosh Loans...which incidentally had been directed straight to my junk folder...and what was a £200.00 loan is now over £1000.00 Good golly Miss Molly...I can never pay this back..not in a million years..give or take...Any suggestions..apart from hara kiri.. The blighters are still sending the email everyday..I would dearly love to collect them all together and email them back..en mass..see how they like it.. Everytime I get the email..they up the anti...clever this..using the internet etc to increase the percentage/interest rate.. Does having consistent emails like this constitute harassment? I would be interested to find out. Anyway..if anyone out there has any ideas or suggestions..please respond accordingly.. Yours Traumatized The Divine Mrs Jones
  11. I'm back again, By the way. It has now been more than 14 days since I requested all the information that they hold on me, and that has failed to materialise. Funny that, both FI and Carters being equally inconsistant. Regards The Divine Mrs J PS. I am going to continue to follow the forum, and as and when I get funds, I will make a donation. A big thank you to you all, it seems that the boat I was in was not the Titanic after all. You made it all bearable and helped without judging. That I think was the most important part, we are all too aware that people do not purposefully go out of their way to get in debt. Mine was due to redundancy, not my fault. The stinker was that my husband worked for the same company and was made redundant on the same day. If ever I can be of help to anyone, please just ask. I am going to devote some of my spare time to researching debt, and all of it's angles. XXXX
  12. My computer has just had a fit, I was half way through writing to the forum and it hic cupped and lost my posting. So here I go again. My mail has just arrived and I had a letter from Bryan Carter it says the following: Pleas find attached for your information, a copy of the Notice of Discontinuance forwarded to Northampton County Court. The attached document reads: TAKE NOTICE, that the Claimant hereby wholly discontinues this action against the Defendant. We certify that we have given Notice of Discontinuance of proceedings to every Defendant against whom the Claimant desires to discontinue. the Divine Mrs Jones
  13. Hi there all, Guess what? My mail has just arrived and with it was a letter from Bryan Carter (spits) and it says the following: Please find attached for your information, a copy of the Notice of Discontinuance forwarded to Northampton County Court. The copy says: Notice of Discountuance of Proceedings TAKE NOTICE,
  14. Hi there, My local Co-Op shop offered me a "savings card" some time ago, it was only today that I realised that they give FREE legal advice. The Co-operative - good for everyone To join, you have to click on the orange box that says "Mebership". If you join on line, you will receive a membeshipship number immediately, you can then get on to their legal department and get advice there. I have just spoken to a young man about my situation with the delightful Mr Carter and he has given advice about it and been very helpful. It's just the cost of a local phone call. Hope this helps some of you. Regards Mrs J
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