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  1. What do we know about "UK Uncut"? Their web page carries reports of other anti-cuts organisations but what do THEY do? They sem to concentrate on doing the dirty for the Inland Revenue, concentrating on Tax avoiding companies and banks while leaving actual demonstrations against cuts to other organisations. They seem remarkably well informed about the tax and accounting history of their victims.....hmmmmm
  2. Organise a meeting of local people and invite the local councillors Tell them you will stand a candidate in the next election purely on the issue of this camp-site. Do a freedom of information request to obtain any and all documents on the council's decision. There MUST have been a planning meeting to decide to build a camo-site. You WILL be accused of anti-Roma racism. If that does happen you have nothing to lose so REALLY put the frighteners on the council...invite the BNP to the meeting!! Remember, it's your home you are fighting for!
  3. This may sound petty but it really annoys me. I bought an EPSON DX4400 printer. I decided to buy some generic ink cartridges for it, about half the price of EPSON cartridges. They worked ok. But now I come to change them the new ones do not work. The computer does not recognise them! At the risk of being paranoid is it possible that an on-line update has been downloaded to my EPSON drivers or printer to disable these generic cartridges? Is this legal (monopoly etc). Suggestions welcomed!!
  4. Ho hum. Another Millenium Bug, Nostradamus, meteor / comet strike! Also....Global warming, Carbon footprint, Oil running out, Global terrorism????
  5. I don't know if this will help, but I have found it useful. VOA Rating Manual Volume 4 VOA - Council Tax Homepage
  6. "Gypsy rose Lee" probably isn't a Gypsy and no one really believes tea leaves tell the future. The leaflet I saw brought to mind similar leaflets I saw in South Africa where killing for body parts or the looting of hospital mortuaries is not unknown....then there is the London case. CNN.com - Muti medicine: Herbs and murder - April 19, 2002 muti murder@Everything2.com WorldWide Religious News-Exposed: witch-doctors
  7. I totally agree with your opinion slick. I have already 'phoned my Trading Standards people with full details. Sorry, I wrote "consumer protection" in error.
  8. I AM STEELING MYSELF FOR THE HOOTS OF DERISION FOR BEING OUT OF DATE WITH MY INFO, BUT HERE GOES. I refer to the OP. I was given to believe by a HGV driver friend that though the buildings on a motorway service station are privately owned the car park is owned by the government / highways agency and is there specifically for tired drivers to rest. He claims that he parked for some time on one park and was told to "move or pay up". (This is some years ago). He refused either option and when the police arrived he politely informed them that "I am tired and consider myself not safe to drive. Are you ordering me to drive off officer?" The police officer simply walked away. Is this still the case?
  9. This week my neighbourhood was leafleted by a person offering help in removing curses, combating black magic and evil spirits, bringing luck and success etc etc. He offered help in English and French. I have lived and worked in Africa and this sort of thing is no joke. (I am assuming the "French" offer is due to a number of refugees etc from Zaire / Congo in the area) I reported it to the consumer protection (??!!) office but I was wondering is there a national reporting centre / office who deal with this sort of thing? As I said, this smacks of African muti and is a damn sight less cosy than Gypsey Rose Lee reading tea-leaves in a fairground tent.
  10. I recall a story from Scotland (different law?) some time ago. A family had no TV but were being pursued by the TVL. Eventually they turned up with a warrent for entry and the family refused them entry. Court case ensued at which the family counter charged the TVL with purjury on the grounds that since they did not have a TV set the TVL had knowingly or recklessly made a false statement that they did have a set. The TVL claimed to have seen the "flickering light" of a TV....it was a computer monitor. The family won.
  11. We were discussing introducing new school uniforms...with the attendant costs...at a governors meeting once. I suggested that if it was evidently considered such a good idea why didn't the teachers wear it?
  12. I get worried when Government want us all to be healthy. Social welfare was introduced in this country after the Boer War (1899 to 1902) because there were so many unfit young men who could not fight. With "4 million heavily armed Germans" on the horizon (to quote Blackadder) something had to be done. Ok, the above is a bit of a distraction but I become suspicious when schools start ANY sort of policy unconnected with education. I am an ex-governor of a school and my mother is a retired teacher and both of us are of the opinion that at a school where attendance is compulsory, as opposed to say a fee paying private school, much of school regulations are bluff and unenforcable.
  13. Excelent move! I am a firm believer in going directly to those in authority, with the vital questions.
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